[canon update meet virus]

[Some kind of paper is covering up the video, and Ren removes it, revealing him and Shinji in an unfamiliar house. Oddly, they don't seem to notice the community window open in the glass in front of them--they're too focused on the paper, which Shinji takes out of Ren's hands.]

It looks like a picture Yui-chan drew as a child.

Oorai Coast?

[A Monster suddenly leaps out and throws them to the floor before vanishing into a mirror upstairs--seriously, guys, how did you not see that coming?]

[It takes a minute for them to get up, since they've been dressed like this the whole time.]

Looks like it's not just our Contract Monsters that are after us.

video + canon bump

(Shinji appears less confused on the screen and more deep in thought, lost in his own thoughts. He is able to hear replies however, and seems to be talking to himself.

Oh, and he's also staring at his 'Contract' card but totally ignore that. He still has reservations about the whole Rider thing, and he's annoyed with a certain roommate of his.)

...Ren had no right to say that...you can't feel anything when someone you know dies! It'd be like me not feeling anything if he knew someone and they died in front of him. Yeah, he chose how he was gonna die but he was still our friend...even if he was a Rider.

(Shinji did feel responsible for what had happened, since he could've countered with an attack of his own or dodged out of the way. But he wasn't going to waste his life as a result of what had occurred. He had promises to keep, after all.)

But still...he's changed.

Video + Intro Of Sorts

(A video screen clicks on to show a young man with what appears to be a motorcycle helmet on his head, goggles covering his eyes and a tired expression overall on his face. The background shows that he may be in a cafe of some kind, considering that various people are moving about behind him but aren't saying much.)

...A duck? This wasn't the site I needed to get to. I was trying to find the recipe for quiche! Or was it macaroni and cheese? Or maybe-!

(Anything else he might've thought up in terms of food? Out the window, because he suddenly slips on the wet floor beneath his feet without noticing and crashes into a nearby waiter! The sounds of breaking dishes and/or mugs are heard moments later.

This is Shinji Kido, and aside from having 'accidents' from time to time he really is a good-natured person.)