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[ When the video pops up, Kanna jumps a little bit and her face turns a little pink. She speaks nervously for a moment. ]

Is this a special event..? Wait- Am I being recorded? [ Calm down, Kanna! Deep breath. She looks around for a moment, then she gets up and goes to the door of her room, calling out the door. ]

Onee-chan, did you do something weird with the computer?!

[ She waits for a few seconds, then when there's no response, she looks back at the computer suspiciously over her shoulder. ]

She must have left... [ Was she that engrossed in what she was doing again? ] Is this some of that "spyware" that everyone warns about?

[ The girl comes back to the computer, frowning a bit before running out of the room. The video's just of her room for a moment when she comes back with masking tape to cover up her webcam. The video is obscured, but her voice is still recording to a blank screen. ]

I'll ask Onee-chan when she gets home, but this'll have to do for now.
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[ video | virus; Who Are You Anyway?]

[Hey, have a Sasayan just sorta staring into the camera, a bit of a disgruntled look on his face.]

I can't seem to remember what I was supposed to do today, actually. It sort of slipped my mind when I woke up this morning, but it's sorta weird. I normally don't forget things in the first place. I tried calling Yoshida and Mizutani-san, but they told me to talk to Natsume-san. Thing is...I have no clue who in the world that is.

[He's rubbing the back of his head, his face twisting a bit in displeasure.] ...do you guys know who that is? I mean, I figured I'd turn to you guys, it's just...well, I honestly can't seem to wrap my mind around who this person is. All I know is me, Yoshida, and Mizutani-san always hung out together, so for this person to just randomly come in is a bit shocking.

And I know it can't be some sort of memory relapse, I don't even remember the person even talking to the rest of us at all. Apparently she's some sort of internet celebrity or something? That's what Mizutani-san told me, at least...which is why I'm asking you guys about this.

...eh, maybe I'm just thinking too hard about things. I'm sure they're just messing around with me to make me think we had one extra person. Haha, that's...a little bit messed up...
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Ciaossu! I guess this place is kind of cool after all, I've been meeting some interesting people on here.

[Hey, in case you've been wondering where this guy has been...well, he's been around, definitely. But, instead, he's yawning as he's looking directly into the camera.]

So, how've you all been? I guess I should have taken it to heart that this place gets really weird when it comes to these odd ball viruses. I've heard there's one going around too... Ah! Are you guys okay from that? Just sorta curious, since I haven't had the chance of seeing it myself.

[He's practically laughing to himself- thankful that it hasn't actually hit him of all people because wow that last one he got was just awful.] Hey, just trying to make sure none of you are completely wounded or something- well, mentally, at least. I'd really hate it if you guys lost your minds over something! [He's still saying this with a tiny grin, at least.]

...ah, also, have you ever had friends that...well, like each other, but never seem to act on it? Just curious to see if you've ever had that experience before. And if you want names then you can forget about that.

002 | accidental video

[...Summer vacation!!

We all know what that means.

That's right, the beach, everyone wants to go to the beach!! However, Natsume and Haru are attempting to call someone... but... she's still angry at them for tossing her into the water last time they went to the beach.]

Darn! She hung up on me again! That woman!

Is it because the way you suck at inviting people? If you keep calling her continuously, thinking that she'll pick up, then you're wrong! [says a very smug looking Natsume.]

Why don't you call then?!

[Natsume takes out her phone and attempts the same-] Ah! Hello? Shizuku, is that you? I'm your mochi!

[....and she hangs up immediately.....

Suddenly, Sasayan and friends come walking in, talking up a storm. He asks what's wrong with Natsume and Haru, since they both seem down, and after they respond back saying Shizuku is ignoring them, he replies with a "ahaha that's what I thought!" they were puzzled at that, but Sasayan quickly said that he came here to ask Micchan if he wanted to go river fishing. They say that Natsume and Haru should come too, along with Shizuku- but after saying that Shizuku probably won't come, Sasayan is suddenly on the phone with her.]

She said she'll go. [...but how did Sasayan...!!] I'm sorry, I have to go, I'll see you guys tomorrow-

Don't think you've won!

...Huh, why are you guys mad?
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[A bathroom mirror comes slightly into focus, a faint reflection visible. Once the steam clears, it becomes clear it's Marti, though she's full dressed and seems to only be about to brush her teeth when she notices.]


[Darkness. In community time, it seems like only a few seconds but when it turns back on, Marti is on the couch, books in her lap. Something causes her to look up. Immediately, the books drop as she moves to turn it off. ]

I'm losing to a computer. Great, just the boost I need.

[Black again. Next time, seconds later again, she appears, this time standing in front of it.]

Okay, so, I'm being stalked by a pushy computer who wants to play therapist. So, here's for the sharing and caring...

I have the cheerleader audition today. It's normal to be nervous, right? Right. People are nervous. [She begins to pace.] Especially when something as big as a scholarship is on the line. By the way, thanks again Wanda.

[A deep breath and then she stops.] So, I shared. Your turn. Any tips for a girl who's about to try out for the cheerleading for the first time at a college level?

Alcohol's not an option.

[audio] [memory lane virus]

[The audio clicks on with a crunch. Great. Butt-dialed the community.]

Hearing that said so bluntly was kind of a shock...

[It doesn’t pick up much noise, when it’s not picking up some teenager talking to himself. It sounds like someone thinking a lot, but not really saying much, and whatever they’re thinking’s kinda heavy. The kind of thoughts that make people sag their shoulders. There’s some flopping and stretching, too.]

It’s not like I’m doing this because I want to!!

[A door opens from somewhere far off-- or, you know, the other side of the roof. It seems to go unheard, though. The voice, on the other hand, doesn’t.]

cut )

[OOC: All dialogue comes pretty much directly quoted from chapters 2 + 3 of Yosuke’s official manga, scanlated here and here. Orange is Yosuke, Red is Yukiko, Purple is Saki-senpai, Black is NPC.]
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[ video | virus grab bag; touchy feely]

[Well, Sasayan is practically hunched over on top of his bed, grasping his stomach. What was going on here- did he eat something or...? Whatever the case was, he wasn't feeling too hot, and the community is catching this all the while.]

...urgh...please tell me it's over already...I don't want to be here longer...

[He tries to get up to get out of the room, but a sudden flash of pain came across his face as he falls to his knees right at the side of his bed. This was bad news- what had he done to deserve something like this in the first place? He was practically sweating due to how hot he felt. And it soon became apparent that he noticed the community recording this all the while.]

...aw man...really...? H-Hey, a-anyone over there...d-do you think you could help me out? T-This sickness is killing me and I...ugh...

[What was going on? He really did hope someone could come over and help him out...because, for some reason, he felt like he needed someone by his side... but whatever the reason was, he'll be making a motion of "come over here, please".]


[There's a close up of a teenage girl as she leans over the camera. She's wearing a well-used but ill-fitting school uniform, her hair's not the best kept either. Not that she cares as she runs a finger over what's probably the lens of the camera. A smirk is across her face.]

So, it does work after all. [She turns her head slightly, as if talking to someone out of view.] That's good. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to lie to the person you just began to serve, would it? [If there's an answer, the camera doesn't pick up on it but maybe...maybe if you focus really hard there's a faint voice answering back. Even that, though, it could be just the wind as faint as it is.]

[She laughs at whatever response she recieved.]

Don't blame me! I won fair and square. This mirror's supposed to allow a person to communicate with youkai villages, right? All I have to do is say my name, then...

[The girl straightens up her back, tilting her head slightly at the camera. The smirk is still on her face.] My name is Natsume.

[text] [translated from textspeak]

Why do they bother teaching us anything before summer? I mean, it's not like we're gonna remember anything when we get back...
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"accidental video" | 02

[Looks like things have gotten really hectic for Sasayan in the past couple of days. In fact, here's a video to illustrate what happens to him and his friends when they go shopping to build a rooster house.]

and this is what happens when you encounter your local bullies )

001 | perma text;

Helpful Advice from Golubaeser Asako

it has come to my attention that peopls have had there hearts broken lately, v-day came and went according to this community and they feel the sting of it!! i scrolled through everything and saw what hapened with those red strings!

[she thought it was quite an interesting show.]

im here to tell you that you dont have anything to worry about! this is my advice corner, comment here with your troubles and ill solve it the best i can!!

ahahaha dont be shy i wont bite at all (´・ω・`)
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01 | video

Is this how you work it? I really need some-oh, it's on! Great! It was getting frustrating after a while, but it...looks like the video on this thing is working.

[And so the face of a spikey-haired boy comes into view, his face showing signs of excitement.]

Ciaossu! Listen, there's a problem here. See, this place keeps on popping up on my computer, and I've tried several times to make it go away. But, it just won't! I really don't know what to think about it.

Anyways, it's really starting to clog up my computer by this point, and I'm wondering if there is any way to just make it go away. What is this place supposed to be, some sort of...social network site? This is all sounding way too familiar with what Natsume-san does.

...oh, right! I forgot about it. Ahem, my name is Souhei Sasahara, but my friends call me "Sasayan", so feel free to call me that. If you have any idea on how to help me, please let me know! If it doesn't go away then... [A bit of despair seemed to flash on his face at that point, quickly replaced by his usual grin.] Thanks, you've been helpful!