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What do you think of the idea that "as long as you remember someone, they'll come back"? I've heard it around and I'm not sure what it means.

Do you miss anyone?

I'm sorry that these are sad questions. It's just something I've been thinking about.
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They didn't want to either. But they spent so much time sad and alone and trying to do the best for the end they did far more damage than someone who didn't care at all.

So what do you want to do for you? Rather than anyone else.
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And what, do you think, would make you happy?
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[He pauses, clearly groaning at her response]

So your entire argument is built on the idea that only 'useful' people are worthy of love? And then that 'useful' is the same as strength. Your world must be as grim as mine, if kindness is ignored and only the strong are deemed worthy of love.

You yourself loved a weakling, did you not? A boy who was beautiful and kind, but incapable of summoning the vast power his world held. Was he lesser because he was incapable of protecting anyone?
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[personal profile] masked_god 2014-08-29 06:14 pm (UTC)(link) does that make him any different than you? In a world with vastly more powerful people, he protected you. Just as you tried to protect him. It seems to me both are either equally worthy or equally idiotic.

And if he is such a fool to think that those with lesser power are incapable of turning a fight...well, it is good that he was never an Inquestor. That is his fault in strategy, not a reflection on your powers or lack thereof.
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And yet you say that you did?

You know it is possible for a bad situation to happen out of the best intentions, correct?
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Perhaps by over thinking your every interaction too much you give rise to these situations more often than others. By taking care of yourself first you would lessen those situations quite drastically and, as a side benefit, help lessen the pain your friends feel as well.
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I doubt it would make things worse.
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Good luck.

So. Is there anything specific you are planning on changing?
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Don't focus on the past. Focus on the future. What will you change to make yourself happier?
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That sounds like an excellent start!