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Masato Jin ([personal profile] boostup4beetbuster) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2014-05-06 02:03 pm

Bake Sale [video]

Okay, because someone--and by someone, I mean J--not only took home the saddest puppy he could find--and by that, I mean Ren--but ALSO finished off our allowance of enetron after some asshole--and that's Messiah, by the way--stole my entire supply from Hyperspace....I'm holding a bake sale to pay for more.

...Oh, and Makoto says we need meat buns. So we definitely have to pay for that too.

[The camera pans over a plate of blue-tinted blueberry muffins with sad faces made on them in a drizzle of icing.]

We have angstmuffins.

[Now a tray of donuts, with a hand-shaped cookie on top.]

D'oh!nuts, in a vanilla with different icing.

[A rather pathetic-looking apple pie, shaped like a crescent moon.]

What I'm calling the "Derple Pie."

[Some rather sloppy whoopie pies.]

Whoopsie-pies. And pot brownies.

[The camera swings over to some pots. With a notecard reading "Note: Do not contain actual drugs--Kurorin would kill me, and I'm in enough trouble as it is."]

So, any takers?

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