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[Failed lock from Dee | Video]

[You can see Ryo, looking uncomfortable. When he speaks his voice is low, as if he doesn't want anybody to hear him.]

I've been dating someone for a bit now and...I'm not all sure about what [The brown haired man finally ends, looking mortified. he feels ridiculous asking this to the comm.]

I could ask Diana, but that didn't end well the last time I needed her advice for something personal .[A blush spreads over Ryo's face at the memory.] So..ehm..ejem...what do you usually do with your partner?

I'm a horrible person.

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You partner? What kind of partner is it? Is it a work partner?

Re: nah, you are not XD

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More personel...?

Oh! Does your partner get to act like a mommy now?

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Oh, so you are like a mommy and daddy.

Then you should have dinner and walks together! And watch TV and go on drives and stuff like that.


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What do ya mean.. do?

voice; /tags from work out of impatience

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Ohhh.. s'been more than a few years for me too, mate. Fact, not sure I've ever been on a proper-- huh. Anyway, here movies are still popular for that sorta thing. Minigolf?

voice; ffffinally home ♥!!

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You've been datin' this chit how long you say? [he raises an eyebrow at this Ryo, but he stalks his girlfriends, so fff ignore him]

Yeah, enjoy the simple things huh? Before the apocalypse comes and all.


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Do you mean like what you do on dates?

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Neither do I, I'm afraid. It's been a while. Find an activity you both like, I suppose?

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No, I don't think that's really a date-ish thing. What's a type of food you both like?
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Grope around 'till you find somethin' she likes. Or, in your case, I guess it'd be somethin' he likes.

The groin's generally a winning spot.
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Oh, dry humping, huh? You can do it with yer clothes on, but they're probably gonna get stained...
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Hard to get too close and personal with just a little heavy petting and hand shit. Especially if you're not goin' beneath the clothes.

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Why not Diana? What'd she say, the last time you went to talk to her?

[Completely disregarding the fact that this was supposed to be locked from him]

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Because I can? Y'know, Ryo, if you meant to lock this from me, it really didn't work.

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[He shrugs] So, Ryo...what would you like to do with me? Because you know. I'd be up for anything, as long as it's with you...