02 December 2010 @ 01:29 am
001;Accidental Video...followed by Intentional Video  
[The monitor shows a teen girl with bright red hair looking rather worriedly at the screen.  After trying to click the strange duck icon away unsuccessfully (cute as it may be), and even restarting the computer, he stops to actually take a closer look.]

Wait...is this like a chatroom?  Oh wow, I wonder if daddy put it on and just didn't tell me.  That's so cool!

[Walking over to her small vanity, she runs her brush through her hair a few times before returning to the desk where her computer sets.  She's in a clean school uniform that she's yet to take off.  Making sure to sit up straight, she moves the mouse and clicks on what she assumes is the video button.]

Hello um...Drama Duckers?  Silly name.  Anyways!  Hello, my name is Eiko Magami and I'm a Sophomore at Graviton High School.  It's nice to meet you and I hope we can be good friends.  Well, have to go do homework now.  Bye bye!

[Little wave and she hits the end button...and the video actually stops this time.]