02 March 2011 @ 05:18 pm
Post 001 // Voice  
[Someone can be heard tapping at a keyboard. Then a pause before a young female voice speaks]

What the hell is this? Why are there ducks everywhere? I thought we grew out of those when we were four.

[More tapping at the keyboard along with a few clicks of the mouse button. Then, an annoyed puff of breath]

…And now they’re not going away. Fantastic. This is really going to help me find us work, staring at a screen full of ducks. Ducks are not going to make us famous! Although it does seem like the sort of lame thing Duke might do to try and seem “interesting”, and I know Rose was on here earlier...

[More forceful typing this time, ending with a very forceful “press” of the enter key that signifies just how annoyed she’s getting]

Ugh, this is ridiculous. Fine, you stupid piece of crap. You win. But only until I find someone who can fix this and send you back to whichever juvenile corner of the internet you came from.