15 October 2012 @ 03:10 am
Track 02 「Calling You Out」 Video  
[For once, this quiet one has bothered to show his face. He's sitting on an office chair, with a large empty room behind him. There's a skull on the mantelpiece, but otherwise it's mostly empty.]

How many of you here are music lovers?

I run a live house here in Tokyo and °C's going to be holding a concert here later this month. I was thinking of offering a handful of free invites to people on here.

So here's the deal....

[He holds up a photograph or two of this pretty young woman] This is °C. She's become quite popular over the last two years, even catching the eye of a few famous people. Her style's modeled after American rock music for the most part, with some variations that don't fit into the genre. Most people come for her singing, however. She has an amazing voice.

I'd need to get someone to bring anyone interested here, but I'm sure I can appeal to your sense of money, at least. So, I wonder... would you be interested?

[The catch is simple enough. Anyone who does go will find the time has flown in a blur, so that they remember little besides the music and the pleasure it brings. They'll find themselves extremely fond of °C's music as a result, having enjoyed it thoroughly... but otherwise, there won't be any side-effects. It's like being drugged without the drugs. Perhaps a little excess cheerfulness afterwards, but it'll soon die down. Although people with any sort of hearing impediment or other resistances to auditory hypnosis might wonder what all the fuss is about.]

Just one thing.

You'll need to blend in.
04 September 2012 @ 05:35 pm
Track 01 「HEAVEN'S Greetings」 Text  
They must be putting a lot of funding into this forum to have so many options. I've never seen a forum this well developed before. I can't even find the "delete account" option.

Seriously, how much are they paying for this thing? It's got options I've never seen before on a web forum.

[This is hurting his pride, guys. Good thing he loves a challenge.]

Well, I guess it doesn't matter too much. What are you guys, anyway? Roleplayers, or really relaxed ornithologists/toy enthusiasts?