01 September 2012 @ 06:50 pm
[Today the community has caught Takato deep in thought as he stares at his digivice.  He begins quietly, almost singing to himself.]

Across the tears I'll find myself
While making sure, one by one
I'll become myself heading toward tomorrow.

Running toward the park you are waiting at, sharing the morning
My shoes have become tight again.

Can't I catch up to the growing me somewhere?
Only my heart is keeping time.

[I'll try to be strong.] But why are you doing that?
You asked me but It's weird, I can only respond with a smile.

There is a strong me, somewhere in my heart
It only comes out every once in a while but
You showed it to me.

You'll find me beyond the tears
While making sure, one by one
I'll become myself heading toward tomorrow.

Maybe my invisible wings grow larger too
Will I suddenly begin to understand?
Like my shoes getting tight.
Because you are smiling beyond the tears I'll definitely cross over too
Because now I'm walking carefully towards tomorrow.

[ooc: Takato is singing his image song Across the Tears.  You can see the original here.]
10 July 2012 @ 11:14 pm
[Hello DDD.  Remember this kid?  Well this time he's backing into his room while hauling a suspiciously large and heavy cardboard box.  Almost before he gets inside his room something jumps out of it and knocks him over as it rushes to explore the room.  A big, red and scaly something, that looks almost like a baby dinosaur.  

Takato hastily rushes after him as the digimon knocks things off his desk.] 

Hey don't do that Guilmon!

[[The digimon pauses and looks up at him as he speaks in a surprisingly childish voice.]


[Takato leans over as he gently scolds his new friend.  Of course said new friend has a rather clueless expression on his face.]

You've gotta stay out of trouble!  You can't keep blasting things and knocking things over.  Do you understand boy?

[The Digimon tilts his head and points at himself.]

I Guilmon?

Right! [Takato smiles fondly at Guilmon's words.] I'm Takato.


[Takato sputters.  Was Guilmon confused?  Maybe he'd never met a human before.]

I'm not a digimon!  Takato!

[And the digimon replies proudly with his understanding of their names.]


[OOC: Next part of the canon move.  Red text is Guilmon. You can see a dub version of this scene here]
06 July 2012 @ 09:49 am
 [This time the scene is Takato's bedroom at night.  He comes running into the room with barely contained excitement and drops a strange device onto the desk.  It is white and about the size of his hand, with a small glowing screen set into the center and encircled by a red band.  One side of the device has a slot that looks to be about the right size to slide a card.  

He quickly dumps a pile of cards next to it. and frantically rummages through it.]

That blue card is gone.  But... I'm sure of it!  That card did this to my card reader!  

[There is a distant flash of lightning, and Takato walks over to the window to look at the stars outside.]

If I'm right....  This is an actual digivice.  And that makes me....  [He smiles with dawning wonder.  But if this was a digivice, where was his partner?  The digivice screen had only said no data when he had checked earlier.  Slowly he turns his head and fixes his gaze on his drawing pad.  With the drawing of Guilmon still displayed on top.]

....I wonder.

[He takes the thin pad of paper and tries to slide it through the slot.  But it jams.]

Aw nuts, don't tell me I broke it.

[At that moment he hears his mother calling him for dinner, and begins to dejectedly walk through the door.  But before he can, a flash of light from behind catches his attention, and he twists around to see the digivice pulling page after page from his notebook through the scanner.  All the artwork and stats he had painstaking written over the last few days.  At last the light disappears and the device grows quiet again. 

But when Takato runs over to look, he sees the image of a red and white digital egg on the screen.]

...I have an egg? A real egg?