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Facing Up To The Fact

Hey. Community.

I'm going back home again. This time, Tsukasa's arrived in my homeworld.

I know everyone's worried, so I'll keep this short: I'm going to save my brother, and kill Fourteen.

Anyone who wants to kill a monster masquerading as a man is welcome to join me.

This is my only offer.

Make it count.
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Are you sure it's a good idea?
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He can't be reasoned with, can he?
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I don't know what I can say. Of corpse I don't approve of actually killing people, but if it makes things better...
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I'm coming along, of course.
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Obviously. After the last time you went there, there was no way I would allow you to go without me. Someone needs to make sure you don't do anything stupid, right?
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There's a fine line between 'ridiculous' and 'stupid'. I'm going to make sure you don't cross from the former into the latter.
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[It's a good thing that Yuri is very patient. You pretty much have to be to survive Erika. She can handle a stubborn boyfriend.]

Alright. I'll make sure that I'm ready as well. I'll be waiting.
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I might as well, since Lamba!mun hasn't called back yet

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[What's this? A monster has kidnapped someone, and Kaitou needs help fighting him? Kirby isn't jaded or suspicious enough not to help this person.

Kirby jumps up and down, a picture of him and Kaitou standing back to back on the video feed.]
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[This wouldn't be the first time Kirby's been underestimated. However, Kaitou's remark catches Kirby off guard.

This guy probably doesn't know that much about Kirby, if he thinks that Kirby isn't capable of destroying bad guys. Let's face it, Kirby'd be Pop Star's hugest hypocrite if he had problems with other people doing What They Needed To Do.

Kirby tilts his head at Kaitou, as if to say, "But you said this someone was a bad guy."]

(OOC: Is Kaitou objecting because he thinks that Kirby is innocent, or because he thinks that Kirby is too weak to face Fourteen?]
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[It's personal? But you just said that anyone can join you. Kaitou, why the mixed signals?

Kirby reluctantly nods, but it's clear that he is a tad worried.]

(OOC: I'll take a wild guess that Kaitou doesn't want any Big Damn Heroes stealing his thunder.)
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I made the post before your edit, and it's a bit messy. Oh dear. Well, no harm done, right?

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[Oh please, Kirby's beaten cosmic horrors. He's no stranger to combat, Kaitou, he can take care of himself.

Kirby nods, however. He's not arrogant - he'll listen to what you have to say about this Fourteen and his capabilities.]

(OOC: Aha. Kirby won't intentionally killsteal, but I suspect that Kaitou doesn't know that much about Kirby, does he?)
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[Kirby nods! He won't get in your way, Kaitou. He'll just bring some handy items that grant Copy Abilities, as well as healing food.]

(OOC: This is going to be great! >:) I can't wait to see the reactions!)
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[Chances are he isn't.]

(OOC: Oh, I see. Very well then, Kirby has at least helped someone in need.)