09 September 2011 @ 06:05 pm
...and of course, here you are, community. Just what I need at the moment. Well then, I suppose I should say something.

Apparently we are going to hire another assistant to help with the important tasks we do in the office, and while this seems like a jolly good idea I'm just worried we'll end up with someone incompetent and pathetic and heaven forbid, giggly. God, I do not need this sort of stress right now.
13 August 2011 @ 09:54 pm
[ video ]  
I left this thing unattended for the weekend and now it seems like the community's exploded with so many posts about nonsensical things and bloody hell, don't you have lives at all? How pathetic!

If only one of you would post something useful, for once - like, say, how to lose twenty pounds in two days. That would be something I'm quite willing to read, especially now that Serena's been bragging about how she lost five pounds and made me feel like a bloated whale in the process. Ugh.
02 July 2011 @ 04:25 am
[ video ]  
...ducks. [ have a death glare, community. ] Right. I suppose this is the work of that girl Miranda fired yesterday. It isn't my fault she's incompetent and that she can't seem to understand the simplest of instructions, but here I am, suffering even when she isn't here anymore.

[ she huffs, then goes on a clicking rampage. ] Bloody hell. What does a girl have to do to actually get rid of these stupid ducks?