31 March 2012 @ 11:48 am
This is a shot in the dark, but I'm out of time and options.

Is there some universal cure for brain washing in any of the universes out there?

The victims' blood shows no traces of any unnatural chemical or an imbalance, full body scans and testings don't bring back any meaningful results. The only thing suggested by them is severe blood loss. Nothing is being injected while the blood is being taken; nothing of the sort has been found in studies on the monsters behind it, either. The change in behavior is more than becoming lethargic or unable to resist; it directs victims speech, desires, moods, and actions. If anything, when following a scripted action, they become more energetic than their bodies should physically be able to support. Orders and directions can be given following the initial bite.

I don't have high hopes.
06 October 2011 @ 04:32 pm
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29 July 2011 @ 12:06 pm
Regarding Community Downtime.  
A few other researchers including Dr. Brennan have already explained the ongoing attempt to figure out what we can about this community's workings. Thanks again to those of you who donated blood samples. I was told it was physicist Jane Foster who predicted that events like the one at the Ember Island beach party put off some predicted schedule of viruses. The reasoning behind it's all conjecture, but if it restores computers and whatever else to their usual function once enough small talk has been made, it may make sense that that kind of socialization could have an effect.

It looks like some of us were cut off from this community for a couple of days immediately after the beach party. If I could have the community's cooperation in trying to gather some data up again, I'd appreciate it. I won't be asking you to open a vein for me, this time.

1. Those of you who have been here a while, how would you compare the turn out at Ember Island to the usual events?

2. For the rest of you, I'd like to know if you were able to access the community the past few days, what you use to connect, whether there were any other problems with the device you use, as well as whether or not you were at the beach party.

I haven't seen anything suggesting a virus during the outage, but if there was something unusual, it's worth looking for a pattern.

Thanks for your time and cooperation.
11 July 2011 @ 01:31 pm
20; video; welp there goes the neighborhood; jecht 0 canon 2; backdated to before tidus's arrival  
So, you've probably been wondering where I was.

[Kefka is dangling, pinned, between three statues: one angelic diva, one devilish knight, one demonic dancer. His shirt and pants are stained dark red from a nasty-looking stab wound in his stomach. And the ground they're all on is slowly crumbling away to reveal...sky. Uh oh.]

It has been a really long few weeks so let me say to just go look it up. It's on wikipedia by now, I bet. [He sighs, then starts ticking events off on his bloody fingers.] Let's just say that I destroyed the Returners on the orders of the Empire, stole the powers of the espers thus killing them all, set a town on fire, raised a floating continent, got backstabbed by the two remaining people of the Empire [and he raises a bloody hand from his wound] one literally, killed the other one, the first one got away with her friends, destroyed the Empire, and now I'm dying. Ha! It's...not nearly so bad as everyone says. I feel more woozy than anything else, hee hee hee...and so messy....

So, community....don't worry. I'll be back. Either I will have my world restarted, a New Game, or....hee, I'll be back better than ever. A god. It'll be great. So Scrooge, Samara, Dru, Aria, Mr. E, Jezebel, you other person, don't worry...but, Ozaki....

[Behind him, floating, a huge creature rises. It booms:]

Not so fast, ya fuckin' clown! Yer not gonna hurt Terra again!

[Kefka turns as well as he can, disbelief written all over his face.] How did you even get here? That doesn't even make sense!

Don't matter!

[The creature opens it's mouth and blasts him, the statues, and the ground. When the energy dissipates, nothing is left--]

[Wait, no, there's a...thing...the camera must have been caught in the blast, since the film is starting to blur. Whatever it is has great flapping wings in white and black and it's fast, spinning around the creature and chipping off parts with bright bursts of energy.]

[And the winged thing glows, glows, glows brighter and brighter and starts burning away the other creature, the sky, and the camera starts to crackle, fizz, until it breaks with a crash, leaving one image in its wake:]

not icly cut; the world burns )

[ooc: canon move! Kefka's become a god, the world has been transformed, and Jecht-the-space-whale's attack didn't stop anything, unfortunately. Which punted Jecht back to the beginning of his canon. Kefka's going to be MIA for the next few weeks since his book broke. No replies.]

[...and "mr. e" is supposed to be Envy, since Kefka's trying to help him without Greed knowing. :9 'The other person' is Grace. Italics are Jecht-Sin, normal is Kefka.]
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[Text] (I promise that this makes more sense than it appears to.)