06 December 2012 @ 03:48 pm
[there's a look of confusion as Shooter notices the video recording (not immediately, as though she wasn't expecting it), and she grabs whatever's acting as the camera. fingers grip the device tightly, though the viewer wouldn't be able to tell.]

... I want to visit another world.

[she doesn't know how long it's been, since time is a useless concept where she lives.

Shooter pauses and looks off to the side, like her train of thought had been interrupted.]

Is there any significance when the community begins to appear less and less often for someone?

[she's not talking about Dead Master. Dead Master had lost access some time ago. and now Shooter's worried she'll be next.]
19 August 2012 @ 12:48 pm
29. disguised trio  

*Kano is crossdressing. No, really. She's binding, wearing sunglasses, and has on an outfit that would not look out of place in an early-2000s boy band. She clears her throat, twirls her microphone, and grins at the camera.*

Hey, all you Lights fans! The three of us are coming your way!

*The screen is filled up with promotional images of Kano, Yayoi, and Black★Rock Shooter, all similarly passing for guys and posing in posters that would not be out of place in an eleven-year-old girl's room.*

That's right, we're taking our tour all over and sending all our love to you! Hear our latest hit, "Shot in the Dark", along with songs like "Puddle of Love" and "Spark My Heart", which have captured your hearts the universe over! Check your local stations to find out if we'll be playing near you! Also, buy our new CD, "Searching for You", in stores now!

We'll be waiting!

[later, video -- locked to Yayoi, Shooter, and Akeldama]

*Kano has ditched the compression shirt and backwards baseball cap and now just looks like a girl dressed as a guy. She sighs.*

Are we any closer to finding Princess Utena? Or, for that matter, the Light of Hope, whatever it is? Not that this isn't a lot of fun, but we kinda suck as bodyguards if we lost her again.
25 June 2012 @ 12:03 pm
text. failed private?? who knows.  
[so guess who just discovered the wonders of image searching?]

i found these on the internet and i don't understand.

cut for pics. fanservice. etc. )
19 May 2012 @ 03:14 pm
06 ; video  
[honestly, Shooter isn't really bothered by the virus. what's bothering her is the fact that her wings aren't where they're apparently supposed to be. and they're made of fire, to boot.]

Wings normally aren't supposed to be positioned this low, right?

... Though I guess I should be thankful they aren't lower than this.

[the blue flames lick her bare skin but she doesn't seem to notice.]
04 May 2012 @ 04:57 pm
[Video] AU Virus; backdated to grabbag week!  

[ the horned girl on screen pauses for a moment to listen, but only receives silence from the tiled wasteland in response. she pouts before calling again, bringing clawed hands to her mouth. ] Rock-chaaaan, where are you?

[ after a moment more, she notices she's being recorded. turning to the community, she speaks pleasantly. ] Has anyone here seen Rock-chan? Did anyone take her to another world? I can't find her...

[ in the background, a toddler-sized Black Rock Shooter can be seen running from one hiding place to the next, followed by a little black skull. ]

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17 April 2012 @ 01:46 pm
private video, locked to Yuri and Shooter  
Can I just bother either of you to help me out with a worldhop?
03 April 2012 @ 03:14 pm
[video] oh guess who's back to make a PSA  
[ It's been a while since there has been a video showing Dead Master in her home world. But there she is, staring listlessly at the camera. Shooter stands silently next to her. Better to make a short post than have the community record accidentally. ] A most august of
traits a person

may have are the bonds

they forge with others.
[ Agree or disagree, community? ] Perhaps a simple reminder
is needed to take care

of them...

even if you have only one.
[ and the video shuts off. ]
24 March 2012 @ 11:55 am
05 ; video  
[she remembers everything. Dead Master crumbling into nothing in her arms. screaming threats of murder at people. actually carrying out one of those threats on a friend. hurting two others who didn't deserve it. completely losing herself.

it took over a week for Shooter to finally calm down. when she appears on the camera her face is completely blank save for her eyes, clear blue once more and no longer muddied by purple and red, heavy with regret and guilt.]

How do you cope with losing someone who was really, really important to you?


... I'm sorry.

[the question is for anyone; the apology is for everyone she had threatened or hurt. but she just needs to talk to someone, anyone, to prove to herself that she's completely back.]
09 March 2012 @ 11:39 am
04 ; accidental video  
[Sotoba. she's still in Sotoba, hunched over in an open field. it looks like Shooter is embracing someone- or was- wisps of shadow fade away from her arms just as the video feed turns on. the vague outlines of horns and wings are the last to vanish into nothing.

it was Dead Master.

for a painful moment, Shooter simply stares down at her arms, trembling. she slowly looks up to the sky, hands falling to her sides.

and she screams, a shattering sound, distorted and hoarse.]

cut for gif/minor tldr )

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29 February 2012 @ 08:57 pm
03 ; video  
[she's not in her own world anymore, that dark monochrome terrain where she had been mutilated for the whole community to see a couple weeks ago. ah, but that doesn't matter anymore. there isn't a single mark on her skin to indicate what had happened. Shooter is lazily reclining in a chair, precariously leaning back.]

My world doesn't have any men.

Would that be considered odd?
16 February 2012 @ 05:23 pm
02 ; unintentional (?) video  
cut for violence and etc. )
19 January 2012 @ 09:16 pm
[accidental video]  
[so blissfully oblivious. she's always been alone, so why should now be any different? it was some sort of childish temptation that drove her to do it. the Mato "inside" her, she would say. or maybe that would just be an excuse.

she literally has no idea it's recording a video right now. Shooter is too engrossed by her own reflection to suspect anything. hey, it isn't as if she finds mirrors that often.

so, basically, everyone is treated to a close-up of some random girl making all sorts of goofy faces.

... maybe someone should tell her she's on live.]