26 August 2012 @ 11:27 am
[Accidental Video]  
[Amelia has been busy over the last few days.  Since she last checked into the network she has traveled to Rome, where she quickly came to the rescue of a young Englishwoman who had fainted in the street.  Now they are in a hotel room, where the young woman has just awoken, clad in one of Amelia's spare nightgowns and tucked in bed.  And already attempting to make her leave. ]

 I am more indebted than I can say.  But be assured, ma'am, I shall not take advantage of your charity.  I am quite recovered now; if you will direct your maid to return my clothing I will rid you of my presence.

[Amelia frowns absently as she answers, her mind on her plans for the next few weeks.]

Your clothing has been thrown away.  It was not worth the trouble of laundering.  You must remain in bed for the rest of the day in any case.  I will order a seamstress to come tomorrow.  There is a boat leaving for Alexandria on Friday next.  A week should be sufficient.  You will need to do some shopping, of course, but first I had better see what you have with you.  If you will tell me where you have been staying I will send a man around for your things.

I am taking you to Egypt with me, as my companion, Miss Pritchard, failed me; she took the typhoid.  I had agreed to pay her ten pounds a year.  Naturally I will be responsible for equipping you for the journey.  You can hardly travel in a nightdress!

[The expression on the young woman's face could only be called stunned at this sudden rearrangement of her circumstances..]

No.  But...

My name is Amelia Peabody.  You will call me Amelia.  I am a spinster of independent means, traveling for pleasure.  Is there anything else you wish to know about me?

I know all I need to know.  I was not entirely unconscious when you came to my rescue, and I hope I am able to recognize true kindness of heart.  But my dear Ms. Peabody - very well, Amelia - you know nothing about me!

Is there something I should know?

I might be a criminal!  I might be vicious!  Unprincipled!

No, no. [Amelia's tone was firm.]   I have been accused of being somewhat abrupt in my actions and decisions, but I never act without thought.  It is simply that I think more quickly and intelligently than most people.  I am an excellent judge of character.  I could not be deceived about yours.