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[Ryo is apparently hopping on the anon bandwagon. But while the community's taken over his computer, he might as well make the best of it, right?]

It's only natural to care about the people you work a lot with, isn't it?

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Depends. How much do you care about them?

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I guess it depends. Do you mean care like 'I would trust them with my life' kind of bond, or is it more like 'I want more than a coworker relationship with them'?

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I suppose. I mean, depends on the job, really. And what kind of closeness you're looking for.

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The fact that you're asking means you're unsure. Does someone at work make you feel uncomfortable?

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Confused? About why you care so much?

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That all depends. On if your care is... friendly. Or something more.

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It didn't seem like a broad question to me. It seemed very much like... a personal question.

You're under the guise of anonymity, what's the worst that could happen?

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Well, go on. Don't be shy. Introspect away. I find it helps to bounce things off of people, even if they're strangers.

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I'm not sure. Everyone is different, you can form good bonds with co-workers like you could at school, I think.

Ashiwara-san is my friend, I think. Maybe.

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Yes, we are both pros now that I became one too. He's my father's student and I've known him since I was three or four.

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We're Go professionals. It's my first year, and I'm on a winning streak. I'm just glad I can still get my school work done.

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Everyone is required by law to finish middle school.

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Hm. Depends on what you mean when you say "care about".

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Well, then yeah. Unless you're a heartless bastard, you should care about them at least a little. I mean, I'm not saying you should fall in love with all of them... But if you do, then that's cool too.

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Well...yeah. I'm kinda head over heels for a guy I work with at the moment. It'd be kinda hypocritical for me to tell you that that sorta thing weren't okay, y'know?

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No, man. You like who you like. It's not like you've got all that much conscious decision over who you fall for, y'know?