30 August 2012 @ 09:03 am
( VIDEO. )  
[ river is laid out on an operating table, and her brother is looking at a hologram above her - a 3d image scan of her brain. for anyone that isn't a neurosurgeon or talented doctor, he's apparently explaining to jayne behind him just what the image shows. ]

They opened up her skull. [ he turns the image, and looks really disturbed. ] That's a scalpel scar, they... They opened up her skull, and they cut into her brain.

... Why?

Well, the only reason to make an incision in someone's brain is to lobotomise them - to go in and remove damaged tissue. Why anyone would cut into a healthy brain is... [ he's disgusted. horrified. ] They did it over, and over... They stripped her amygdala.

[ jayne is here to help the less knowing audience. ] Her what?

You know, uh... You know how you get scared, or, or worried, or nervous, but you don't want to be scared or worried or nervous, so you, you push it to the back of your mind, you try not to think about it. Your amygdala is what lets you do that. It's like a... a filter in your brain that keeps your feelings in check.

[ simon steps back and honestly looks pained, horror-stricken. ]

She feels everything. She can't not.

[ jayne mentions something about leaving, and simon starts arguing with him about getting more time - while they bicker, river wakes up, and once her eyes open she starts screaming in sheer terror. jayne covers her mouth and simon tries to comfort her, but she's freaking out. ]

No! No, no, they come out of the black, they come when you call. [ simon tries to calm her, it's okay, we're leaving, but she looks at jayne. ] Your toes are in the sand.

And your head's up your—

Hey! Back off.

You just make sure she keeps her mouth shut. I don't need her screeching while we're trying to make a quiet get-away.

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12 August 2012 @ 11:20 am
( VIDEO. )  
[ it appears to be a normal day in space. the crew of serenity is milling about in the tiny, old-looking kitchen and chatting. of course, community members will spot river tam sitting at the table with her brother, and the others are moving to join them. everyone appears to be enjoying themselves, at least, smiling and laughing, although by the sounds of things, there's an argument going on.

captain reynolds enters the room in the midst of this. ]
No one is settin' foot on that fancy rock, I don't want anyone leavin' the ship. Come to think of it, I don't want anyone lookin' out the windows, or talkin' loud. We're here to drop off Inara, that's it.

What's the point of comin' to the core if I can't even step off the boat?

[ everyone continues to mutter and chat, since it looks like the discussion is over. river hasn't said a word. she's sitting there, watching jayne's weapon maintenance. he's licking a knife and being a dick to simon. river wanders off into the kitchen while jayne and simon are bickering, and anyone watching her in the background will see her take out a huge carving knife.

without a word, she walks back into the room and slashes jayne across the chest with the knife. judging by the amount of blood, it's a pretty serious and deep wound. jayne reacts immediately - he recoils, and promptly backhands river to the floor. everyone moves in a sudden panic, simon running to river: ]

River, no!

[ the crew assesses the situation - "i got the knife" - "he's bleeding!" - "that's deep" - "he okay?" - and meanwhile river glances up at jayne, blood in her own mouth, looks around at the horrified faces in obvious confusion and she says - bewildered, offended, insistent? - like she has no idea what she's done wrong: ]

He looks better in red.
20 May 2012 @ 01:16 pm
( VIDEO. )  
[ river is wrapped up in a blanket, and all you can see is her face. but it's obvious she has wings today, same as everyone else - you can see the shape of them, an outline, under the blanket. they look... sharp. very unpleasant. river doesn't look too good herself. she's sickly and fidgeting and her eyes are flitting downwards constantly. ]

It's an invasion. She didn't authorise this change, it just went right down to the bones and it - it took. Won't go away. It's not my place to change it. Just - an alteration. Altercation, on our insides. [ she pauses and frowns. ] It's rude.

None of us are angels. [ falter. ] Oh - there are. There's exceptions, but not to us. We weren't made for these. Icarus should have known sooner.

Don't be scared, it says. It's only a magnification. A change of state, gases and solids; liquid nitrogen as it hits the air and you can see it now, but I was looking all along because I can't stop. Can I - [ her gaze drops again. ] I like to see them. Your outlines. Can I?
02 April 2012 @ 11:13 pm
( video. )  
[there's darkness, first - then a sharp inhale of breath, and the video adjusts to the lack of light. it's River, and she's... huddled under a bed? curled up in a blanket, her face illuminated by the screen of whatever she's viewing the community on. she doesn't look too good, for some reason.]

Caught me. My tongue was tied with intention, and now it's ruined. I should have expected it. I did. [there's muttering in the background, medical talk and swearing, urgent and low. some of it in English, some Chinese. a voice that may be familiar (Simon Tam) speaks up: River, come out of under there, and she calls back - ] I'm taking shelter. It's safer. There's a high chance of disaster out in the open.

[and not a second after she quiets, a message blares in the background, too loud to ignore - WARNING: 50% power remaining. oxygen levels at 65%. reducing heat levels to save energy. return to main power source immediately to prevent shuttle failure.]

The clouds are gathering already. [it's a whisper, and there's a different voice that snaps in the background, angrily: Yeah, but we don't have a main power source any more, do we? silence, and the noises return to mutterings. for a second, River looks guilty. then she just looks... small.]

We left home. Pigeons sent out with messages tied 'round their ankles. The trip isn't going so well. Home's going worse. The cold will set in soon. Our survival chances are exponentially lower; y is equal to negative x. We'll approach infinity in the negative, and I haven't practised my last words yet. I'm not prepared for this speech.

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02 January 2012 @ 03:30 pm
New Year's resolutions?
21 November 2011 @ 06:35 am

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19 November 2011 @ 11:24 am
( video. )  
[there is a little girl with ringlets sitting in River's room today, and she appears to have... made a fort? she's peering out at the community over one of the carefully constructed walls of her mattress safehouse.]

Ni hao. I'm on a mission. [she holds up a scrap of paper.] It's top-secret, but the instructions for the mission say that I should introduce myself. I'm Secret Agent River Tam, on duty. I came in late and missed the mission debriefing, but I have it all here.

The first step of my mission is to get out of here before I get caught by the bad guys! [she looks around for the supposed "bad guys", then glances at her scrap of paper and stage-whispers to the community.] I'm supposed to ask for an escape route from my comrades. That's you guys. The mission information says I need a "worldhop", which is some kind of codeword, right? If someone knows what that means, I need one!

[she fumbles with the paper and starts reading directly from it now.] And I have a message to relay from the boss. It says, "She's been misplaced. Normality will restore itself shortly. Remove her from this space until then. Handle with care. There is a list of the pre-approved to prevent trickery. A plague is not incomparable. She's precocious."

[the little River looks at the community expectantly.]

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02 November 2011 @ 11:55 am
( video. )  
[River is sitting at a low table and she has... a book open in front of her. she's writing notes in the pages of this book and occasionally ripping pages out of it. at one point, a man - a priest, if you look at his clothing - approaches her as if to take it, and River doesn't even look up.]

Just keep walking, Preacher-man. [she goes back to writing, and lifts up the book to find a page oh wait River is destroying the Bible okay then. she keeps writing for a while and then speaks up suddenly; she is... talking to an empty room.]

They shouldn't print false information in books. It's misleading. Leads us to ruin. This book is all fiction. [there goes another page.] There's no rhyme or reason. The people of the time were highly illogical. Or they had bad hearing and they misinterpreted all the words. A God shouldn't disobey his own laws, it's bad practice. Even if he's very fond of folding space. There are too many undesirable factors in this story. Unlikeable characters. It needs to be rewritten entirely. Too many mistakes. It's rude to eavesdrop on a conversation, so you'll have to contribute.

[she looks up.] What does the community think of this crime?
05 October 2011 @ 09:06 am
[River looks... sort of upset. "Petulant" would be accurate, actually. And a little confused.]

He said no. I don't understand. [She tilts her head and frowns a little more.] Why won't Simon marry me?
26 September 2011 @ 09:30 am
[River is being dragged through a village by some men, with a dirty-looking guy and a young man who strongly resembles River following behind. She's not struggling, but the man who is undoubtedly her brother is shouting at people and trying to grab for her. They take a calm, resigned River up to the stake and tie her up while the crowd murmurs with agreement - about burning the witch. There are some men approaching with lit torches.

Oh. River is going to get burned. Her brother seems to have some concerns with this, and turns to the dirty-looking guy.]
Take me instead. Take my life for hers.

[The guy gives him a condescending look.] The witch must die. God commands it. [He looks to the torch-bearers and nods. They move forwards to light the kindling.

River's brother shoves forwards and drags them away.]
NO! Get away from her! [He scuffles with the men briefly, and ends up between them and River, who is still resigned and unresisting.] She has done nothing to you! If she dies tonight, it won't be— God's will that kills her! It'll be you! Your lunacy, your— ignorance!

That's not gonna stop us, Doctor.

[... He's completely outnumbered here, by the villagers. He sees that he has no hope here, and he climbs up onto the dais beside River. She turns and grins at him, laughs a little.] Post holer. For digging holes, for posts.

[Her brother smiles sadly and wraps his arms around her. He looks out to the mob.] ... Light it.

[The men with the torches move forward to burn the two siblings.]

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21 September 2011 @ 08:34 am
[River looks better than she did last time! She looks relaxed, even if she's not smiling.]

Vriska and I are going to play pirates. But there are arrangements to be made. I made a list. [She smiles, now, and holds up said list.] See? Very orderly.

First requirement is a world. Somewhere good for pirates. An ocean with real ships. We're going to be very serious about this. Pirates are no joke, not even playing pretend pirates. Volunteer worlds? Suggestions? We promise not to destroy the ships. Badly.

Der zweite. Swords. Wooden. Bones are brittle, skin is soft and it cuts, too much of a hazard for metal, but wood is safe. We're not that delicate.

Dì sān, more crew members. Two is not enough. Pirates were not individuals. We need more for a war, teams for a battle. [Her smile returns.] Play with us? Vriska will screen you. She's very picky about pirates. Sensible. We can't have a faulty crew. You'll probably pass inspection.

That's all. Response is vital.
15 September 2011 @ 06:47 am
[River is sitting atop a high pile of cushions on a crate - her throne - and wearing a nice crown. A very nice crown. Actually, some of you might recognise it as Azula's Fire Lord crown. She is grinning a little too smugly and looking as regal as a dishevelled girl can.]

There's been a shift in power. Changes in the system of government. [She taps the crown.] I overthrew the community and I'm Queen now. It's okay, I'm a benevolent ruler. You can have cake and bread. A misquotation, but you can have them anyway. We're going to build a new society.

But it's still a monarchy and you still have to listen to me. [She smiles cheekily - but after a moment of sitting there frozen, it starts to slip, and something takes a serious turn in the mood.] Because they... There's punishment for bad little ones who won't listen or talk or jump when they say jump, [she snaps it, nearly shouts,] they'll loop pretty ropes around our brittle bones and snap, and we can't get rid of corporal punishment, oh no. No, it's too deep, too deep in the roots and if you want to take them out you have to take the whole tree - but it's all connected, if you take the tree out it's going to die and we'll, we'll all--

[She's trembling slightly. Her hands are shaking more violently. She's muttering to herself, fast and low.]

There's something, there was, [she sways to the side a little and her head turns dazedly - then she sits bolt upright and her head snaps back to the front.] Something was lost in the exchange. Conservation of energy, the law of equality, you can't get something for nothing. It was...

Medicine. I lost... There was a cure. Simon's. I can't find it. It puts the cotton back in my mouth. Is there a lost and found?
14 September 2011 @ 05:40 pm
Hey. Hello.

If someone has the time I really need a favor. The Doctor is busy looking for...

Well, he's busy and I need someone to take me to see River. I wound up with her medicine and she needs it as soon as possible. So if someone could take me to her and soon I'd really appreciate it.
04 September 2011 @ 12:55 pm
(video forever.)  
[there's a girl crouched in front of the screen showing her the community, with her hands planted on either side.] This wasn't part of the package. [she frowns and shakes the screen.] Now there's something here that doesn't belong. Walls have ears and the ducks have eyes. Anatidaephobia. Not silly if it's true. Rational is subjective.

There is no one question. Others are irrelevant. Too many relevant ones, but the singular for the next 1.63 seconds is why are the ducks watching me? Caught me too, did it? Snapped up like a fox in a trap. Xiǎoguǐ. I won't dance for you, if that's what you want from me. Too soon.

[she pauses and sits back a little, frown easing.] Huge storage houses are fun to explore. There's so much in it. So much space, so that there's not enough to fill all the space even when there's still much, and this space talks back to the stars. [she taps the screen.] I can see you all. Some people evolved and left Eden behind - no, no, it's okay, that was all very wrong, it needs to be fixed anyway, all miscalculations and errors. A funny man who used to fix everything you couldn't see when you messed it up anyway, you weren't careful enough, but he lost his funny blue box and he's all trapped up in space. Little waterbridge children who run and run but they don't go anywhere because there's nowhere left to run but space.

Everybody's in space. I'm in space too. [she gestures around her little room.] See? Space.

[the girl tilts her head expectantly.] Greetings are customary. ... Hello.
08 February 2010 @ 05:27 pm
Many worlds interpretation correct. All the same dream, experiment, lie...

Who is the man behind the curtain? Fight or flight?
21 January 2010 @ 12:11 am
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08 January 2010 @ 12:39 pm
[Locked from Excalibur]  
Well, you all know this guy, right:

River Tam and I need someone to pick us up from where we are, and take us to where he is, so we can shut him up for a bit. We have a flawless plan. Please don't ask for details, because you don't want to know.

Would anyone be willing to give us a hand with this very worthy cause?
16 December 2009 @ 02:35 am
I declare it tomorrow morning.  
Mr Excalibur's brain is in danger. Explosive narcissism could have deadly consequences. I have gathered evidence. Mr Excalibur should be removed. Do not inflate his ego or his hat. Where is the nurse?

The psychology assignment is done.
29 November 2009 @ 07:39 pm
Shhhh, don't tell the captain. I found the screen, finders keepers losers weepers.

Who are you all? The data cannot be retrieved; not in 495.34 petabytes.

Don't worry, we won't tell the feds. :)
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06 February 2009 @ 02:17 pm
[Voice Post]  
[There's a click, and then River's voice comes on. It's small, and kind of wistful, and she's speaking something that's neither English nor Chinese. For all the strange inflection and pronunciation, it sounds, generally, like she's telling a story.]

 pa' t'vka ghaHta' b yHeq vo' ta'IH Qo'Dej 'Iv je'HI eyH Daq legh Daq Hoch pItlh  'Qye'Hj 'ej wug vaj jaH Daq 'bH'e He'DQo 'ej s'Vth DoH Hoch 'bH'e puqloDpu' 'ej puqbe'pu' ja'ta' ghoS tlhej maH Daq 'bH'e c'VOq Daq 'bH'e ngem 'ej maH DIchDaq ghojmoH SoH Hoch 'bH'e Hemey vo' 'bH'e qo' tlhej 'bH'e  tlhappu' puqpu' ghaHta' b 'IH  jen'be'Hom 'ej pagh vo' chaH laH legh vegh 'bH'e Qo'Dejs  qab

 t'vka chaH  ghoSta' Daq 'bH'e c'VOq chaH w'Djaq Hoch 'mob 'ej D'aqo DoH e'Hem Daq b d'Que t'Vje qaStaHvIS b reD vo' t'Hvom iQo g'HI Dung vo'hem 'bH'e 'btHme Daq pol chaH Hoch Daq reH 'ej e'bHv 'ej 'bH'e 'IH  jen'be'Hom Hoch ram  tlhob vaD Daj  QaQ joHHom Daq Suv vegh 'bH'e  qab iQo vo' t'Hvom 'ej Q'Hlem Dung Daq Daj 'qejH 'ej HoH Hoch 'bH'e mIgh mIghtaHghach Qo'Dej

 'ej vaj 'bH'e 'IH  jen'be'Hom g'toH sl'Hem vo' wem' vaD Daj  QaQ joHHom 'ej tr'Qo Daq tu'voqa 'ach chaH tu'ta' Daj 'ej Daq p'nHem Daj chaH D'aqo Daj Daq b qab'naH chIS 'voqNeh 'qejH nuqDaq 'bH'e mIghtaHghach ta'IH Qo'Dej st'Heq 'elH'do Daq Daj qab 'ej 'stheD Daq HI'voq Daj Q'VkI' Q'VkI' Q'VkI' 'uHem ghaH  laH ghobe' st'Hoq sq'HemHI neH ghobe' wa' laH Qoy

 'jeqab Daj  QaQ joHHom tu'ta' s'hoV Daq tlhe' ghaH Daq b 'thurQl vaj ghaH laH sq'u sq'u vegh 'bH'e t'Hvom 'ej Sum Hoch 'bH'e Qo'Dej Daq 'bH'e 'd'phe 'd'qO QaH'd nuqDaq ghaH d'eHj 'bH'e 'IH  jen'be'Hom 'ej qengta' Daj DoH Daq Daj DoH Daq b Duj nuqDaq chaH laH s'ahl reH 'ej ne'QHo legh 'bH'e mIgh Qo'Dej e'bHv d'emey

[A long pause.] The end. [Then another click and the sound cuts out.]

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