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Stupid Stuff

If Jin comes looking for me, tell him I went to Tahiti. I totally am not responsible for stealing Ninninger swords right out from under their noses.

That's right, I totally did not steal from ninjas.

EDIT: I will admit to stealing Princess Keys and Princess Perfumes from the new Precure.
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Okay, I will!

[Daiki is totally trustworthy, right Stanley?

Don't answer that]
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You're welcome.
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What's it like, there?

[Unintended consequences, go?]
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Heehee, enjoy being hot then!
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I am shocked. Shocked and dismayed.
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No, not that. I'm shocked that you would run away to Tahiti without me!
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You damn well better.
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[And he is THERE, shirtless because...well, because]

Really? You dont say.
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Guess so. Otherwise, I was thinking about checking out Amber Beach. Think it's in Kendrix's world.
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Mostly checking out the museum. They've got some interesting fossils. Real treasures, I'd guess, but I'm more of a robot guy than a dinosaur guy.
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Yeah, I hear there's a triceratops fossil that's really prized.
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Yeah, it's really big. Pink case too. Wonder if it's tied to a new team of Rangers.
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You seriously need an intervention. Why do you even do this stuff?
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You just have a thing about stealing stuff that's important to other people. Isn't there something you like for yourself?
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I seriously don't get you.