02 August 2012 @ 09:25 am
( video. )  
[ shijima looks tired. she looks strangely old for her childish appearance, somehow. bitter. sad, and deeply lonely. she's also naked, apart from a blanket wrapped around herself. ]

Hello, community. I am an immortal creature. My existence is almost two centuries old. The only desire I have in this world is to die. And it seems that the community would kindly like me to know that the power that could have granted my wish is going to be lost forever before I can be released.

[ she doesn't sound upset. it's the same voice as ever, although perhaps a bit flatter. ]

Tell me how bad your day was. Maybe it has a chance of making me feel better about mine.

[ so sarcastic and scathing it burns. ]
26 June 2012 @ 07:09 am
( video. )  
What do you hate?

... Ah, perhaps that's a bit of a strong word. Dislike, if it's too much.
02 June 2012 @ 11:31 pm
( video: locked from yoite - backdated to the virus )  
[there’s the soft click of an external speaker and the hiss static. the softer sound of shifting, and the murmur of voices. boyish and not, before the image seems to clear up. as whatever it is that is recording the pair seems to spill into clarity. as what is revealed appears like a normal bedroom: sparse white walls and a neatly made bed, but the two that peer into the fractured camera are always a shock. pale hair and bright eyes, but quite simply kouichi aizawa and shijima kurookano. quite simply, enough.

but, there is a pause before either speak up. the damage to this phone(?), perhaps, has been severe. it lags. and kouichi’s posture seems unusually still as he goes to speak up. as shijima blandly sprawls out beside him. only the wild tangle of hair visible within the frame, even now.
but -- ]

[ he laughs, nonetheless. and the mood of his body seems to offset he sound. the easy way of his smile seems to unbalance it. and he goes to reach up to his hair, if a little thoughtful. as if to run his fingers through it, and what follows the path of it is seemingly ridiculous.

a rainbow. (and that seems enough to remind him of why his posture was stiff in the first place. that seems more than enough, as his fingers freeze there. remain there, as he’s speaking. stumbling, if at first: ]
It is a little strange to address the entire community, but –

[ and he is stopped as quickly as he starts. he is stopped by the decisive, claw-like motion of shijima’s hand. shooting up. grabbing the one stilled hand from the back of his neck and yanking it down. whatever she does with it is unseen, but the abrupt ow! and the quicker recoil of luminous color following his hand’s wake as he jerks it back to him decides that it is painful. decides without question that shijima will be speaking up, as kouichi silences. even if he looks a little peeved. if only temporarily. if only -- ]

Shut up, bird. Even just your presence is obnoxious today, so hold still and I'll explain the situation.

[but, even off-screen, shijima’s expression is not an unknown. as flat as always, but decidedly a little more serious: ] There's a strange child on the community who goes by the name of Yoite. He's the one who was very reluctant to speak. It's tempting to mess around with him, but we're issuing a warning to anyone who wants to. Don't. Or something very bad might end up coming upon you. That boy is very important to us and the future of this world, so be delicate with him. It's a pain to have to tread so lightly around a sensitive child, but I won't be happy if any permanent damage comes to him.

It's only something to keep in mind.

[ and even though there’s no motion to go with it (not yet), kouichi seems to wish to add something. seems to go to add something, but shijima’s fingers are already looking for the button on the phone to turn it off. have suddenly crept into the frame, as if she’s planned it (unsurprisingly), and with a few muffled sounds of protest and the grumbling of shijima about the unfortunate functionality of phones (blurred background and all) it shuts off.

flickers off. ]
21 April 2012 @ 10:10 am
( VIDEO. )  
[shijima is sitting in kouichi's house, wearing nothing but a button-up shirt - obviously one of his, because it hangs down to her knees.]

Don't you think death is a lovely thing?

[she smiles. it's the first genuine smile she's ever given the community.]

I don't think I'll be living to see tomorrow. It's finally over now. Thank you for keeping me company towards the end of my existence; my curiosity was definitely satisfied. I'm pleased to be able to say goodbye while you're all still around to hear it. That's something of a new experience for me.

( ooc | backdated to the very very beginning of the virus, so that there is less reason to suspect that it's a virus at work ♥ )
17 March 2012 @ 07:40 pm
( video )  
[ there’s the soft click of an external speaker and the hiss of static. the soft crackle of leaves and the weighing down of bows. before the pale whiteness that seems to flood the screen tapers off. before it ebbs off. like the sound of rolling rivers. and what appears, rather simply, is the familiar (clean) faces of shijima kurookano and kouichi aizawa. seemingly alive. seemingly well. no bits or pieces missing, though kouichi seems a little more pale (if at all possible). seems a touch more pale, against the dark tones the shadows of leaves cast against their hair. their skin. their clothes. (and there’s a distinct lack of inhuman brightness in their eyes. once so apparent in the recent videos. once so clear in the ruthless approaches. the sharper curve of smiles. almost – but, against the backdrop of sky and high stone walls, shijima’s usual discontented expression seems natural. kouichi’s smile seems so usual. though, really, the latter seems to have new glasses perched upon his
nose: ]
continues below: cut for length )
22 February 2012 @ 11:35 pm
( video. )  
[Shijima is in a lovely school uniform today, leaning forward in a chair with her arms stretched out over a desk, fingers curled.]

School isn't so bad, as it turns out. It's interesting enough. The people are more interesting than anything else about it, though. [she yawns widely, her back arching for a moment.] The principal is dying, and there's going to be a ninja conference here very soon, so maybe that will keep things from becoming boring. Everyone is hurried. I've never understood rushing when there's always plenty of time.

There's something else, though.

If you had an opportunity for immortality, would you take it?
21 January 2012 @ 12:58 pm
( video. )  
[the first thing you see is bright yellow eyes, because obviously someone is leaning too close to the camera - those slitted pupils might be familiar, and as she leans back, you might recognise Shijima Kurookano. the next thing you might notice is the fact that she's in Kouichi Aizawa's room, if you've seen it before. she's sitting sideways in his chair with her feet kicked up, and she's also wearing a fairly short skirt. and gravity applies here.

yeah, you can probably see her underwear. she doesn't appear to care much.

she's also chewing on a phone charger cable, and you can see the wires under the plastic she's gnawed off.]

People eat such strange things sometimes. It's really unpleasant. [she pauses to chomp on the cable again.] But I haven't seen a lot. I'd like to hear about them. Does anyone have any unusual things they like to eat? Or things that they've seen someone else eat? Just a food you like would suffice too. It's common not to know when what you like is unlikeable.

This old lady is fairly boring, herself. Weird things are just unappetising to me.

[she continues eating the charger cable.]
17 December 2011 @ 11:49 am
[there is a little girl draped over a backwards chair, community. staring at you. with her strange, bright yellow, slitted-pupil eyes. she looks... a little like Kouichi Aizawa in some way, to be honest.]

This isn't really what I wanted... [she tilts her head to the side.] Interacting with people is a pain. It feels like I'm already tired of this, somehow.

[for a long, long, long time... she just sits there and stares, head cocked.]

... I'm thinking about enrolling in a school. What kind of things does it take to fit in there?