01 December 2013 @ 08:32 pm
Future Reading 01 - [ Video ]  
 [ This is odd, certainly odd. Reading in the water of a scrying bowl is one thing - seeing an entire computer interface on it is certainly another. It kind of kills the occult mood and Ryuutaro would complain if not for the fact that, well, there as a computer interface on his scrying bowl and even if it was an unusual sign, it was mostly certainly a sign. A sign to sign up. Ryuutaro takes several hours until he does so, though.

When the video finally starts, it's clear to see that Ryuutaro is leaning over to look down at what records the video. He taps a closed fan against his painted lips, looking thoughtful. ]

Good afternoon. Or at least, I do assume it is afternoon for whoever is receiving this - if somebody is receiving this. It must certainly be fate to receive such a strange access on nothing less than a scrying bowl. Still, even if it is, I can not help wondering what is about.

Maybe someone will be so kind and enlighten me? It would be much appreciated. 

[ He smiles and opens the fan. His smile's a little too bright, just on the border to a strange kind of passive aggression just not enough to pinpoint it fully. ]