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[parent troubles]

Do you know the feeling, when a bit of one's past comes back at a completely unexpected moment, ruining anotherwise lovely day? Quite frustrating.

In related news, how would you suggest going about telling a child that under no circumstances will you fullfill their dream of being turned into a giant world-ending comet?

Children these days. You'd think death-eyes would be enough, but no, they always want more.
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But hey, at least we're experts, right?
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(sorry, was out for brother's graduation)

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Maybe we should go to cram school for it.
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Re: no worries, I'm super slow anyways.

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No kidding. Sometimes we even manage to break something by trying to fix what wasn't broken in the first place.
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Re: ahah, sorry to test you on that

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And proud of it!