02 July 2008 @ 11:07 pm
I believe this is what you people refer to as a "serious poll".

What are the delicacies where you're from? I'm curious to hear what kind of culinary practices you all partake in. And since there's the whole "different worlds" aspect, I figured it would be enlightening to hear what is considered cuisine.

In France, well... It depends on who you ask.

((I know, I know, I broke Hiatus, shutup. Her muse was kicking me.))
16 June 2008 @ 09:14 pm
001 [Voice Post]  
All righ', zen. 'oo chefs zink 'oo can 'elp us run ze best bistro in Paris? Zen show me vat 'oo got. My name ees Colette Tatou, an' I am ze sous chef of La Ratatouille. 'oo 'ave till 8 AM tomorrow to make an original recipe an' sumbit eet to zis hiring site. I shall judge, an' one of 'oo shall be ze new chef and cook in our keetchen.

If I catch any of 'oo plagiarizing, trust me, 'oo vill not like ze results. Capiche? Get ta vork, zen.

((Replies will be in text, and therefore, fluent English. The text here is like it is due to her French accent~!))