05 December 2012 @ 08:08 pm
That was an interesting virus, unfortunately I'm too young to attend college, but it was fun playing with mister Greed. Let's do that again sometime as long we're playing pretend robbers and gangsters it's a lot of fun.

I understand it is the holiday season for many of you, correct? A season for giving and eating a whole lot of food, unfortunately food doesn't always process the way we want it too and it can hang around sometimes. So as a class project we put together an exercise to help keep the pounds off, you can even do the work out with me if you want to...

...Just a minute please.

[It's going to take several moments for her to get everything set up so if you're not in your finest exercise gear now is the time to change...or watch...which ever.

After a moment the video cuts on and then...]

dance dance dance )