[Greetings, ducks! It's been a while, hasn't it? And your incoming video is...upside down.]

To the people who decided to tilt all the picture frames at the EMC--nice try, but not nearly enough.

THIS is how you troll an entire building full of government employees--change the rotation on most of the monitors.

[And now, there is yelling. Lots of it.]

Now, if you'll excuse me...

[Jin promptly high-tails it out of there, angry mob of government employees behind him.]


[Today's post is brought to you by a blank screen and a ranty voice. Looks like someone was pissy enough to turn off his avatar.]

So, anyone remember Zombie Mall from three years ago? Turns out they just got a KFC. Which makes no sense, but whatever. And I found out because I was going through my locations on my worldhop so I could get a nice big bucket of chicken for my caveman friend because I totally have a caveman friend and I'm still not entirely sure if that Kiwi is teaching him right and also chicken is delicious and I was going to bring three of those home.

So, anyway, I hit the wrong location and ended up at Zombie Mall's new KFC instead of Amber Beach's KFC. Ignore for a moment that Amber Beach and Zombie Mall are on opposite ends of the alphabet. Naturally, when I realized where I was, I started to try to worldhop right out again, but a zombie poodle got in, so I hid in a nice, high place away where it couldn't get in.

I just spent the entire weekend and half the week stuck in an airvent at Zombie Mall. And I do mean stuck--my worldhop fell out of my back pocket when I got up there, and when I tried to reach it, I managed to get my arm wedged in-between the wall and my ass.

Now, I know what you're going to say, "But Jin, you're an avatar--you can just switch off like you did right now." Well, here's news for you: Zombie Mall don't care. Finally managed to hop out of there, but I'm sore, angry, and I don't have chicken.

(no subject)

Well, I'm noping right out of this Christmas here.

Okay, let's be fair--I love Christmas, and I love this little tradition Kurorin and Ryuji set up, visiting the orphanage.

What I definitely do NOT love is another Enter something-or-other appearing because virus or whatever, and possibilities of another place I'm in getting teleported to Hyperspace.

So, anyone got a really fun thing going on that I can bring the kids over to?


[The first glimpse anyone will get is of what looks like a AA battery charging up. Then gold bits of data, slowly coming together.

Then you'll get a brief glimpse of J walking into the shot, before said gold data pulls itself together enough to push him out of the way.

Welcome back, Jin. Now, what do you have to say for yourself, you mad genius, you?]

...Holy shit, that actually worked.

[voice only]

Cut for length and oblique references to canon attempts at suicide/self-sacrifice )

So. There's really no point in trying to talk me out of this, since it's honestly the only thing we've got left to try. Either I die, or I let a 20-year-old kid with his whole future ahead of him bite it. Or the entire world ends--there's that possibility too.

Right now, I'm backing myself up--what's left of my data, at least--onto J's systems. I haven't told him, though, because there's no possible way I'm going to be able to have enough room or power to save all of myself. Best-case scenario? I'll be able to save my data, but just the act of manifesting my avatar is going to force a system reboot and wipe everything all over again.

And that's where I need you guys. I know I'm probably not the most beloved here, what with trolling Kaitou and doing stupid stuff all over the place and all the conceit and everything, but...if you can provide me with enough storage power across the community, I can build a permanent backup so that I don't die here. So that if my plan doesn't work, there's still a way I can help my team defeat Enter.

I'm not going to hold it against anyone who says no. Hell, I'm still kinda kicking myself for asking--I know just how cowardly I sound, trying to save my own skin because I'm so afraid of dying. But I'm not looking for eternal life or anything. I just want one last chance, so I can be sure everyone I love is safe and the sacrifice my friends already made isn't in vain.

So...thanks, everyone.

[unusually, text]

So. Backups. And I mean the computer kind.

Anyone ever hear of backing up an entire person?

(no subject)

Anyone else ever start a show, find yourself on the fourth season about two weeks later, and wonder what you're going to do with your life when it's over?

And if my ship doesn't finally get together when this is done, I'm walking.

Go-Busters vs Dobutsu

[There's a giant monster fight, and everyone's invited. Or rather the Go-Busters are having a "ball" with this.

That being said, J decides to do something odd as he paints the skyline with formed laser letters.]

Happy New Year Community.

[And then he goes back to fighting.]

(no subject)

So I was wrong before, but this time, I'm 100% positive that our bad guy is deader than dead. We just dealt the finishing blow today, on the 13th anniversary he first appeared, Messiah is dead deadity dead dead dead. Enter and Escape too. 'Course, it does mean that the backup of my data is gone too, but I wasn't holding out too much hope on that.

So Merry Christmas and everything, guys. Currently at a party we're throwing at the local orphanage--'cause if there's nothing I've learned by now, it's that I should never miss the company Christmas party or something awful will happen. Sure enough, once I show up, things go slowly, J is dressed as a tree, Hiromu's sister turns out to be pretty damn hot, and all is right with the world.

...By the way, is there some kinda virus going on or something? We got PEOPLE here all of a sudden.

Salmon cannon

[Time to play another round of "Let's revoke Jin's internet privileges!" On today's show, he is standing in front of a bucket of fish.

...No matter what, this is NOT going to end well.]

So I was watching a video online, and it said something about a salmon cannon. And the host shot a bunch of fish into other shows!

[For the record, he links the video.]

Now, before everyone cries, "FAKE!" well, duh. It's staged. But it's still funny. But it got me thinking. I've got a teleportation program. And a worldhop. And randomizers are so easy to find online.

So let's see who's going to make fish for dinner tonight.

[Yes. That is a random fish-teleporter activating with his worldhop device. There's no telling just who is going to wind up with a salmon where, but...hope you like fish.]


Hey, ducks. Got an idea and this time, it might not involve anything blowing up. Well, it could if we wanted but anyway.

It's getting close to Halloween around here, right? Anyone up for setting up some kind of worldhop trick or treating or haunted house tour or something? Because I can set up something awesome in the hangar.


[Jin blows into a party horn]

Guess what! We're back from Hyperspace and we won! No more worrying about Messiah ever again--I can just relax with the community's viruses!

So let's celebrate!

[He picks up his worldhop and...is there an "open ALL the worlds" setting? Because all at once, all across the multiverse, you are going to get showered in balloons and confetti.

Because viruses weren't obnoxious enough, Jin's happy to oblige.]


[Look whose physical age finally matches his mental age. Or don't look because I don't have icons.]

I know my ABCs! Look!

[And there's some scribbling of the alphabet, but instead of a letter-J, in between the I and the K is a crude drawing of this guy]

See? I made a J!


[Jin, fully morphed, is making another one of those "Hope you don't sick looking at this, because the camera is going all over the place" videos where he's fighting Buglars while also trying to post to the community. Because multitasking is a valuable ability.]

Yo! Sorry for the shaky-cam, but we ran into a little trouble here. We're going into Hyperspace to shut down Messiah once and for all. It's gonna be dangerous, and honestly, I don't think the others are ready, but we don't have a choice.

[Along with J, he regroups with Yellow Buster and Blue Buster, who are shooting at the Buglars ahead of them.]

Everyone, fall back!

[The four of them run into the building, trying to make it to the hangar]

Escape's not gonna quit that easily--Makoto! Get ready--we're in for some company!
aquaticrush: Retasu sad. ([r] do i have enough emo icons?)

(no subject)

What do you think of the idea that "as long as you remember someone, they'll come back"? I've heard it around and I'm not sure what it means.

Do you miss anyone?

I'm sorry that these are sad questions. It's just something I've been thinking about.

[AU virus]

[Why is Jin a cowboy? And 13 years older? And holding an umbrella while meat buns are pouring from the sky?]

...Lemme guess. Makoto's behind the meat bun rain, isn't she?

[Okay, that answers one.]

Gonna have to clean this up.

[...Wait, was that something responsible?]

Bake Sale [video]

Okay, because someone--and by someone, I mean J--not only took home the saddest puppy he could find--and by that, I mean Ren--but ALSO finished off our allowance of enetron after some asshole--and that's Messiah, by the way--stole my entire supply from Hyperspace....I'm holding a bake sale to pay for more.

...Oh, and Makoto says we need meat buns. So we definitely have to pay for that too.

[The camera pans over a plate of blue-tinted blueberry muffins with sad faces made on them in a drizzle of icing.]

We have angstmuffins.

[Now a tray of donuts, with a hand-shaped cookie on top.]

D'oh!nuts, in a vanilla with different icing.

[A rather pathetic-looking apple pie, shaped like a crescent moon.]

What I'm calling the "Derple Pie."

[Some rather sloppy whoopie pies.]

Whoopsie-pies. And pot brownies.

[The camera swings over to some brownies...in pots. With a notecard reading "Note: Do not contain actual drugs--Kurorin would kill me, and I'm in enough trouble as it is."]

So, any takers?

[video, My Two Sides]

[There is a Jin.

Correction: There are three Jins.

There's our standard size, in classic white and gold.

On his right shoulder is a professionally dressed angel.

On his left? A more casually dressed devil.

And normal Jin is looking bored while contemplating a marshmallow Peep.]

So. I might have gone a little crazy this weekend...

Crazy? You mean INSPIRED.

Inspired? You are forty years old!

[Normal Jin and Devil Jin look at Angel Jin, offended.]



Chronologically, forty. [The other two roll their eyes.] You are more than old enough to behave like a professional.

What for? And turn out as BORING as Ryuji and Kurorin?

[Jin looks at his angel and devil.] Can you let me continue here?


[Devil sticks his tongue out at Angel.]

ANYWAY, so I went a little crazy-slash-inspired and bought fourteen boxes of Peeps. And I've kind of run out of things to do with them. I've saved some for Makoto and Yoko. I've done Peep jousting in the staff microwave. I've built catapults with the maintenance crew. I've tested the Buddy Machines' cooling and heating systems by seeing if the Peeps melt or freeze. And there's only so many I can throw at Hiromu's head to see if they trigger his chicken phobia before I get bored.

[Devil snickers. Angel glares at him.]

So. I need someone who can take about...six boxes of marshmallow birds.

One box each, please. No one should be eating that many marshmallows at once.

[Jin and Devil stare at Angel in horror.]

...I don't think I like you anymore.

You're stupid.

Oh, hush!
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[personal profile] elloran2014-03-28 10:13 pm

poor choices

Dear Community,

I have a...friend who has recently fallen under the influence of someone unsuitable. Ever since they met and became close he's...changed. Become darker, somehow.

Once he was my mentor but now...I fear for him, and I fear that darkness and hedonism will take over his heart.

I know it is his choice who he loves and who he allies himself with, but...is it not my duty as a friend and a protegee to urge him against such a dangerous course of action?

I fear for what might happen if that...creature gets a hold of him. The whole Inquest might quake with what they could do together...

What should I do? Should I let him go, or urge him to reconsider?

[Is Elloran talking about Kefka? Actually no. But there's no way for the community to know that, is there?]


[Jin's typing away at a laptop in an abandoned warehouse. There are sounds of battle from outside.]

Okay, in retrospect? It was stupid to try to morph when J's infected with a virus, can't equip my suit, and will end up giving the whole damn thing to Enter. At least this whole setup I tried to get for Kirito is finally gonna come in handy.

[Behind him, J is approaching, moving roughly like a zombie.]

...And I'm gonna have to fight J now, aren't I?