10 April 2013 @ 09:38 am
( video. )  
[ what the video opens up to is a weird group. alviss is standing there and staring down a blonde kid and a metal ball with a face and a moustache. in the background is a weird bird in a cage and a very angry fairy. you're allowed to be confused, but they appear to be in the middle of a very serious argument, and the blonde kid looks kind of roughed up. ]

That's enough. I have an idea of your strength. [ alviss turns dead serious suddenly. he holds out his hand expectantly. ] Now, hand over Babbo.

[ the blonde kid is not happy. ] Don't give me that crap! Why do I have to give you Babbo?!

Because it must be destroyed.

alviss promptly beats the hell out of a young boy; cut for length  )

[ the boy collapses face-down on the ground, unconscious. alviss stares at him in silence, and he jerks in shock when babbo speaks up next - ]

A great moon... A night like this would be a fine night to die. [ babbo turns to alviss. ] I won't resist, so just destroy me! But if you lay another finger on Ginta, I'll haunt you! ... He's not my friend. He's my escort. And I don't desire to live over my escort's dead body. I'm a gentleman, after all.

[ you don't get to see alviss' reaction, or what he chooses to do with babbo. you get nothing. the video cuts out there. ]
31 March 2013 @ 09:34 pm
[Video - Backdated to earlier this morning (3/31) ]  
[The video starts up once more in the workshop. The machine is complete and Tails appears to be rather excited. There are several buttons in the front, along with a small screen. On the top are two metal electric generators. He has a piece of paper in his hands that appears to be a checklist.]

Let's see... Check, check and we're good to go. Let's get this started.

[He presses a green button and a humming noise can be heard. He takes out a mini laptop and attaches it to the machine with a USB cable. He types some things in the computer and then the words "Robot" appears on the screen of the machine.]

Alright. If this works, this should be a good start. Then I can try human.

[He unplugs the cable and sets down the mini laptop. He steps inside the machine. He presses a button inside to make a slide glass door appear and close him inside. He seems to press another button 'cause the machine starts sparking and the video feed starts getting fuzzy and static.

For a moment, the screen goes black. Then it turns back on to reveal he's not quite organic anymore. ]

Success. My transformation into a robot again is complete. Now to-

[And then black smoke starts appearing from the machine. The newly-turned robot turns to see this and the blue lights that make his "eyes" get smaller to show his surprise.]

Not good. I have to prevent a fire or put it out.

[The video then ends.]

(OOC: So he's stuck as a robot for a day. Again it's completely his fault (well Eris is part of the blame, but he should have known better. Feel free to have your character freak out over it.)
08 March 2013 @ 11:44 pm
So, ah, looks like people are acting odd again. Or maybe I'm just seeing things I'm still weirded out over that red string stuff...

Oh, speaking of people acting odd: hey, Tails - you think we can finally set Eggman back to normal? Not to be a party pooper and all, but him being nice and cuddly like that is really disturbing after awhile.

Not to mention boring.
24 February 2013 @ 03:00 pm
[Accidental Video]  
[The video starts up in Tails' room and it's clear something is not right with Tails. He's standing on his bed and at first he seems to be looking at something with determination and then he jumps and spins his tails to fly. He flies into the air, trying to grab something that only he can see. After a minute or two in the air, he lands on the ground rather clumsy-like. He starts laughing and punches the air.]

I will become the chao catcher champion yet!

[He then looks up and makes an expression of awe.] Woah, everything's so shiny now...

[Yeah... he's going to be like this for a while.]
14 February 2013 @ 11:46 am
[Guess who also has red string tied to their finger? He doesn't seem surprised either.] Well I suppose this is better than being randomly married to somebody.
27 January 2013 @ 10:59 pm
Speed Boost 2  
Hey, guys, quick question.

If the bad guy you've been fighting for the past, oh... six years now... suddenly decides he wants to give up and go straight like in the middle of some crazy idea of his, is that considered normal?

Because, that's just what happened. Eggman just upped and said he gives up.

...I'm kinda freaked out about it.

(OoC: For the record, Tails + Star Rod + Eggman - world conquest = confused Sonic)
13 January 2013 @ 09:00 pm
Speed Boost 1 - [Video]  
[Video starts up, showing off what looks like the end of another wonderful battle. Facing the back of the screen looks like... a blue hedgehog? And he's waving at whatever's hovering away quickly]

Later, Eggman! Next time, try to bring a better game! Wrecking balls get old after awhile!

[He chuckles as he turns around, finally noticing the screen.]

Huh? What's this? Heh, looks like ol' Egghead's got ducks on the brain! Sorry, can't chat - got better things to do!

[And with that, Sonic runs off... and the community chases after him. Get a good look, everyone, this is what a hedgehog looks like going at top speed. After awhile, he gets annoyed, stops and looks at the screen.]

Alright, you look like you're not gonna let me give up, are ya? What's the deal, huh?