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[The video feed opens to a kitchen- a somewhat futuristic kitchen, but definitely a kitchen. It is currently kind of a mess, what with knives hovering in the air and the door of the fridge hanging on only one of it's hinges- and in the middle of this mess stands Elizabeta in her usual green dress and apron, armed with an iron skillet, vigilantly fighting off all those supposedly harmless everyday objects that seem to be after her life- in fact there might be a dent or two in the fridge door where she fended it off with the handle of her pan. She's breathing a little heavily, but her focus on the screen gives away that this video isn't quite accidental.]

So... community. This has been going on for days, and it had better be a damned virus- [One of the knives darts at her and she smack it away, which results in the blade being stuck in the wall]

-but I'm seriously tired of not being able to do much of anything here without stuff trying to kill me.

So I'd like to ask for someone to get me out of here!

Thanks guys,
Liz out.

[feed ends.]

((Her viruses are crossover AU (Cowboy Bebop) and attack of inanimate objects. Have at it guys!))

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