Maho Girls Episode 1: Damnit Kaitou

I stole a bear.

And shot a bat man in the back.

I have officially reached bottom of the barrel boredom right now.

Anyone know where I can offload a mascot? He's wondering where Mirai is.

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A question born of curiosity and the moment: At what point is it appropriate to tell your fiance, "I told you so"? Before, or after you retrieve him from floating in space after he did exactly what you told him you knew he'd do?
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I'm a little confused. Or, um, very confused.

Are these really good questions to ask someone you have a crush on?

Do they actually help? I'm sort of put off by the "sexy animal" one, and I'm a porpoise. And the "fictional character you'd marry" one would be really awkward, considering how the community works for a lot of us... What do you think?
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A lot of us have either got somebody important to us now whom we really love, or we've lost them because of this place or because of something else. Maybe even our own mistakes, but... Anyway, um. Maybe we should talk about it. Please tell everyone about your special person! You can even do it anonymously. I mean, it's a nice topic, right?
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So... I'm on a Ferris wheel.

What's the strangest thing you've seen your face on?

☀ // 002; [visual]

--damn it, wait here. Something's wrong.

[Whoever he was speaking to, the video (showing what appeared to be the interior of a small cafe) starts by moving erratically before being set down; for whatever reason, Caesar had taken off his watch. Maybe he expected it to get broken, because just past the visible storefront window was a figure that seemed to be glaring daggers at him.]

and then battle tendency started happening. )

DDD Crunchyroulette

Okay Ducks.

You know that I've been AFK from here for a while.

That's because I have sunk into Crunchyroll.


Here's my challenge to everyone here that can access this place.

Go to Crunchyroll and hit the Dice Button. This is the Crunchyroulette.

I want to see your liveblogs in this post.


You know you want to.

You can even blame me for it.
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Ah, hello, everyone! How are you all? The sales of my plushies have been doing well, and I've been cooking a lot at my other job, too, but, ah... I just wanted to ask about something a little confusing.

What's the strangest thing you've ever seen for sale?

Because I'm seeing a lot of odd things lately. Silver-coated vegetable jewelry, portraits of dogs in suits, and candles that make people fall in love with you... Do those actually work? I suppose if community magic can do it for a week. I'm not sure.


[Compared to last time, Delenn seems much calmer, if a bit melancholy as she stands in her quarters. Noticing the Babcom unit on, she looks up.]

The community again. I take it that these intrusions will be common?

[She's not upset about it, at least, and she walks over.]

When one receives good news--for example, the return of someone thought lost--one should celebrate, correct? And when one receives bad news--the knowledge that someone beloved will leave again--one is expected to grieve.

So what is the expected emotion for someone who has learned that someone she loves has been found, but that he cannot stay with her for as long as she had hoped? I have not yet figured out exactly how I should feel.
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Um... so I've set up a shop now to sell all those plushies I was making. I've made a lot more, too! If there's anybody else you want me to try, please ask. It doesn't have to be someone who's here or used to be here.

[Insert link. The plushies are very cute, and while Karen convinced her to price them higher than the mass-produced stuff you find in stores, they're still a little underpriced when you account for labour. Retasu why.]

Also, ah, I was looking around after I set this up and... I guess someone made earrings of my castanets? I don't even have pierced ears, but there's a clip-on option, too, so maybe I should... Would it be too weird? Have any of you ever found merchandise of yourself, aside from that one virus where everybody got some? What do you think?

...There are also some very strange things on here. I'm not sure what "demon panties" are supposed to do and I don't think I want to know.
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Um... Does anybody have advice for if you've started to dislike your birthday or be afraid of what might happen?
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[parent troubles]

Do you know the feeling, when a bit of one's past comes back at a completely unexpected moment, ruining anotherwise lovely day? Quite frustrating.

In related news, how would you suggest going about telling a child that under no circumstances will you fullfill their dream of being turned into a giant world-ending comet?

Children these days. You'd think death-eyes would be enough, but no, they always want more.
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Do you ever feel like you have to justify what you're reading?

I just read everything that's in front of me, but sometimes that's kind of embarrassing. Like being seen in the library with parenting manuals.


The hell kinda fun'd this place think I was gonna be shrinkin' me down too small to even hit the 'on' button?

[Scratching the back of his neck, Greed flops against the back of the couch looking around; there's no sign of anything catching his eye, nor much background noise for a bar; maybe it's the time of day? With a displeased groan at nothing identifiable, he mumbles at the ceiling.]

Guess I should just write it off as lucky it didn't record their bullshit again and call it even, huh...
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Party Post

Well, now that the sickening obsession with romance is done with for the year, its about time for a real holiday, correct?

Of course, you are all welcome to my yearly Mardi Gras celebration. But, dear community, you must help me decide which world to host it on.

So. Endless festivities? Stunning fireworks? Vivid gardens? Canals and gondolas? Or would you prefer mere free drink and food?

As always, you answers are most fascinating.
- Karakael
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It's been a while since that virus and I'm still so tired... Does anybody want any of those plushies? They've sort of taken over my room.

Also, um... I'm sure someone here must have this problem. What do you do if you know your family still loves you, but they, well, wish you were normal because it's embarrassing to deal with all of this?
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I guess it sort of figures.

Um, everyone? What are ways you know to be hopeful? Things that make you happy?
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51. curious bait

Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry, I was a little busy freaking out over my New Year's dream. If those really come true, I'm going to be getting a lot of balloons out of trees. Anyway, it's about time that we did another game, right?

Anonymous Questions! )

It's easy. Just post yourselves on this and say you're open to any question. Then everyone goes anonymous and asks you questions! Try to be honest, okay? Or at least entertaining. It'll be more fun for everyone that way.

(Game-canon version of the IC Anonymous Question Meme. Just like in the IC anon memes, don't actually reply anon -- not that I think you can -- but put [anon] in the subject line of your replies! Go have fun.)
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Ah, it's been busy lately, hasn't it? I suppose the holidays around this time are popular here. The community seems to be celebrating, too, doesn't it? At least it doesn't seem as bad as other times it's brought back old viruses.

While you're all here, is there anything you want to talk about? Anything you wanted to ask?

(Retasu is affected by Truth or Dare. Remember how that one went? Ask her anything and she has to answer honestly, or tell her to do something and she has to do it (or suffer through the pain if she resists, but you know). Come make the fishgirl flail.)

[19 ~ voice | grab bag: insomnia]

Something's... something's wrong. No matter what I do, I can't sleep, and it's starting to get to me. [She sounds frustrated, at least.] It wouldn't be so bad if everything we worked with didn't have the potential to explode, but... ugh. Dammit, Retasu, we jinxed it.

I'm going to lay down for a little bit and see if it fixes itself. If not... at least it's warm. Damned snow. Maybe I can ask Efreet to help me draw up something to keep the house warm. [A beat.] Which is something I really should have thought about a long time ago.