03 January 2013 @ 03:15 pm
[He's running.

That's the sound you hear, at first. Wind rushing by, things cawwing in the distance, a silence that is only broken by the sound of breathing in and out. In and out.

Then, he stops. Tries to breathe. Takes a moment to catch himself from speaking too loudly at this point, though earlier the same could not be said about him.]

It is done. [A beat.] His blood is on my hands, and I am thankful for it. I made certain that bastardo would remember the Auditore name, always.

[A pause as you can hear him swoop across another rooftop, leap and turn as the sounds of guards come from all ends, all shouting the same thing.

"Over there, over there! Kill him! Kill that boy, Ezio Auditore!"]

Haibara, gather the famiglia. We are leaving Firenze, now.
22 November 2012 @ 11:15 pm
[So you may be walking around campus or just hanging out with your buddies. You may be doing homework outside or just listening to music.

Whatever the case, don't mind the figure jumping across rooftops above your head, it's no big, really. Or how he perches on ledges and windowsills like a bird and just stays there. He just likes high places. Ezio is usually just ignoring schoolwork or skipping classes, or just wanting to see the skyline from that high a viewpoint. He's a weird one.

So go on, feel free to mock him. Or join him. Or just call him a kook and throw rocks at him, idk. He's there to be talked with, go nuts.]
20 November 2012 @ 04:34 pm
( image post. )  
[ you may have seen some posters appearing around the campus. well, a copy of those posters is showing up on the university's online network today. ]

hey did you hear ezio auditore has syphilis?? | also nsfw for 'fuck' in huge font )
24 September 2012 @ 08:26 pm
...Dio, either half the communìta has gone mad, or there is something very clearly wrong with all of you.

15 September 2012 @ 12:00 am
[It sounds like a crowd is riling, shouting being heard as the video springs into action, the view of a large group of people all coming together for something in the middle of the square. Ezio can be seen pushing his way through, trying to get a better look.

And then, a voice rings out, belonging to one Uberto Alberti, and the camera focuses. What happens next cannot be described properly in words.]

cut for video, aka Ezio watching his family be hung in the piazza )
14 September 2012 @ 12:39 am
What happened?!

[All that can be said at this point is that the video is opening up to show Ezio in his father's office, a wreck of a mess all over, talking with a servant girl and looking worried.]

The guards- they took your father and brothers to Piazza della Signoria! To prison!

[He snaps his head at that, only fretting more.] What of my sister, my mother?


[He turns, seeing his sister approach him from a corner. They embrace.] Claudia! You are safe?

[Claudia nods, but then looks at their mother, Maria.]

Yes, but- mother... what the guards did to her... She's still in shock.

[Indeed, her face is as blank as a slate, pale and almost as if she's in a daze. Ezio grabs Claudia by the shoulders, tries to keep a level head.]

You both can't stay here. [He looks back to the servant girl.] Is there somewhere they can go, some place they can stay?

Yes... [She thinks. Then-] Yes! They can stay at my sister's.

Good. [He gives Claudia to the girl, and then addresses them all.] Take them there, I will go and speak with my father.

[The servant girl nods, but then warns him.] Be careful, messere Ezio. The guards were looking for you as well.

[Static crackles all across the screen, fading the image out... to having it be nightfall. And there stands Ezio, again, on a rooftop. Pacing. He's wearing his father's assassin robes, worry clear on his face and he won't. Stop. Moving. Pacing back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Sometimes his hands are clenched at his sides, sometimes they're over his face, other times they simply grab at his head, or cross themselves in an effort to try and push away bad thoughts. It never works. He mutters to himself once in a while and then goes back to shifting his posture and pacing more.

He has no idea this is recording. Someone stop him before he goes into a full-fledged panic attack.]

[[Blue is Claudia, red is the servant girl, black is Ezio.]]
08 September 2012 @ 09:08 pm
video; CANON START  
-ah, I'm surprised you are here! I thought the Pazzi only sent others to do their dirty work!

[That is a pretty decent sized group of nobles standing on one end of the Ponte Vecchio, rallying on one certain mischievous Italian as he calls out to another pompous group on the other side of the bridge, both sides leering. Their leader sneers a little, and jeers back at Ezio.]

It is your family that calls the guards at the first sign of trouble, cortando! Afraid to handle things yourself?

Your sister seemed quite satisfied with the "handling" I gave her earlier!

cut for the length and silly stupid Italian teenagers )

[[Red is Vieri de'Pazzi, maroon is the doctor, blue is Federico, black is Ezio. All responses will be an hour or so later.]]
22 August 2012 @ 12:46 pm
[So here is Ezio. Without the fancy robes, without the mask, and crossing his arms. The scene behind him is one that overlooks the Piazza Republica, and he tilts his head, as if considering something, before speaking.]

For those who were curious about my whereabouts or identity over the past few days-- I believe the communìta was up to its usual tricks again.

[He laughs a little before pacing, smile wide and as he continues, it's clear he's embarrassed.]

I am no vigilante in a mask, I do not wear special robes, and La Maschera is not my name. I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze, a noble born and raised right here, in Florence.

[A pause, he knows so many people are going to tease him for this.]

Most of the things I was able to do during the virus do not belong to me, however- [And you can see him tilt the book to look out upon the skyscape of Florence.] I can climb buildings and run across rooftops. It is a hobby for me, one my brother taught me very well. [A pause as he considers something else.] Allora, since I am clarifying things, I may as well let you know more about myself and the world I come from, sì?

[...there's a reason he's doing this. He's kind of tired of repeating himself.]

The year here is 1476, in Italy, and we are in the middle of the... [He stops to remember the name-] "Renaissance," as I am told. We do not have such things as cars, driving, the internet, and especially access codes. I still do not see a point in numbers by a door. So if you are trying to tell me anything about il futuro, it will probably not make sense to me, unless you explain it further.

And for those who do not have numbered years, my time is considered "young" to many. We are still in the process of discovering many new things. The culture here is currently wrapped around art, music, and creativity.

[And setting the book back down again.] I also speak Italian, as you may have noticed. It is the native tongue here, and if you are curious as to what I am saying, do not feel embarrassed to ask. Nicely. [YES MINATSUKI, THAT'S FOR YOU TYVM.]

That is all that I can offer, communìta. Grazie.
18 August 2012 @ 06:47 pm
[There's a scream that's very audible at first, the video clicking on shortly after to reveal a young woman being cornered by some ruffians in the street. It's a Renaissance view, the area mostly like a certain Italian's world. Cars go by and-

Wait. Cars? Since when did the Renaissance have cars? And the men are going after the woman's purse? They had purses back then? What is going on here.

Well, fear not, for your questions shall be answered! Because as luck would have it, there is an incoming shadow of a bird seen, and a few seconds later, a feather sails by one of the thug's faces, sticking right into the wall. Both of them look up, and back, just to see a figure crouched on the ledge of the building behind them.]

Truly, you'd prey on the weak just to feel better about yourself? And a woman, no less.

[It's rather obvious that it's a male, and for those who know him, would most likely know that it's Ezio. Watching the two men, he leaps down, the outfit he wears bearing semblance to the style of the world he is somehow now in. Robes like the assassin ones he will wear in the future, and a Venetian mask to cover a part of his face, are prominent. Another flick of his wrist, and a few more feathers sail, pinning the criminals to the wall, leaving the woman free. For a moment she clutches her purse, terrified, until she realizes this masked man saved her.

Ezio continues to speak to the two men, obviously irked as he stares them both down.]

I would have perhaps expected better from gentlemen, but it seems you two are nowhere near the case.

[A moment passes and then he gently extends his hand towards her, trying to not seem intimidating.]

Are you hurt?

N-no, thank you. Who are you?

You may call me La Maschera.

[His brief rescue is cut short as a bird flies overhead.]

Maschera, Maschera! We have trouble! In the city!

[He sighs, but grins all the same. Dashing away, he climbs the wall again, and blows a kiss to the girl as he disappears over the edge and away from sight.]

[[both Okuu ([personal profile] omnomsgods) and Ezio ([personal profile] novicius) will be responding]]
23 June 2012 @ 10:29 pm
Ah, communìta, I want to show you something.

[So here's the view of Florence greeting the community, though probably not from where you're expecting. Because this? Is on the rooftops.

Ezio is making his way along the tiles, arms wide open as he crosses a narrow rope with ease, to run to another rooftop, all the while grinning from ear to ear. He jumps over a gap between two more houses, climbing up the walls as he barely reaches the top of the ledge, and then walks along one of the planks for the hanging plants nearby. And he crouches, before sitting down and just taking in the view before him, of the Piazza Republica, the Piazza della Signoria, and the Santa Maria del Fiore.

...can you tell he enjoys this? There's a smile and he finally looks down to his book, well aware it's been recording this whole time.]

This is one of my favorite spots. [And he lowers his voice.] But you must keep it a secret, sì? I do not want others to come by and take it- I have heard the birds are terrible in claiming territories.
07 May 2012 @ 02:07 am
[Oh, look who it is, it's everybody's favorite Renaissance Italian! Ezio is resting on a rooftop in Florence, from what can be seen, but he looks amused nonetheless.]

Merda. I am glad that the time on this community does not reflect my time back home. I spent nearly a week thinking I was... something else, only to find I had been gone perhaps an hour here.

Though I do not fully understand-- what is a Pokèmon?

Oh, and messere Kamina? [He grins.] You have a terrific right hook.
23 April 2012 @ 10:07 pm

((OOC: hit by the pokemon virus!))

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16 April 2012 @ 02:54 pm
--e cìo che è questo, madre? ['And what is this, mother?']

[Well, looks like the community found an Italian in all this mess. He sounds pretty young, too.]

Why is there a book on my bed? Shouldn't this go to Claudia? She enjoys it more than I.

[Something along the lines of 'I felt you should try writing, mio figlio, you need outlets' are heard, and the boy makes a rather obnoxious snort.]

Mother, I've already told you, I already have plenty of outlets! There is no need to give me another.

[A simple 'those are not outlets, Ezio! Now go write' is given in return, and the boy merely sighs, shuffling the pages rather boredly.]

Che imbarazzante. ['How embarrassing.'] My father understands my ways, yet my mother disapproves of them. Somehow I think she should be more lenient.

[And there he goes, muttering off in Italian how this sucks, why is his mother so cruel to him, he's a grown man now, blah blah blah. Someone should really point out this is no ordinary book.]