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[Physical regression virus. Imagine you're talking to a physically five-year-old Nagisa, who is even more done with everything than usual.]
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what the heck does this even mean
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i thought that junk turned you into cats or dogs
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yea but...............the diddle's a chocolate?
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pretty dang swell actually
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i'm from ryukyu
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it says i ain't from the past chickie
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i don't get half the bonkers people keep shoving into my brain

what do you come from a place where chicks wear super short kimonos?
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hopefully a nicer one if imma be a part of it
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what's so bad about showin some leg
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...Weren't you my age before? Not counting the whole "time loops forever" thing? That's kind of insulting.

[This brat is so not cute.]
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Ew. I don't know how you keep yourself sane.