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What do you judge people on the most?
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Their actions, of course, what else can one judge them on?

Although when it comes to prospective knights their swordsmanship and loyalty.
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Maybe...a bit...Or I used to, I've discovered how badly things can go wrong when you do that, so I try to reserve my judgement these days.

Take my manservant or my sister
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You've had some bad experiences too I take it?
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(OOC: You probably know this, but fun fact Gellert's actor played Arthur in 'Camelot' LMAO)

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I see.

I look a lot like a prince...or I did rather..so I know how that is. The feeling that people are judging you merely for your title.

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I meant...love potions, are they...what are they? How can love be in a potion?
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You mean...like a spell? Magic?

[Dangerous subject this...]
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[There's a long pause, before finally...]

You have magic where you are? You use it?