12 June 2013 @ 05:31 pm
[Locked from Michael etc]  
Got a question again.

Least favorite story. Or book or movie or some other narrative shit.

Mine's Twilight. Earth, 2005, Stephanie Meyer. If anyone can get me a worse story than that series they get a prize.
05 June 2013 @ 10:36 am
[Video ~ Canon move ~ end of Summer Belongs to You]  
[Candace is beaming and cannot contain her obvious excitement.]

That was the longest, most frustrating and UTTERLY AMAZING summer day ever!!

[She actually squees, taking a deep breath before continuing.]

We're officially boyfriend and girlfriend and he KISSED ME!!!!
28 April 2013 @ 10:18 am
[Video] ~ Re-introduction  
[There's a teenage girl peering at the screen expectantly. Her expression soon turns from smiling to confusion to annoyance.]

This is not the pink, sparkly pony site....

Why are there ducks? I didn't ask for ducks.

[She narrows her eyes, staring more intently.]

Hey, wait a minute.... Did I get onto that duck place again?
17 August 2012 @ 10:59 am
It's too quiet....
18 June 2012 @ 11:37 am
[Video - canon move]  
[There is a very angry-looking... platypus - is that Perry? - staring at the screen.]

[And the platypus is speaking in Candace's voice...]

I don't like this.
Current Mood: annoyed
06 June 2012 @ 11:04 pm
[Candace appears on the screen, looking very serious.]


This is a really important question, okay? So listen up.

[She pauses and draws a deep breath then lets it out. Deadly serious.]

...... Which dress should I wear? The pink or the purple??
14 May 2012 @ 06:12 pm
[Candace looks out from the screen and sighs.]

This place is almost as confusing as my brothers.
30 January 2012 @ 01:25 pm
OK. I am so over my brothers' hijinks right now. I need a relaxing day of hair and make-up and nail polish.

Anybody for a girl's day out?
19 December 2011 @ 07:51 pm
014 // Video  
[The feed turns on and the first thing is rain. A lot of rain. Then Ferb's face appears on the feed and he opens his mouth, prepared to ask something when his sister speaks up. He turns to look over his shoulder as his siblings talk.]

So Phineas, where's the rescue party you sent for?

Hm, it just occurred to me that I may have misspelled 'Time Machine' on the plans.

Well I hope that's not going to be an issue.

[The screen is filled with a purple light and the time machine appears again! This time filled with a large group of girls around Ferb and Phineas' age.]

Apparently not!

We're saved!

[There does seem to be an issue though, when Ferb attempts to throw the lever. The machine goes nowhere and it's soon discovered that this one needs a bit more electricity. Of course there is always the very convenient lightning storm going on around them! And...Candace. Who is holding the plug and is shocked along with the machine before they all vanish and the feed goes dark.]
15 December 2011 @ 07:30 pm
[Canon move ~ Accidental video]  

[An idyllic if slightly prehistoric view can be seen. Suddenly a strange-looking chair appears in the middle of the view - on or around it some members of the community may recognise Phineas, Ferb and their sister Candace. Phineas looks pleased while Candace looks surprised.]

Phineas: Well, it's working now.

Candace: What?! What's working?

[What is commonly known as a Pterodactyl flies over their heads, followed by small herd of dinosaur-like strange creatures and the volcano behind them suddenly explodes. Next to Candace another strange creature appears, sticking its tongue out at her and she quickly gets into the chair, saying rapidly over and over.]

Candace: Take me home! Take me home!

Phineas: Sure thing, Candace. No problem.

[As he speaks a shadow falls on the chair and it's abruptly flattened, luckily missing the three humans. The camera pulls back to reveal a huge Tyrannosaurus rex which roars menacingly.]

Ferb: This.. could be a problem.

Phineas: Whatever you do, keep your voices low and no sudden movements.

[At once Candace screams and waves her arms around. She runs and the T-Rex starts chasing her. Phineas turns to Ferb.]

Phineas: Wow it worked. Let's go save Candace!

[The video goes black.]

[Replies will come sometime later from either Ferb or Candace.]
30 November 2011 @ 10:08 am
OK, Ducks... Let's see if I've got this straight.  
Magical online community - check.

Viruses that attack you, not the computer - check.

At least one little brother knows all about it - check.

Platypus in room again - check.

No ducks to be seen - check.

Mom can't see things right in front of her - check.

Signs Candace is going insane - check check CHECK!!
27 November 2011 @ 12:19 am
Dear Diary,

Today was a pretty good day which means IT'S ALL GOING TO GO HORRIBLY WRONG REALLY, REALLY SOON!

It's way too quiet, diary. I just know Phineas and Ferb must be up to something. Just... really, really quietly.

........... I better go check.

I'll be right back, diary!
24 August 2011 @ 06:03 pm
-- first bust -- video  
[The feed opens on the living room of a middle-class suburban home. It appears to be empty, deserted. Until...]


[In storms a teenage girl with light red hair and un unusually long neck. Her dark blue eyes are stormy and her hands are balled into fists. She stomps her feet. This is Candace Flynn, brother busting extraordinaire. At least, that what she likes to think.]

Mom, where are you? You won't believe what Phineas and Ferb are doing! They built a- hey, who left the computer on?

[Momentarily distracted from her previous quest, Candace wanders up to the computer, squinting at the screen.] Dramadramaduck? What the heck is dramadramaduck?