05 December 2013 @ 10:55 am
[Accidental Voice | Canon Move]  
Scene setting and a serious conversation goes here )

[There's a jump before this next bit; Butterfly added it later, and rather more intentionally. She sounds rather angry.]

If that man does not get out of the country the instant we are done with him, I think I will kick him over the Wall. I'd do it now if we didn't still need him. Not that he seems to realize that. What kind of person mocks a seven-year-old girl for something she has no control over? Never mind that he has no idea what we can do. He's a coward, a fool, and a bully, and the sooner he's done the part and we're rid of him the better.
18 August 2013 @ 12:33 am
[Video | Bodyswap Virus]  

[Michael looks awfully frustrated here. He's dragging a hand through his hair and ruffling it rather awfully.]

I know the community thinks this is funny, but I really don't know what I'm supposed to do here. I see all these prayers, but I'm not cut out to be a god... or an angel, or whatever I'm supposed to be. I don't know what to do with prayers. I can't possibly answer them all.

[Butterfly in Michael's body looks somewhere between sad and angry. Very upset, anyway.]
04 August 2013 @ 03:08 pm
[Accidental Video | Wreck-It Ducks virus]  
[This feed is of the Interesting Times cabinet - a parkour/stealth type of game. For a moment there's just a guard in armor on the screen, complete with the mask hiding the face, clanking peacefully along a busy market street. As they pass another guard right at the entrance to the alley, though, they turn and karate-chop them expertly across the back of the neck. The armor falls away as the other guard goes down, revealing Butterfly. Unfortunately, the guard going down has alerted some others...

Butterfly dashes along the alleyway and quickly leaps and climbs her way up a building. Now, though, she has to deal with the guards patrolling the street below. She jumps from roof to roof, but now there's a main street in the way, and it's full of guards. She takes a flying leap... and falls short, her fingertips scraping the edge as she crashes down on a stall and is quickly surrounded by guards pointing spears at her.

The camera fades out, then back in after the day's done, leaving a rather scraped-up Butterfly.]

Oh, gods, it recorded that, didn't it? That was embarrassing, even by BRW's standards. I don't think he remembers that this game hasn't got a double-jump.

Then again, he might also just be playing to stare at my model. Gods know he doesn't seem interested in his actual score.
14 May 2013 @ 08:06 pm
Whoa, I missed my birthday.  Wonder how the hell I did that.  Oh, well, don't matter.


16 March 2013 @ 07:24 pm
[Canon Move - Accidental? Voice/Video]  
- But no doubt our army of the earth and sky was nothing more nor less than an uprising of the peasants themselves. Well, now we have a new army, and a name that fires the imagination. And a Great Wizard. I don't believe in legends. But I believe that other people believe.

[That's Butterfly's voice, speaking very quickly and rather quietly. Somewhere in the background is what sounds like the bustle of a large city. There's a rustle of fabric, like two people brushing past each other, and a second voice speaks, younger, female, and speaking with a very thick accent.] You come seeing Red Army now.

Cut for length )

((OOC: Butterfly, Lotus Blossom, Three Yoked Oxen, Rincewind))
23 November 2012 @ 06:01 pm
[Anonymous Post]  
Is anyone besides me tired of student government being a popularity contest? Or the way the people with all the money make all the real decisions? Someone's posted a threat to just flat-out buy campus and bulldoze it. Can we stand for that?

We need to tear down the broken system and start over. Who's with me?

[Of course, if you know Butterfly, this might sound familiar enough that you can guess who posted this...]
27 October 2012 @ 07:54 pm
[Welcome to the scenic countryside of the Agatean Empire. The video shows a rather interesting huddle in the middle of the road - a man in a travel-stained red robe and a pointy hat is lying facedown in the road, surrounded by a cluster of armored men, soldiers or guards, all of whom wear masks attached to their helmets that cover most of their faces. One of them has his foot on the apparent wizard's neck. Also standing in the road is a heavily-curtained palanquin carried by eight peasants, a cart that looks more like a cage, full of terrified-looking people, and a slightly confused horse that doesn't look quite like the ones belonging to the guards.

Of course, the perspective on this is a little wonky, since it appears to be coming from about waist height among the cluster of guards, just behind the man on the ground.]

Cut for length; Butterfly canon starting properly now )

[The video fades out here, and returns some time later, with Butterfly looking down at the journal, rather pleased with herself. The background is jolting rather considerably; neither the cart she's sitting in nor the road she's traveling on is very good.]

Well, that went well, all things considered. Though if that is the Great Wizard, this is going to be a lot more work than I thought.

((OOC: Plain text is Butterfly, italics are Rincewind, bold are the guards. Here's a proper canon start for Butterfly. Gently Push Over The Forces Of Repression!))
22 September 2012 @ 11:53 pm
[Butterfly flops onto a couch in the dressing room, sighing.]

Let me tell you, community, working with kids is exhausting.

I suppose I'm a little young to be complaining about people being 'kids', but... well, Lotus Blossom's nice enough, but the whole "Red Army is made up of children" idea is causing problems. I'm starting to wish they'd gone with aging some of the characters up after all, whether it's in the book or not; getting One Favorite Pearl to take directions on set is difficult. She keeps losing focus and just playing with the rabbit.

I guess I should be glad for the work, though. I'm still a little nervous even now that we're filming - it's my first leading role, after all.

What do you think, community? Am I being too weird about this?
18 August 2012 @ 11:53 pm
[There's an eye-bending fractal pattern covering the camera, all yellow and purple. Something odd about the texture, but now there's a girl speaking. Quoting Hamlet, of all things.]

Hold as 'twere the mirror up to nature: to show virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure.

[The pattern folds in half, and turns out to be the wings of a butterfly, that takes off among a cloud of others with a gust of wind in its wake, blowing around the hair of... well, Butterfly, though she's standing with her back to the camera. There's a worryingly long knife dangling casually from one hand for a moment, before it disappears. Possibly up her sleeve, but that seems silly considering the sleeves on her uniform are far too short for that.]

Any villain who builds their schemes on the backs of innocent people is doomed to fail. Someone always rises and fights. No dark kingdom can stand forever without facing revolution. Facing me.

[She whirls around, her skirt twirling, and there's a sudden flash of lightning behind her.]

Soldier of clouds and revolution, Sailor Storm! Extreme Inconvenience To The Forces Of Repression!

((OOC: Yeah, SM!Butterfly's a bit overdramatic. And her catchphrase could use work.))
28 June 2012 @ 07:17 pm
[Accidental Voice post]  
[The recording begins with several voices, most very young, singing a song. The song seems to be called something like "Steady Progress and Limited Disobedience While Retaining Well-Formulated Good Manners." Then a male voice, older than the rest, begins to speak.]

The Great Wizard will come. We sent the message, at great personal risk.

[This is a different voice.] How will we know when he arrives?

If he's the Great Wizard, we'll hear about it. And now...

[All the voices join in, chanting "Gently Push Over the Forces of Repression!" There's an indefinably smug pause.]

Exactly. And then, comrades, we must strike at the very heart of the rottenness. We must storm the Winter Palace!

[There's another pause. This one's less certain. Then a recognizable voice speaks up - it's Butterfly.] Excuse me, Two Fire Herb, but it is June.

Then we can storm the Summer Palace!

((OOC: Start of canon for Butterfly, finally.))
24 May 2012 @ 11:20 pm
Virus post  
Well, that was odd. A woman just dropped a ten-rhinu note, and when I tried to hand it back to her, she insisted on me keeping it as a reward for my honesty, and handed me two more as well. And then a falling roof tile just barely missed me... and hit Two Fire Herb.

And that was after the rain had cleared up just as I was going outside. I don't have the wings anymore, so I can't still be manipulating the weather... And that wouldn't explain the money, anyway. Everybody else seems to have gotten powers, and I just seem to be having a very good day.

And Two Fire Herb is having a very bad one, which is even stranger, because as far as I know he isn't even on the community.

It seems strange to have another virus so soon...

((OOC: Butterfly has acquired the power of Probability Manipulation - the catch is that it's operating unconsciously on her part. So she's getting good luck, and her enemies are having bad luck - even the ones she doesn't know are her enemies.))
18 May 2012 @ 07:26 pm
[Butterfly has managed to work around her wings by the expedient of putting her top on backwards, for lack of any better option. Said wings seem to be dull yellow butterfly wings with an oddly ragged edge and a brightly colored pattern on them. She flutters them a little, and a breeze out of all proportion to the movement ruffles her hair.]

Well, these are... very strange. I seem to have weather-butterfly wings. Perhaps it would be best for me to stay indoors today so I don't do too many odd things to the weather. People will ask questions.

This could have come at a better time, to be honest. We're supposed to be making plans today - I think we're finally going to be making our move soon. Two Fire Herb won't be happy about me missing the planning session, but when I have to wear my shirt backwards because I have mysteriously acquired wings is not a good time to be wandering around in public.
20 April 2012 @ 12:21 pm
[Butterfly is... surprisingly not sitting in the Red Army basement. She is instead perched on a rock somewhere vaguely outside-ish. The way the camera is angled shows an enormously tall pagoda and what looks to be the burnt-out remains of another. Even though the burnt-out tower seems to have lost several floors, both still tower over the trees.

What Butterfly's actually doing, though, is feeding apple slices to a bizarre-looking little brown creature with a skull-like head that's sitting on the rock beside her. When she notices the video running, she sighs a little.]

This is what happens when I set the computer down for five minutes. Honestly... one of these days the community is going to catch me at a really bad time.

But at least it's not that bad right now. Cubone and I are five hours out now; I thought since I'd been walking since seven in the morning we might as well stop for lunch. Though if we don't run into a battle soon I may have to start worrying about her getting fat. I'm the one doing all the walking here.
18 March 2012 @ 01:33 pm
[Butterfly sighs a little. Anyone who saw that raccoon during the last grab-bag virus will remember the background, though not the angle. She's looking a little harried.]

I wish Two Fire Herb would get back from his trip soon. I realize he's our only link to the other cells, but really, it's dangerous, and it means I more or less have to watch all the children. It's lucky at least some of us are old enough to help.

((OOC: Butterfly is virus'd for truth or dare, so go ahead! Also possibly leading into canon starting in the near future.))
22 November 2011 @ 01:20 pm
[Accidental video]  
[The video is focused on the floor of a rather dingy room. The light suggests the windows are quite high up. At the moment, the only thing in the room is a red panda, very close to the viewpoint; in fact, it seems to be endeavoring to hold a quill in its paws and write in the book. Rather unsuccessfully, especially since it has its tail partly curled over its nose - it's getting on toward winter.

Suddenly, there are a number of feet coming down stairs, accompanied by a group of voices; none of them sound like they belong to anyone older than a teenager. The red panda hurriedly bats the book away; it slides off into a corner between a couple of crates, which gives an excellent view as a group of children and teens, some of them carrying rolled-up posters, enters the room.]

Look! A red panda! How did it get in here?
Someone must have left one of the windows open; I suppose he crawled in out of the cold.
He's so cute!

[One of the smaller children runs forward and picks it up, stroking its fur. It bristles a little, but seems to be trying to avoid clawing the child.]

Put him down, you'll get scratched.
No, he likes it, see?
You're going the wrong way!

[The squabbling continues for a while as the panda looks increasingly put-upon until the video fades out.]

((OOC: Replies ICly will come later when the Red Army have gotten bored of their new pet. Also, I'm still tagging older posts, just wanted to get this up.))
Current Mood: harassed
18 November 2011 @ 01:40 pm
[Butterfly looks a little... off. Her cheeks are flushed and her eyes a bit unfocused, and she's swaying slightly on top of it. She grins and waves happily at the screen.]

Hi, community! How's everybody doin'? [There's a rather obvious slur in her words.]

So, looks like iss doin' every virus at once for some reason. Dunno why. But I'm stayin' in here 'cause I don' want the kids to get virused, and it gets kinda spinny sometimes. [She giggles, brushing her hair back when it falls into her eyes.]

Anyway, 'm bored. Wha's everybody doin'?
22 October 2011 @ 05:42 pm
[Video; Backdated to yesterday]  
[Butterfly is beating up some guards. She's doing quite well, especially considering she's unarmed and they're both armed and armored.

To those who actually know something about martial arts, though, they might notice that, well... she's doing fine against the guards, but that's because they're not used to anyone fighting back, particularly not teenage girls. But she's grandstanding, quite a bit. Also notable is the fact that this is an actually vaguely plausible video angle, which is strange for the community.

Once the last guard goes down, Butterfly strikes a rather obvious pose before coming over and... picking up the book, with a little toss of her head.]

Oh, hello, community. I didn't realize you were recording.

[Yeah, she's not even trying to act - she knows darn well it was, as evidenced by the fact that she came right over and picked the thing up.]

I suppose you've seen me in action now - what do you think?

((OOC: In case it wasn't obvious, she got Pride.))
25 August 2011 @ 12:05 am
[What looks to be a much younger Butterfly is sitting on a hill overlooking a large town. The architecture is vaguely oriental, and the town is set on the shore of a bay, with many smaller boats and the occasional fully-sized ship sailing in and out of the busy port. Butterfly whispers in Agatean (anyone who knows Chinese may actually pick up what sounds like a similar word here or there) to an even younger girl seated beside her, pointing out the different ships as they criss-cross the bay.

After a while, there's a hand on Butterfly's shoulder; it belongs to a rather short, bespectacled man who smiles at her. The two girls get up and the three of them turn to walk down the hill, to where a tall woman who looks a lot like Butterfly is waiting. The video feed ends on a view of her smiling face.]
15 May 2011 @ 01:45 am
[Accidental Video]  
[Have a Butterfly entering her room rather hurriedly and shutting the door behind her; when she turns around into view of the camera, her face is a rather interesting color.]

I can't believe this... why can't I think of anything else? All through the market and back here, even about the guards. I wish Two Fire Herb would come back, maybe he - no, no, I do not need to be thinking about that!

[It's about at this point that she notices her journal is open on the desk and, from the look of things, recording video. Which means everyone's just noticed her talking to herself. And either she thinks she let more slip than she did, or she just suspects people might work things out from what she has let slip, because she shuts it off rather hurriedly, apparently not noticing it posted.]

((OOC: Yes, I've been mean and inflicted the Think Sexy Thoughts virus on poor Butterfly.))
17 February 2011 @ 09:22 am
Shadow Butterfly [Video Post] [Apologies for the spam]  
[No, you're not seeing double; there are two Butterflies standing in front of the camera (or what passes for it on Butterfly's book). So far as one can see behind them, they appear to be standing on a wooden stage. The one in the demure purple-and-yellow kimono waves at the camera, smiling cheerily.]

Hello, community! It's nice to see you all at last!

[The other - the one in the ripped, dark clothing that's reminiscent of a stagehand or perhaps a ninja - scowls and turns away.]

Why bother? It's not as if anyone cares that we're out. They'll just think we're another of the community's tricks.

No, they won't! I'm sure they'll be happy to see us! Anyway, we do kind of have to tell them. They can talk some sense into her and we can work this all out.

[The one in black gives a bitter laugh.] Sure they will. I'm sure they won't come and try to kill us at all. But... fine.

[The one in the kimono turns to the camera again.] Pretty Butterfly is... indisposed at the moment. She seems reluctant to accept us. Would anyone be inclined to... talk to her?

Don't worry, she can hear this from where she is. But no, you don't get to see her, and she won't be responding. [They both look right at the camera - giving you a clear view of their yellow eyes.]

((OOC: Ooooh boy. These two - they're actually one being, but the human form looks like two of them - would represent Butterfly's struggle to keep a balance between the idealism she wants to hang on to and her pent up cynicism, rage, and sorrow.))