13 February 2013 @ 12:49 pm
†011. question  
What is the extent of kindness?
12 January 2013 @ 08:06 pm
† 010 ; permatext ]  
What is something that you wish to accomplish?
28 November 2012 @ 11:24 am
thief strikes again  
Missing: Rosary

Any information, please inform [insert cell phone number here]

[There are posters around campus as well as the post online.]
08 October 2012 @ 02:26 pm
†008. accidental video  
[It's a little fuzzy and off angle; you can see Yuca's face and the back of a blonde head.]

That book is just a picture book. Is that okay? The box on the other side should have a variety of books.

Huh?? I-it's fine!

It's okay. Rain can't read. [A young woman's voice, starts to fade as she walks away.] Isn't it weird? He's already 13. No matter how much we teach him, he still can't read or write.

[Yuca reaches into a pile behind him and pulls out another book It's a pornographic magazine.]
NSFW Image )
24 August 2012 @ 09:16 pm
†007. permahandwritten  
Explain death. Symbolical, mythological, philosophical, theoretical. Rites or customs pertaining to the deceased.

...personal experience.
03 August 2012 @ 07:41 pm
† 006. video. virus. warning for implied death (not yuca)  
[a fist hits metal close enough to shake the feed, settling to show the sharp face of a much older Yuca. he's clearly upset, teeth gritted and shoulders shaking in controlled anger. red eyes are intent on something off screen.

the monotone of a heart monitor can he heard, conjuring images of a flat-line to those of the modern age. he'd attempted to create his salvation, a venerable monster, but it had failed. his friend, lost. his chance, gone. who else would end this world for him?]

The dream closes, and continues. [too softly said, a mere murmur. apathy settles in like a shutter closing. whatever care he held for this world has gone with that last breath. his heartbeats without reason.

his shoulders loosen. his jaw unclenches. his head turns sharply to the feed, eyes staring directly at you, wide and unfocused.]

Do you fear death?
06 July 2012 @ 03:18 pm
†005. handwritten always  
I have accumulated a number of books over my time at the university that the staff was kind enough to pack for my relocation; picture books, fiction, biographies—an eclectic variety, totaling more than I had anticipated. I wonder if they added from the library itself. Librarians will do anything to insure the safety of their collection; knowledge must be preserved.

I came across a collection of fairy tales from the north while packing. One struck me: a man falls asleep in the woods and wakes forty years in the future, avoiding war and likely death. His family is dead or gone, and his town has changed beyond recognition. It does not say if he dreamed of gunshots and battle or the farming he left behind.

Unkind fate or good fortune? I wonder: what if it had happened to you?
07 June 2012 @ 08:59 pm
†004. voice;  
[The noise of a crowd, too many to pick out any one voice, rising and falling in pitch like the tide. Twenty seconds pass until something louder than them draws their attention, and a hush falls. Rumbling in the background. A hissing whine, higher than a tea kettle, and then: cement bursting, tile crumbling, wood blistering and screams.

To those who know, it sounds like war. Thirty seconds total; feed cuts mid-explosion.]

((OOC: Yuca's school has just been attacked. Replies are dated five hours later.))
22 April 2012 @ 12:09 am
†003. video | what is to come virus  
A young man lays next to another, philosphical words are exchanged, most importantly: )

I... love people.

[The blond man closes his eyes and relaxes further into the flowers. Yuca listens.]

I love you, Yuca. And Freya. You two... are my gods.

[Yuca stares intently down at him, boring into his soul. The video cuts out.]

((OOC: Teal deer alert! This is canon and can be found in manga format here, pages 19 and 20. Yuca is an eleven year old kid with no idea who that other person is. Enjoy!))
17 July 2010 @ 09:21 pm
[Backed to the first day of the virus | Video]  
[Low quality video. Black and white. The lighting is poor, and there is no sound. A man is standing over a much smaller child; his body language is aggressive. He seems to be screaming something at the child, who is not cowering but rather meeting the eyes of his accoster. The child, Ys, drops whatever he is holding what he has been holding. His lips move, just barely.

In a sudden violent motion, the man lunges forward and grabs the child by the throat in a crushing grip. Ys, violent Ys, does not resist; in fact, he is smiling, as much as Ys has ever smiled for anyone. The man begins to cry. This entire situation screams of desperation.

And as suddenly as he had initiated the contact, the man lets go, turning to look at some point off camera. There is a drastic change in his demeanor; the desperation fades. He turns and runs away without a second glance backward, leaving Ys standing in the dark on his own.

The video goes to stactic, and plays for a few seconds before it ends.]

((Regression Virius+What is to Come Virus. Rewind 600 years and meet Yuca Collabel, the priest come bio-scientist that was Ys Cordelan's last life. He a) is a teenager; b) is known to charm; c) has even less of a conscience than his current life.))

The actual manga pages, for easier viewing pleasure. )
25 June 2010 @ 08:36 pm
[anonymous; IP address untraceable]  
...it won't go away.

How would you keep someone out of your world?
05 June 2010 @ 04:12 pm
[because Fuu is the biggest idiot of them all.]  
I am requesting a world hop home on behalf of [livejournal.com profile] phoenix_temple. She is in no condition to do so herself.

((Since Ys came back, Fuu decided to visit. Unfortunately, she overstayed her welcome.))
04 June 2010 @ 01:23 pm
[Not-Quite-Accidental Video Post]  
[Ys is using a scalpel to slice through a portion of someone’s arm that is, fortunately, off screen. You can tell it’s an arm because the hand bumping into his stomach as he leans against the metal table. He is in a black suit and red tie; despite the blood covering the scalpel, seen as he wipes his bangs out of his face, there is not a speck on him.]

A year… [muttered to himself, but clear enough for the camera to pick up.] It has been a year.

[His eyes darken, and there is the sound of metal on metal as he puts the scalpel down off screen. When his head comes up, he smiles, looking right into the camera.] Hello, again, community. Looks like you found me after all this time.

Everyone seems to be doing so well. I wonder, did anyone miss me? [A widening of his smile into a grin, flashing his teeth.] I sure did miss all of you.

((All replies video forever.))
26 January 2010 @ 02:53 am

This website appears to grant access to areas of the web I have not previously been able to visit. Is there an explanation for this phenomenon?

And it seems I am using an account that previously belonged to a different user. I hope there is no problem with this? I do not know why I was able to log into it in the first place, since I do not recall having signed up for these forums before. Maybe there is some kind of explanation for this also?

Ah... please call me Kite. Nice to meet you.

This place appears... alive. Intelligent. Almost like our world. Given the nature of this place, it is not impossible for this message to make it through intelligibly...
Who is this? It is not Aura. Alike in data structure but not in behaviour. I do not understand...

((strikes hackable with mad skills. And no, he's not going to remember you all. Yet.))
19 December 2009 @ 09:25 pm
[Video Post/Open RL]  
[Ys is walking down an empty hallway. He is minding his own business-

and then there is the soft padding of something very large and deadly behind him. Mr. Xaxus's lovely little cat Besta is actually a GIANT FREAKING LIGER sneaking up on an unsuspecting student.

The kid doesn't notice; he's still walking. Besta readies himself for a pounce, and Ys turns to look over his shoulder, face disolving in shock, as the 1000 lb. beast flies at him-

end video.]

((YS IS OKAY. Xanxus is his father in this AU; Besta knows him and likes him. Feel free to have your characters WTFing about a giant liger cuddling up to a kid.))
09 December 2009 @ 11:05 pm
hey the kid's talking to you; better listen up!  
A worthless man diggeth up evil: and in his lips, there is a scorching fire.

The human life is so fleeting and volatile...to choose such frivolities as ego and pride as a stasis for being...

What fools.

(([Proverbs 16:27] Well, he was a priest... In response to Adachi->Birkin->?? Kind of maybe for Fuu... Quoting scripture again in three, two...))
04 December 2009 @ 09:44 pm
[accidental video post]  
[The image flickers on; a dark room with a wall of monitors to the right and a towering window to the left. The monitors are lit, static filled, but the windows are dark with night. A boy sits in a chair. There's a PDA in his hands; they are shaking.]

[He keeps still for a minute, two, staring at his hands. Behind him, the monitors flicker through knows and shapes and bits of footage. If one pays attention, it can be seen that they are faces from the community, chunks of text from posts, ISP numbers; filters and fragments. Nothing else.]

[As if waking from a trance, the boy jolts. Shoulders tensing, he begins to rapidly type. The content of the monitors moves rapidly under his instructions; an entire network, orchestrated by his hands. One screen freezes, then another, until all of them read:]


[The boy's shoulders begin to shake, jarring spasms, and he can't control his hands anymore. He raises the PDA over his head, and throws it, hard. It clattered to the floor with a sharp sound. His eyes flash red in the gloom as his gaze settles accusingly on the camera. He looks so hurt, so angry; like he's about to cry.]

[The last thing seen is his tragic expression, and the screen fades to black...]

((OKAY SO drops have IC consequences. Ys tries to contact Xanxus, and he can't. So he checks all the community systems and finds out that...Kite is gone, too. Deleted. ICly he had a copy of the data which is, well, corrupted the point of deletion.))
17 September 2009 @ 10:55 pm
[Unintentional Video Post]  
[The camera clicks on to show the backs of two people. They're pretty close; you can hear what they're saying.]

"Give me your hand." [A girl with black hair offers hers to the much shorter boy. The boy looks up at her, and you can tell it is Ys. He looks peaceful, and joins his hand with hers.]

"...you're late." [To anyone who knows him, you've heard him use that tone of voice before. Light. Teasing.]

[Death is kind of smiling. Warm. Gentle.] "Sorry."

[A flash and there is static; the screen returns to show Ys' body slumped on the floor, Death nowhere in sight.

A few seconds pass, and Death reappears. She looks disapprovingly at the camera, shakes her head, and reaches out to turn it off.]

((Kite made a deal with Death; in exchange for his powers, she would send Ys to the afterlife. YS IS NOT DEAD. Just in a coma, because Death is considerate and doesn't go around changing the laws of other worlds. Transcribed from the
Action Spam here. There will be no replies from Ys.))

09 September 2009 @ 06:54 pm
[Failed!Lock to Hikaru | Backdated to last night]  
Hey, Hikaru! Can we go visit Fuu?
23 August 2009 @ 02:40 pm
[Unintentional Video Post]  
[The screen flickers on to show a modern looking dining room/kitchen with an island between the two. You can see the counter and sink behind the island, and that there is a cake on the counter.]

[A door opens. There's a vague murmur of voice; one can tell it is an excited child, but it's too far away to pick out the words. The door closes, and a woman's voice can be heard coming closer. Barely, you can make out her words.]

"...glad you had fun. You've been doing very well. Mother's proud of you."

[Foot steps, now, and the child's reply:] "Thanks mom."

[The woman comes on screen first, into the kitchen. Comments:] "Looks like someone left a surprise." [For a moment the child's head blocks part of the camera. He moves forward, stepping around the island, to stare at the cake.]

"Must be from Eury." [He glared at it, knowing it wasn't.]

[The woman frowned, leaning back against the counter. She watches as the child picks up the cake. He carries it to the trash can and dumps it in, face blank. He turns to the woman and says with a smile:] "You don't want to eat that kind of stuff. It's not good for you. Right mom?"

[Feed end.]

((Fuu sent cake. Ys lets her know it isn't appreciated. Discuss.))