19 October 2012 @ 07:46 pm
[ THERE AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ANIMALS IN THE APARTMENT. Which is why this accidental video? It's of Kobato running around her apartment and Kodaka not really noticing that she's acting weird. After a couple of clips of her acting extremely suspiciously, the video finally ends with Kobato laying on her stomach on the floor in her pajamas, facing underneath her bed. She's got a napkin full of cherries she stole from the fridge and she's feeding a freakishly fuzzy rabbit. Of course, cherries with white rabbits make it look like it's a vampire rabbit just like her. Yes excellent. ]


[ And she's just gonna kick her legs back and forth in the air while she pets her "vampire" rabbit. ]
23 September 2012 @ 05:13 am
[ POP! POP! That's right, instead of seeing two lovely faces, the first thing that you hear and see in this video is confetti and the distinct popping of those party poppers. The video zooms out to reveal Sena and Kobato, both grinning like morons and seeming oddly more comfortable with each other. (Well, at least more on Kobato's part-- Sena's part seems about the same level of comfort.) Then Kobato puts her fingers up near her eye dramatically, but sticks her tongue out instead of her usual laughter that would normally accompany such a gesture. ] We've got a big announcement for all of you.

[Sena IS laughing at Kobato before turning back to the screen, the laughter trailing off, mixing in with her words.] We just got the call! The show did so well that they decided to pick us up for a second season! That means we'll get to do more work together instead of looking for separate work! [And it looks like that might be a good thing. Behind them, one can see different pictures on the wall. Besides the normal family pictures, there are several of Sena and Kobato together, grinning and having fun.]

Sena-nee might be a little too excited... [ But Kobato doesn't seem too put off by it either, despite her tone. It almost seems affectionate even. ] We wanted to invite everyone to a party with us to celebrate the new season, tonight! [ She looks to Sena for a moment, then decides to do an "in character" comment about it. Just to be cute. ] Kukuku, your presence in such a dark gala would appease the demons of the Underworld~

[And Sena decides to play along. Her eyes light up as she brings her arms together, Kyah-ing loudly.] Who wouldn't want to go to there if they got to see someone as cute as you! [Then she smiles.] She really is cute! But everyone is invited! [And a finger goes to her lips.] But let's keep it between us. We all know what it's like if other people find out.

[ And Kobato waves to the camera. ] See you tonight! [ And then goes to turn it off SHE'S DONE. ]
14 June 2012 @ 11:56 pm
accidental video  
Cut for video/canon move )

[ Can't see the video? Here's what happened: Kobato finds out from Kodaka that their air conditioner won't be fixed for another three days but she still refuses to change out of her dress. She sits down to watch her anime, which has a new episode, and the character that looks suspiciously like an older Kobato (though it's really more like Kobato looks like her) releases her "true form" after being attacked. Kobato promptly has her own "transformation sequence" and makes a big deal out of changing into regular clothes that are more fit for summer. ]
15 April 2012 @ 05:21 pm
[ Kobato has discovered the community on her TV! It popped up after Fullmetal Necromancer instead of whatever show Kobato was planning to not watch. So quite convenient, if a little confusing. An-chan wasn't home to help her figure out what it was.. She's been navigating through it with the TV remote and after peeking around a little bit, she's assuming that everyone is just playing around.

Which means, instead of just greeting everyone normally, Kobato has decided that she is going to take over the community as your resident evil vampire overlord. The video flickers on. She turned all the lights off and closed the windows, so she's only illuminated by the light provided by the television with the community on it and she stands before the screen, one hand on her hip and one hand swinging out beside her before she brings it up to a single red eye, the other is blue, and she creates a sideways v with her fingers. ]

A community such as this holds no resilience against the legions of the night! Prepare yourself, community, for you are in the presence of the ancient and powerful Reysis vi Felicity Sumeragi! [ She smirks. Yes her hand is still up by her eye. ] Kukuku!