08 September 2013 @ 11:06 am
[video; costume drama virus]  
[When Okabe flicks on the webcam it's focused on his face, which probably has something to do with the decidedly feminine collar poking up from his neck. He's bright red with anger and embarrassment left over from the last time he tried to take one of these costumes off. At least that one wasn't... wasn't pink!]

Hououin Kyouma speaking. Is this some trap of the Organization to confine me to my lab, or has this damned network mistaken my gender?? Honestly, any doubts I had about this thing being sentient are gone, I swear it feeds and grows from our misfortune--

[The webcam wobbles a few times, then falls from its precarious perch on top of the monitor, exposing Okabe fully to the camera.]

[He's in the getup on the left, graciously sized to fit him but not quite contain him. His shoulders are much too awkward, his lower torso a bit too happy-trailed, and his legs far, far too wrong.]

[Basically, he makes a horrid crossplayer.]

Aughhh! [He can't even grind out an 'el psy congroo,' so he just whacks the webcam, and it flicks off.]
30 July 2013 @ 10:04 pm
[The webcam starts rolling with an eye pressed up to it; it's grainy and dark enough that details are difficult to make out, and the picture is striated with thin lines that scan down the iris like laser beams. In reality, this is a piece of shit webcam that was retrieved for 500 fat yen from an off-brand Akiba shop, but it's a setup. The voice pipes into the microphone from slightly below, hissy and noisy like the picture but deep with the tenor of a man just exiting adolescence.]

So, an internet nexus for multiple worlds, huh? Not something I'd believe until I see it with my own eyes, but hey, stranger things have happened... [It's like a switch flips when he realizes he's being watched.] Aha! This is Steins;Gate's offer for me to make my debut to the world! Not bad, not bad...

[Sure, Okabe. Whatever you say.]

[A slight whoosh hits the microphone as the figure pulls away, a tall, thin guy with mussed hair and a lab coat, posturing for the camera like a natural mad scientist. He has a grin on his face, a devilish look in his eye (because by God is he enjoying this), and a mess of wires, parts, and textbooks on the table behind him.]

Denizens of the multiverse, I am mad scientist Hououin Kyouma, come to discuss intellectual pursuits on behalf of the Future Gadgets Laboratory! [Cue evil laugh... and it actually comes. About ten seconds of hacking laughter ensue, and then a couple coughs before he's back to talking.] Upon being invited to this place, you all have... certainly piqued my interest. [He twists his face briefly, trying to think on his five-minute impression.] There's the Akihabara set, to be expected, then there's the terminally confused... and the few creatures - I will forever be mystified as to how they manage to operate computers without thumbs.

And to be frank, I'm curious on how a supposed nexus of multi-worldly communication manages to connect with parallel universes in the first place. Does anyone know how the backend is structured? Transporting data through black holes, perhaps? Weird space magic?