21 April 2013 @ 08:58 am
Canon Bump - Kyoto Oi  
Is it some kind of curse or something I'm under? It's barely been a day, and I have been attacked repeatedly by all sorts of things. We had a pile of FROGS in the train, I got mangled by a swordswoman, and then Konoka was abducted for all of twenty minutes in which they filled a train car with WATER. I'm beat and I think I'm thinking I need to deal with it because tomorrow we're going to the Kyoto Association Headquarters.

Seriously, this is one of the craziest weeks I've had in a while.
05 April 2013 @ 09:55 pm
The Oddest Places  
So I got a little information out of Evangeline about my Father. I'm jotting it down here, but there's basically a old house that he used to live in in Kyoto. Apparently there's people there who knew him when he was around and doing stuff.

The problem is, I want to go NOW and I've got school to take care of. There's going to be a class trip soon, but we're apparently going somewhere else, like Hawaii or New Zealand.

On one hand, I really really want to go find my father.

On the other hand, can I really be selfish and deprive my class of a trip out of country?

.... #FirstMahoraWorldProblems
10 March 2013 @ 01:36 pm
Canon Bump - Academy Blackouts And You  
[It's a long video post, seemingly all done during the course of the evening to the night. Negi is caught off guard by vampire thralls initially but he is prepared with a bunch of stuff. However the Blackout had rendered Evangeline's power containment to 0 thus a massive magical showdown.

When the dust settled and Asuna had joined the fight, the day was done and Negi was left holding a naked Evangeline in his arms.]

Evangeline: ... why did you save me?

Negi: Eh? B-Because... Evangeline-san is one of my students, right?

Evangeline: ... /blush/ Idiot...

[After landing, he laughed loudly, all that nervous tension draining instantly.]

Negi: Ehehehe.... well, I guess this really is my victory! So you have to stop doing bad things from now on... and start attending my classes!

Evangeline: ... Fine. It's true I owe you a debt for today.

[But Negi didn't stop there as he pulled out his school roster.]

Negi: All right! I'm going to write "I won!" in the class roster!

Evangeline: !!!

[It all dissolved into chaos from there.]
01 March 2013 @ 05:08 pm
[video] ⚡ welcome to the limousine  
reach out to the truth of my life )

[Another view of this limousine...]

['Welcome to the Velvet Room', the man sitting across from the video's perspective says. He seems a little suspicious, but his voice and demeanor aren't hostile in the least.]

With your new bond, you have awoken to the Star Arcana. [The woman--Margaret--speaks, and as she does a glowing card floats down and disappears into the book on her lap.]

Now then, your story is drawing towards its climax. [Igor spoke again, hardly moving as he did.] As such, I imagine several surprises are lying in wait for you.

Your fate is at a crossroads. [Margaret continued, pensive and quiet.] If you fail to solve the mystery, your future may close before you. [She turned enough to look towards the camera--towards Narukami, in reality. Her tone grew faintly ominous, taking on a sense of warning.] No matter how thick the fog may appear, there is but one truth...Defeat is not the only thing that can bring your story to an end. You would do best to remember that.

[With those words of warning, the video faded to black.]
18 February 2013 @ 09:22 pm
document 003 ; accidental video  
[Setting: the school gates of a well to do private boy's school. Actors: a tall, handsome, dark haired young man in plain clothes who has his arm around the shoulders of a green haired student in his school uniform. Other students mill around, whispering in groups.

The dark haired man proclaims enthusiastically:]
And here we are, Aki-kun! Isn't it great, your first day of school? I can show you to your classroom.

[The green haired student tries to placate him:] It's okay, oniichan. You really don't have to--

[The dark haired man steps away and grabs his hands.] I don't want you to get lost. Remember that one time, at the playground?

That was in grade school!

[The murmuring of the students grows louder.] Is that Sakamoto-sama? It must be. Who's that with him? That uniform, could it be-- his younger brother?

Oniichan-- [The green haired student protests as his older brother tries to drag him through the gates, only to be stopped by a chorus of voices from the upper classmen:] Sakamoto-sama!

[The change is almost instantaneous: the dark haired man stands poised and perfect under the scrutiny of the current students of his alma mater. The green haired student looks around the gathering crowd frantically, as if he can't believe his eyes. They're bursting with excitement and, bowing to them? R-really? Is this really happening?]

Sakamoto-sama! It's the second coming of Sakamoto-sama!
17 February 2013 @ 10:05 pm
Merry Go Round Broke--ohcrapitsavampiregetinthecar - Video  

Guys I need help.

Quick: how do I deal with a final-boss level vampire with massive amounts of ice magic and the disposition to drain me dry?

I think I'm in trouble.
03 February 2013 @ 12:08 pm
Well it's Official - Video - Canon Bump  
I narrowly managed to get the girls to pass. And my job is safe. I'll be their homeroom teacher starting the Spring Semester. No thanks to the book, which DID turn out to be a super legendary book, but it belonged to the Headmaster. Between the Language-Twister and the 3 days of studying, ending up with everyone stripped down to their skivvies, it was kind of a bad thing.

But now I face another problem: can anyone take me shopping? It's almost Asuna-san's birthday and I need to get her a present. That, and get some new clothing. Konoka would but she's busy right now. If I need a worldhop or if you have one, I could use a pickup too.
26 January 2013 @ 10:11 pm
Morality Question - Canon Bump  
So uh... question for everyone here. Say there was a powerful book, hidden away in a fairly accessible area to a few people. Let's call it "The Manual of Awesome Volume 1" presuming there is a second or third volume. In game terms this book will shoot you over the level of the Final Boss to the point that you could poke him and he dies.

It's like skipping 11 levels in Dungeons and Dragons.

Or killing Voldemort in book 1.

Would you even attempt to go get it? Knowing full well that someone is going to read it JUST to pass an exam?
16 January 2013 @ 10:47 am
Negima Canon Start - Video  
[Negi's life, summed up in a few pictures. He's too incoherent for words after that trying day and is trying to sum it up and only a few photogenic moments could be seen from it. He's been stumbling around, trying to wrap his mind around what happened to him all around. Whoever said being a teacher was easy did not meet his class.]

Random Absolute Chaos and a Secret Asuka Showdown.

Absolute chaos.

Negi's groaning as he's changing for bed. His roommates, Asuna Kagurazaka aka Secret Asuka 5.0 or whatever, and Konoka Konoe Troll 1.0 are already asleep. Care to annoy him?]
10 January 2013 @ 08:52 am
First Logging - Video  
[There's a lot of movement on the opposing end of the camera as everything zooms out to a little kid in a green suit who was adjusting the video camera.]

Is this how it goes? Good. Goodness this took a long time to set up. I wonder if all laptops have ridiculous start up times. Let's see...

... ducks? What? [He presses the keys a little, tapping it and frowning a little.] How strange. I just bought this laptop. Is it broken already?

[He tries X'ing out of it, cause hey, windows, but he was poking at the computer a little more. He even looked under it to see if a wire was loose.] This wire's connected and nothing seems to be broken... how odd.

Is this recording? Is anyone there?