18 August 2013 @ 01:47 pm
[ video ]  
[ unlike most posts going up on the network today, "Alviss" doesn't seem much different, at first. somewhat uncomfortable, perhaps. annoyed, definitely. but not so different. ]

This was not what I expected upon waking up this morning. [ a short sigh. ] Community, this is Arturia Pendragon, also known by the class name Saber, speaking. It would seem that the latest virus has also struck myself and Alviss. [ frooooown. ] I must admit, it is... somewhat irritating, suddenly being trapped in another's body.

In any case, I have one or two messages. First of all, Yu, if you see this, I am fine. Please care for Alviss as long as he is with you. If this virus is like the rest, it should not last longer than a few days.

Secondly... Alviss, could you get in contact with me as soon as possible? There are some things you should know about the abilities you currently possess, as well as your current situation. I have some questions for you, as well.

Thirdly... do we have a comprehensive list of whom has swapped with whom? This situation may be far easier to manage if that becomes the case. Thank you for your time.
15 July 2013 @ 07:26 pm
[video] ⚡ your affection  
[Narukami is nowhere in sight today. Really.]

[What you do see is Teddie getting off a bus only to be confronted by Yukiko, Yosuke, Chie, Kanji, Rise, and Nanako. Of course it's strange that he's out here in the full costume, and Yosuke immediately calls him out on it.]

Hey, Teddie! What are you doing here?!

[Teddie(?) waves his arms in silent panic under six suspicious stares. (Well, five and one confused Nanako.) Kanji and Nanako were the next to question things:]

Huh? Why aren't you saying anything?

What a weird bear.

[Finally Teddie(?) spoke in a strained and halting voice.]

I-I'm not a suspicious...bear...

[The group talks amongst themselves for a moment or two about how strange it is for Teddie to act like this, Yosuke pointing out he's not rolling around as per usual. ...which prompts the bear-shaped mascot to immediately fall over and flop around rather like a dying fish. He rocks back and forth for a moment, wobbling back to his feet, and...]

[...immediately bolts off at top speed in a cloud of dust.]
15 July 2013 @ 11:14 pm
[ video ]  
[ you know what's really cute? a tiny girl with pigtails dressed in a magical girl detective outfit.

you know what's even cuter? the King of Knights dressed in a near-identical outfit - or at the very least, the hat and cape - right next to her.

the two seem to be hiding behind a wall; it's not clear what they're saying to each other, but Saber seems rather put out by the clothing arrangements, and the little girl seems to be insisting that they are completely necessary. after a moment, Saber seems to (reluctantly) agree. a few moments more of Saber talking, and Nanako nods enthusiastically before darting off over to the other end of the wall, light-up toy held out in front of her.

Saber is left alone to peer out intently around the corner of the wall, eyes narrowed in the manner of someone deliberately watching something in particular.

after a few minutes of this, she suddenly moves back from the wall and dives into the nearest bush without warning.

uh. make of this eccentric behaviour what you will, community...? ]
09 June 2013 @ 12:08 pm
[video] ⚡ smile  
Has anyone else ever had to explain really strange things to people not on the community?

I've had to make excuses for why a four-eyed cat and an ancient knight are living in my house. I'm really not sure how I managed it.

[A good Expression stat goes a long way.]
17 March 2013 @ 10:31 pm
[ text | locked from kotomine and archer | dated before gil's post ]  
I do not wish to be the bearer of ill news, but I fear that I will not have much time left to speak with you, community. My time tonight has been spent pursuing Rider and his Master, as I believed them to have kidnapped Irisviel. But I was mistaken. The true culprit had disguised themselves with some form of illusion, and escaped my sight. Whether it was Berserker, or perhaps even Archer...

... in any case, that detail is irrelevant to this post. I merely wished to say that since the war is fast drawing to its close, I think this may be the last time I speak with you all. I do not know what will transpire in the coming days, or how it will ultimately end. There has been much that has thrown my heart into doubt recently. But it has been a true honour knowing those I have spoken to here, and for your company I thank you.

If I may leave you all with some parting advice... please exercise great caution when having any dealings with either Archer or Father Kirei Kotomine. They are both highly dangerous men, and not simply because of their prowess in their respective martial disciplines. It would greatly vex me if any of you were to fall foul of either of them.

That is all, I believe. Thank you for your attention.
12 March 2013 @ 12:47 pm
[video] ⚡ shin mitsuo tensei  
[ooc: i am so sorry this is so unbelievably long.]

lost destiny, far outcry )

[Hours later, a simple text message was posted to the community from Narukami's computer:]

Thank you.|
01 March 2013 @ 05:08 pm
[video] ⚡ welcome to the limousine  
reach out to the truth of my life )

[Another view of this limousine...]

['Welcome to the Velvet Room', the man sitting across from the video's perspective says. He seems a little suspicious, but his voice and demeanor aren't hostile in the least.]

With your new bond, you have awoken to the Star Arcana. [The woman--Margaret--speaks, and as she does a glowing card floats down and disappears into the book on her lap.]

Now then, your story is drawing towards its climax. [Igor spoke again, hardly moving as he did.] As such, I imagine several surprises are lying in wait for you.

Your fate is at a crossroads. [Margaret continued, pensive and quiet.] If you fail to solve the mystery, your future may close before you. [She turned enough to look towards the camera--towards Narukami, in reality. Her tone grew faintly ominous, taking on a sense of warning.] No matter how thick the fog may appear, there is but one truth...Defeat is not the only thing that can bring your story to an end. You would do best to remember that.

[With those words of warning, the video faded to black.]
01 March 2013 @ 01:55 pm
[canon update] [voice] [yes you heard me] [locked from team saber and team lancer(s)]  
[Those of you who have spoken to Kirei in person before may have noted that he sounds very flat and monotone.


He doesn't now.]

If a superior made a mistake, would it be your duty to correct them? Or would you let them flounder in their own errors? I suppose it would depend on how severe the error is, if nothing else. Some mistakes are just small missteps in judgment, after all. It's almost impossible to know everything all at once.

But there are some mistakes that can only be made once. Ones so large that they can't be taken back. You become stuck upon a path, winding outward from the consequences of your actions. Inevitably, those consequences must come back to us.

If the person above you made a mistake of that magnitude...


Would you be one of those consequences?

[Casually, in the background:]

It appears that Kotomine Kirei is rather long-winded, today.

(OOC: gold = gilgamesh. Also, people trying to worldhop into fate/zero verse will now find it worldlocked! nobody's coming in or out. We runnin' this!)
18 February 2013 @ 11:46 pm
Everybody's got viruses and anon posts and stuff and that's great BUT MY ARM'S STILL BROKE FROM THAT STUPID SKI TRIP


18 December 2012 @ 09:11 pm
[video] ⚡ snow queen  

[In the backyard of the Dojima household (and presumably on the streets of Inaba) are a number of malformed and very angry snowmen. No problem, he'll just summon Pyro Jack and--]

[Oh wait we're not in the goddamn TV world. Time to do this the hard way.]

[Hanamura did eventually get him that imitation katana, thankfully; the teenager took it in hand and lunged forward in a manner seemingly copied from Izanagi. His first few swings were clumsy but solid, serving their purpose well enough. Narukami seemed to learn quickly, favoring accuracy over strength with his next few strikes.]

[Off to the left, two or three snowmen repaired themselves and attacked his unguarded side; in a move he'd no doubt learned from Ezio, the teenager sprung up and perched on the fence around the backyard just out of reach. And for some odd reason...he reached into his coat pocket and took out a pair of glasses, putting them on with an expression that suggested his patience for this game had run its course.]

[One inexperienced Persona-user without his Persona and with a sword against mobs of killer snowmen?]

[Eh. No problem.]
Current Music: Snow Queen
03 December 2012 @ 12:46 pm
[video] ⚡ quelorie magic!  

[That is all.]

[If not for the brief glimpse at the end, you would be forgiven for thinking Yukiko and Chie killed them both.]
02 November 2012 @ 07:52 pm
[video] ⚡ turned into bright expectation  
[Narukami seemed to be alone in a forest as the recording began, wearing a blue Yasogami High track jacket. He looked up at a few trees, as if evaluating them for something. Apparently lost in thought, he stared with the usual deadpan expression for a minute or two. He lowered his gaze to make sure no one was looking, then turned and walked out of frame.]

[A moment's silence followed that, and for just a second it might have seemed like that was that.]

[Then Narukami's intention became clear, even if his purpose wasn't--the teenager bolted back into frame, sprinting back to one of the trees and launching himself up to grab the nearest branch, pulling himself onto it and jumping to the next tree over in some form of slightly clumsy amateur parkour.]

[He stopped after a minute more of that, sitting on a branch notably higher and a good distance from his starting point and looking satisfied with himself. Practice makes perfect, right?]
20 September 2012 @ 03:37 pm
[video] ⚡ time for true revelation  
[When the video began, the first thing to be heard was the deafening hum and crackle of a lot of electricity. Whatever was going on was obscured by a blinding light--when that faded, the first image broadcast was of Narukami and Izanagi withstanding a devastating assault; he'd thrown himself and his Persona between the blond teenager and his Shadow without a second thought.]

[Narukami faltered and fell to his knees, looking up at the Shadow with a strangely resigned look as it began charging another attack. Not for the first time, the full realization that all of them were risking their lives struck with full force. If he couldn't come up with something fast...]

[But something about him changed in no more time than it would take someone to blink. As he rose to his feet, a card with the symbol of the High Priestess descended from thin air. Narukami swept his hand across it to reveal a second, that of the Magician. There was a blinding surge of light and energy, and as he raised both arms the ground shook from the power he was preparing to unleash. At a thought, the cards collided with the sound of shattering glass and the video momentarily whited out again.]

[When the light began to fade, there was a massive eight-headed serpent in silhouette towering over the teenage leader that had called it forth from his own heart.]

[Between the rushing wind, crackling lightning, and the tremors caused by the clash of the two, the video suddenly cut out shortly after that.]
22 August 2012 @ 05:21 pm
[video] ⚡ YAKETY SAX, YO  
[Something a little different is coming from Narukami today--in fact, the first two thirds of this post don't even have him in it. Weird, isn't it?]

[Featuring the usual company, today's broadcast is a little...strange. Featuring two minutes of hijinks deserving of the Mission Impossible theme and one that requires Yakety Sax.]

[A day in the life of the Investigation Team, folks.]

[ooc: Joint post with Yosuke because reasons. Expect tags from both, whoop whoop]
09 August 2012 @ 11:21 pm
[video] ⚡ the path is open  
[Narukami seems different today as he turns on his laptop--it's hard to tell, but it's there. Though his expression is steady and calm as ever, there is a note of uncertainty to it. It seems as though something must be tugging at the back of his mind.]

...Do you think...the friends you meet in your lifetime help to define who you are? Or is that something that you can only do on your own?

Maybe I shouldn't be worrying about this now. We've got more important things to think about at this point. I'll just end up distracting myself, and I don't think I can afford to do that.
21 June 2012 @ 05:54 pm
[video; locked from chie + yukiko] ⚡ power of the heart  
It's starting to sound like the number of Personas I have depends on the people I talk to. Margaret keeps assigning them specific cards--tarot arcana, I think. Hanamura's the Magician, Satonaka's the Chariot, Ebi was the Moon, Ichijo was Strength...I think that's what she said.

[Beat. That's probably the most you've ever heard him say at once, ducklings.]

I still only have three Personas that I know of, but...that's more than I started with.

What do you think about it?

13 June 2012 @ 04:42 pm
[video; locked from chie+yukiko] ⚡ dream melody  
[Today, Narukami was at a table in a slightly crowded outdoor food court, with Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, and Nanako.]

Really, you know how to cook? [Yukiko smiled at Nanako as she asked, sounding honestly impressed. But Nanako simply shook her head and looked to Narukami...and the others followed suit almost in disbelief. The gray-eyed teenager simply looked up as if he'd just noticed all attention having shifted to him.]

So what, are you a great cook or something?

I just do it for fun. [Calm and unfazed as ever.]

Ooooh, so you're the family cook? Pretty impressive, 'oniichan'.

[Nanako pauses at Chie's playfully teasing remark, looking to Narukami with something like realization and muttering the last word mostly under her breath.]

Really, that's pretty cool. You've got Satonaka beat hands down.

[This only served to annoy Chie--as most things Yosuke did seemed to--and she immediately challenged Yosuke to a cook-off.]

Fine, Nanako can be our judge. I bet we'll make something that ranks up their with your mom's cooking!

[Narukami stopped cold at that, immediately looking to his little cousin with concern on his face. It was slightly less rare for his usual steady look to change lately, but that was a new one. But other than Nanako herself? He was the only one at the table who knew how that could possibly upset her.]

I don't have a mom. She died in an accident. [Narukami blinked at that once or twice--she didn't sound upset or even unhappy. Her tone was stating a fact and calmly correcting Yosuke's mistake. But no matter her tone, the atmosphere at the table took a sharp turn into gloomy.]

R-really? I'm so sorry.

It's okay! [She smiled brightly, and though Narukami was watching her intently to see if it was just Nanako trying to spare Yosuke's feelings...no, it was genuine. With her, as far as he knew there was really never anything but honesty.] Even if I don't have a mom, I have Dad with me. And...now a big brother, too.

[...wait, what? Narukami was snapped out of his thoughts at that, pausing to process what she said. Her...brother? That didn't seem right to him somehow. Sure, he cared about his uncle and cousin, but her brother? He was just a visiting family member from the city, and once the year was over, the Dojima household would be back to just two.]

And I'm having a lot of fun today! I love Junes!

[The mood instantly brightened, the others declaring they'd play with Nanako whenever she wanted. Narukami remained silent and outwardly, had barely reacted at all. Could he really call himself close family when this was just a temporary thing?]

[Even if it wouldn't last forever...maybe it was alright. While the others talked animatedly in light tones with Nanako, the only reaction Narukami had was a slight and hardly noticeable smile.]
Current Music: Junes Theme
15 May 2012 @ 11:44 am
[video] ⚡ heartbeat, heartbreak  
[For some strange reason, the community decides to record Narukami from...a photo booth. Yes, really. More than that, he appears to be with a girl. Who is all over him.]

C'mon, let's kiss!


It's okay, nobody's watching~ [Oh, how wrong you are.] We are kinda like lovers, you know.



N-no, I can't--I can't!

[Congratulations, community. You have finally seen Yu Narukami change expression. He goes from that to a wide range of 'get me the everloving hell out of here' as the girl he's with is damned determined to try and kiss him. He's an agile little bastard given the small space, you have to give him a little credit.]

[Later on, he'll be posting again, from his laptop and with his head firmly planted on his desk.]

No amount of Social Links are worth this. Margaret can do it herself if she wants them so badly.
24 April 2012 @ 11:14 am
[Video] Foward-dated to after Roze's rescue  
[The video starts up with what at first appears to be Yu looking rather annoyed and uncomfortable, but it's really Tails in his body. Heck, the fact that his collar is popped up should be a clue to those who play attention.]

I was wondering when this would happen. It seems it took the community this long to finally to have me stuck in someone else's body.

[He shifts in his seat uncomfortably.] I understand humans need more clothes to keep warm in colder temperatures, but wearing this much clothes are really uncomfortable.

[He would take the jacket on the uniform off, but he had a feeling that wouldn't be a good idea. Especially since he's never attended a japanese school. Heck, aside from Hogwarts, he's never gone to school.]

Any advice on dealing with someone else's body?

(OOC: Sorry if it's too soon, but I figured enough time passed to start this one. I can start a RL on Roze's rescue if people want it, but otherwise just assume Tails, Sailor Jupiter, and Shuten rescued Roze from Greed.)
20 April 2012 @ 10:30 am
[video] ⚡ aria of the soul  
[Dream virus, folks! And you know what that means? You get to see the first thirty-five seconds of this video.]

[And here he thought he was crazy.]

[His response comes not too long after, Narukami yawning before saying:]

...I told you so.