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Daiki Kaitou ([personal profile] of_many_treasures) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2013-11-20 06:51 pm

Live from Zawame City - Ryuki Derail

[Kaitou's back is to the camera this time around as he seems to be listening to a news report. Or rather more like a DJ proclaiming over the iPad he was using to read while having breakfast.]

HELLO ZAWAME CITY! Big big news today! Even with the rankings of Team Gaim shooting up the ranks, Team Baron holds steadfast! But today we see the debut of a new fighter on the foe!

[A video appears in the corner of the screen as a image of Kaitou protecting a kid while firing on a monster that emerges from the mirror.]

This new Beat Rider isn't affiliated with the street teams and everyone is going wild at the unknown man in the Inves Game! Who is he? He seems to come with his very own Sengoku Blaster!

[A clear view of Kaitou transforming on the screen is shown as he continues to fire, summoning two Riders to the fray as the kid is staring in awe.]

He defeated the monster by summoning two Armored Riders, Shiroi and Violeto! What sportsmanship! What flair!

[The last shot showed the three Riders prepare their final attacks, Den-O Gun's blast tearing into the monster, Wing's boomerangs slashing at him and finally Kaitou's Dimension Blast hammering into the monster before it exploded into flames.]

OH! That had to hurt! It was the end for these enemies so lets call him Armored Rider The End! WHOOO! And just remember you can't vote for The End in the rankings unless he's affiliated with the Beat Riders!

[With a sigh, Kaitou leaned back in his chair, taking a savage bite of banana.] You know... I thought I could, just once, deal with this kind of shenanigans somewhere else. Nope. So... Armored Rider The End... not bad...

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