23 October 2012 @ 08:45 pm
three ☢ it's that time again  
[ Interior: a really badly lit slum of a house somewhere that Martha Stewart isn't really a priority. There's the blur of dark hair across the feed and the patter of tiny feet as a young girl races across the room and climbs out a back window. Cue one (1) gangly looking guy with a sassy murse who's slowly realizing he has been played like a fiddle. He sighs as he leans against a support beam, shaking his head. ]

Should have gotten the money up front, Banner.

And cut for length oops. )
05 June 2012 @ 04:46 am
two ☢ accidental video→voice  
[ The feed opens up on a slightly worn hoodie. At the top of the screen there's the lower part of a man's face - weather-beaten, tanned, with a little stubble - set in a frown as he types away on the laptop. ]

Dammit, stop th-

[ A frustrated hmph can be heard as he covers the webcam with a hand and turns the laptop off at an angle so the camera can only catch a slightly shaky view of a backpack in the foreground, just as worn as the hoodie, and a small gas station in the background with a couple of trucks getting gassed up. The video feed clicks off, and is soon followed by audio. ]

Apparently it's been long enough for-- Well. Yeah. [ An irritated sigh. ] Moving around's hard enough without needing to go and put something up here, never mind... The other stuff.

[ Deep breath, then he admits: ]

Have to say the weather's keeping, though. Can't complain about that. ...Uh. [ Right, this whole stuff is supposed to be interactive. ] How is it wherever you all might be? Weather-wise, that is.
20 May 2012 @ 08:03 am
one ☢ voice  
Could have sworn I just finished cleaning out this hard drive, there shouldn't be anything el- What- What is th-

[ Have the sound of mumblings that are slowly getting more annoyed/bemused and clacking of keys as Bruce keeps TRYING to get to his cryptochat program, but nope nope nope. Still recording. Then a sigh. And yes, he's going to start talking to his computer because... Well, he's a derp living in Canadian wilderness and it's not like he's gonna strike up a conversation with a bear. ]

All right, all right, that's. Fine. Stubborn little thing, aren't you. [ heh ] Not exactly my preferred method of chatting around, but. Apparently somebody in there didn't like that. [ tapping the screen ] Happy now? Can we get back to work, please? How about that, hm?
25 May 2011 @ 12:37 am
What do you do when something that's too good to be true seems like it is true? How do you believe that?

I can't believe I'm still stuck on this, months later. ... No, I can, I'm just dissatisfied. Maybe I need to meditate more.
13 May 2011 @ 04:19 am
[video | timeskipped five years forward]  
[Rustling noises as the audio turns on, the video doing the same a moment later - it's a confused, blurred image of someone's shirt close up as it gets shuffled into place.]

--had to happen eventually, [someone says, and it's Bruce's voice, slightly deeper and rougher but still placid and even-toned, smooth. As the camera swings into the appropriate position, it reveals a proper image of him. Five years older creates a subtle effect: a few more wrinkles from worrying, and a few more smile lines. It's a fair trade off.

He has his slight, quirked smile, and he glances off-screen briefly.]
Now's about the right time, isn't it? You remember?

[Bruce gets a laugh in return. That voice is softer than usual but, it's obviously Elektra's.] How could I forget? I obsessed over it. [She pauses for a moment before leaning into the shot and waving at the camera. Elektra looks almost exactly the same with the exception of her hair. It's even longer now, straight with bangs that fall past her eyes.]

When you look at this later, try not to read so much into it. [Elektra smiles playfully. She's got a more peaceful look about her. The past five years had taught her a painful but rewarding lesson.

She doesn't waste any time explaining who she is addressing. Elektra moves back to her seat off-screen.]

Yeah, it's probably a good idea to try to let things fall out as they will, [Bruce adds.] Not exactly my strong point, but the future needs less direction than it seems.

[There's a beat before he finishes.] And everyone else... uh, hi.
09 May 2011 @ 10:05 pm
[Bruce has something that's the start of a small smile on his face, incredibly enough.] I'm back. I think I have everything under control. It's a work in progress, but at least there's progress.

I missed Canada, but having somewhere to return to is... I don't think the word "nice" suffices here. Elektra, Dexter, Candy, everything okay? Birkin - you ready to get serious about our research? I have time.
06 April 2011 @ 09:57 pm
[accidental video]  
[There's a small, wiry man in a blue T-shirt standing across from Bruce. It's clearly a laboratory of some kind, science paraphernalia strewn behind him. The man is defensive in reaction to Bruce's antagonistic posture, and words-- an unusual thing for Bruce, but warranted here, given the situation.] We have the antidote, now! [the man protests.]

They don't want the antidote. [Urgently,] They want to make it a weapon. And if we let it go, we will never get it back. You don't have any idea how powerful this thing is.

[The man in blue, Sterns, waves a dismissive hand.] I hate the government as much as anybody, but you're being a little paranoid, don't you think?

[Just then as Bruce is about to answer, he flinches, wincing, and stumbles. The syringe of a tranq dart is still stuck into his shoulder. Sterns yelps girlishly as Betty rushes over to help Bruce, but he's collapsing to the floor before she can do anything.

A man in full military secret ops get up stalks toward them suddenly from the door - it's Blonsky. Bruce barely has time to force out a gasped,]
Get out, [to Betty in warning, and then Blonsky has batted her away and is grabbing Bruce directly.]

Where is it? [He slaps his face and shakes him repeatedly, but the sedative is working and Bruce is passing out even then.] Show it to me!

[The scene cuts abruptly, and the rest of the video is a confused blur of images, all slicing quickly. The audio is distorted and grainy, very little of anything intelligible coming through. Bruce on a stretcher, being wheeled into a helicopter and restrained; Blonsky turning into the Abomination; Bruce, Betty and General Ross arguing on the helicopter; Bruce jumping out of the helicopter and landing hundreds of feet below in the New York City pavement, making a crack in the asphalt on impact; the Hulk rises out of it and the video rushes through a series of shots of it fighting the Abomination in the streets of New York, and ultimately winning.

The last shot is of the Hulk, staring at Betty and Elektra as they stand on the outskirts of the fight. It turns away as a news chopper arrives and flings itself across the rooftops, racing out of the city.]

[ooc: SORRY FOR THE LENGTH OF THIS, but Bruce is now officially post-canon (and needless to say, he and Dexter are back in their own bodies). He will respond to comments here ICly a day later. Oh, and fourth walling is 100% acceptable, so knock yourselves out on recognizing him as the Hulk.]
28 March 2011 @ 11:51 am
[accidental video]  
[ooc: This is Bruce's canon move. However, this is not Bruce. Have a bodyswapped Dexter Morgan as the Hulk, everyone. Since Dexter looks, sounds, and essentially is Bruce Banner right now, your character will not know the difference. Dialogue taken from the original script. Responses will come ICly the day later.]

[The blurry footage of a Virginia news channel slowly comes into focus, one lone reporter standing in a field.]

Rumors continue to swirls about a violent clash between forces of the US Army and an unknown adversary on the campus of Culver University earlier today... Authorities have renewed the long-cold hunt for fugitive government scientist David Bruce Banner....

[A picture of Bruce comes up for a moment before cutting back to the reporter, now with two "eyewitnesses," two college kids obviously high.]

Very few outside the military got a firsthand look at their rumored adversary. Sophomores Jack McGhee and Kevin Feige were coming home from a hike and witnessed some of the battle. McGhee captured this on his cell phone.

[A grainy cellphone video of the Hulk comes up on the screen.]

Can you describe what you saw?

Dude, it was like a huge and green... HUGE... I mean like the way Steve Nash looks standing next to Shaq... Shaq would look like that standing next to this...
08 February 2011 @ 10:04 am
[locked from Elektra | voice | answers in text]  
Say that there's someone you... love. [You can admit this, Bruce.] But you're not sure how serious things are between you, or if you're dating to start with. And you don't want to pressure her, no matter what she says about not feeling pressured.

Should I still get her something for Valentine's? [Yeah, he's dropped the pretense. This isn't even anon. At least it takes his mind off of worrying about Dexter.]
28 January 2011 @ 02:19 am
[Have a kid who looks like a suspiciously young Edward Norton sitting in an armless wooden chair in front of his computer. The room behind him is plain and unadorned, but not run down. There's a twin bed, a low dresser, and a rug on the floor.]

I still don't understand how I got this kind of technology in this year. This kind of anachronism could cause a flaw in the timeline, but no one else that sees it seems to think it's odd... It definitely would've been taken away if they'd noticed it.

[shaking his head to clear it] Anyway. I meant to ask a question, so I'll ignore this virus and just ask it. It's not like you can't answer because you're a different age.

What are games you can play by yourself?

[ooc: Have a twelve year old Bruce! He's been on the community a while and has fake memories of it. If you want to assume you've had CR with him, I'm cool with that. Also, potential mentions of child abuse through conversation with him, but he's not likely to mention it willingly... just thought I'd put that out there.]
08 January 2011 @ 02:14 pm
Think I've settled in here. Funny not to have something to do.

Everybody who was worried, I'm alright now. Azula, thank you for the worldhop. If there's someone named Hohenheim... was told to speak to you by Winry.

Otherwise I wanted to ask. Ever had something you couldn't stop thinking about?
29 December 2010 @ 11:57 pm
[accidental video]  
[The setting is a large, mostly empty, and dark factory. Up a set of stairs is a small platform, where Bruce is being held against a wall by a group of mean-looking Brazilians.]

You don't understand, [he says desperately, his heart monitor beeping rapid and frantic,] something really bad is about to happen here.

[One of the men is shot from an out-of-sight tranq gun. The others don't notice him fall, and punch Bruce in the stomach, letting him fall onto the metal grating. The camera can't see him anymore, but his watch beeps in a different, high pitched tone; you can hear Bruce transforming, skeleton changing and him groaning in pain. Once it stops there's a beat of total silence. Then a man is grabbed from off-screen by the leg and dragged away with a shout. A bare second later, he's thrown at high speed through a series of interior glass windows.

There's a fast-moving confusion of men fleeing and being thrown around. Soldiers file in, equipped with night vision goggles and the aforementioned tranq guns.
] We've got a bogey of some kind, please advise, [one reports through his radio.]

That is the target! [answers General Ross instantly.] Use every tranq you've got, do it now!

[They all open fire into the unlit darkness at once, and as they do it finally reveals the first shot of the Hulk, nearly ten feet tall and definitely angry. Every single tranq bounces off of it harmlessly.]

Go live! Go live!

[They fire again, this time with live rounds, to the same result. Immediately the Hulk rushes up and grabs one soldier in each hand, lifting them off the ground and holding them there for several moments before tossing them into an electrical panel. The video continues in this vein, of the soldiers trying to subdue it and the Hulk taking them out, for nearly a minute, in absolute chaos. Then the Hulk pushes an enormous metal water drum through a catwalk, ignoring shots from one lone soldier, Emil Blonsky, on top of it. As Blonsky recovers, it uses the same object to smash through a concrete wall and escape out the ensuing hole into the night.

The video recording ends to static.

[ooc: omg I'm sorry this is so tl;dr but have a canon move. Bruce's tags will be ICly one day later from the time of this posting. oh and feel free to fourth wall to your heart's content.]
24 November 2010 @ 09:29 pm
[ forward dated to thanksgiving | video ]  
[locked to the Secrets family with the exception of Candy and Gale] 

See this? We need to fix it. She's just a kid and since we are the adults it's up to us to make it right. Drop whatever you're doing and come over to my house. We're going to give her a real Thanksgiving dinner. No excuses.

[locked to every member of the Secrets family]

My father is still away on business and I don't really want to spend the holiday alone. Would any of you mind coming over? I'm not really prepared for Thanksgiving but, I think I can throw something together at the last minute. 
14 November 2010 @ 04:31 am
Anyone else always end up with stray animals?

Should probably think of a name for this one, been here long enough.
23 October 2010 @ 01:57 am
[video - he is SO virus'd with hope]  
[Yes, true to the icon, he's smiling. He's at least had enough presence of mind not to leave any distinguishing features in the room behind him - the windows are covered, and the room itself is bare and scant anyway.

He has a pad of paper and a pen in front of him on the table, too.

Hi. Community. I woke up this morning feeling a lot better; it's really... a relief. [He seems embarrassed as he runs a hand through his hair, voice still characteristically quiet, as if he isn't used to being optimistic.] I guess I wanted to check in with all of you and ask if you've found the community helpful in some way during your time here. I mean, there's a lot of opportunity here, right? I've been thinking about that lately. Maybe I'll find what I'm looking for.

Can't give up hope after all this time. [He closes the video with a last smile.]
15 October 2010 @ 04:25 pm
the paranoia continues | text.  
Anyone here part of military? Or connected.

Just curious.
13 October 2010 @ 07:39 pm
[The video clicks on with some background static, which eventually clears to reveal a dingy room with a low ceiling, a rough wooden floor and sparse furniture. A wiry man sits in a lone dining chair before a rabbit-eared television, though only his head, shoulders, and arms are visible from behind. The TV is tuned to what is recognizably Sesame Street, the audio Portuguese.

Soon, the man starts to mumble along with the screen.
] Instruções para a loja... Você... pode me dar i-instruções para a loja?

[This continues on in the same vein for a while before a scruffy, dark-spotted dog suddenly obtrudes the screen, snuffling at the computer. The chair scrapes across the floor.] What are you looking at, boy?

[There's silence for a moment, and then the dog backs away. Bruce is in front of the computer now, his face abruptly alarmed and then quickly back under control. His voice is tense.] ...What is this?

< MR. GREEN -- Need an explanation for this. How is it on my screen?

No trace in the security log. Need to erase video recording from memory. Need to know who can access this.

Requesting help. Please.
18 December 2008 @ 01:11 am
It's me again - Mr. Green. Able to nav away this time. Just looking for interaction. The man at the trading outpost in town is helpful, friendly, trustworthy. But I can't talk to him. Too much danger.

I'm sure Betty's left by now.

Anyone know good solitary games? Not solitaire, mindsweeper, tetris. Done those.

[ooc: Strike hackable if you want it to be. Also, on fourth wall breaking - that's fine with me, but be aware that Bruce will freak. So, please be careful and deliberate with your breakage. XD; That's all~ ♥]