19 September 2013 @ 05:27 pm
[Canon Update (or That moment that allowed Ellen to know how Setsuna was feeling) | Video]  
Cut text for long winded update )

[And as the video ends, we see Ellen, present day, all smiles and everything, unaware of what's going on or what was shown.]

Well, that was an odd dream, but... no problems here! What did I miss? Something about a "talk like a pirate" day? Ooh, that sounds fun...

...why does that sound familiar, too? Oh, it can't be nothing!

(OoC: WHOOF, I need to stop this! Normal text is Ellen/Seiren, light blue is Kanade, pink is Hibiki, italics is Hummy, bold is Mephisto and bold + italics is Otokichi. It's about time Ellen's secret has been revealed.)
03 August 2013 @ 11:53 pm
[Video - Wreck-It Ducks Virus | Dun care if I'm just a few minutes early!]  
[Welcome to the arcade! It looks like everything and everyone's ready to play! One of those games? Something that appears to be called "Precure All-Stars"! On the screen, you can see what appears to be a boss fight as two heroic Cures battle against a familiar figure - it's Ellen! Though, why she's calling herself "Seiren" is anyone's guess. In the background, a white cat struggles to get free and looks like it can be hit, too...

...but, whoever's playing it obviously hates Ellen, so the characters focus their attack on Ellen who is easily defeated. The cat is freed, but obviously looks distraught over the fight. Did the player screw up?]

- - -

[The feed snaps back on again to a distraught "Seiren"]

How many times did they beat me up today? Five? Six? C'mon, all you have to do is just help Hummy! Is that so hard?

Mmmn... I guess I'll never get to join the others now.
28 July 2013 @ 11:41 pm
[not-quite-accidental video: virus/canon update]  
[Jin has a candle in front of him and a flashlight against his face as he tells a ghost story in a very low voice.]

And on every night thereafter, from the bottom of the well, you can hear Okiku counting the plates.

[In front of him, Nick, Yoko, and Nakamura are pressed against each other in terror.]




[Gorisaki and Usada are also looking pretty scared. J...well, he's probably not listening.]


[Off to the side by the roof's railings, Hiromu and Morishita aren't nearly as impressed.]

How vexing... One is missing...

Was the one who took it...


[That's your cue, Ellen! Hope you're wearing the Sadako costume!]
10 July 2013 @ 10:32 am
First Beat [Video]  
[Looks like the Duck's got another victim on the slab! There's a purple-haired girl sitting on a bed, reading something before she looks up and over to the screen, blinking in surprise.]

Huh? What's this? I don't remember this...

[She starts fiddling with a few things before she starts panicking.]

Oh, no, it's not going away! What... what do I...? [A few more fiddling and still nothing.] It's not going away. I think I broke it! [she quickly runs out to the window and sticks her head out.] Hibiki?! Kanade?! Hummy?! Anyone?! My screen has a bunch of ducks on it and it won't go away!

[And she quickly heads back to the screen, still fiddling around.] Nothing's changing...! Maybe Otokitchi can help - he's been helpful to me before!

[Oh, god, someone stop her before she makes an even bigger fool of herself!]