17 May 2013 @ 09:35 pm
[Video] He's baaaa-aaaaaack  
[Being dead is certainly an experience. A unique experience, in fact. But it also leads one to get rather lonely, what with the fact that everyone in the universe thinks that the Doctor died on Lake Silencio on that fateful day.

He’d puttered around for a while. Visited a few stars as they were born, watched others die. But talking to himself was getting rather old and he was starting to run out of conversation topics. Thus he decided to visit the one person in the universe who’d been on his mind for some time.

Which is how the TARDIS comes to materialize in the corner of a certain cell in Stormcage as viewed from what seems to be a security camera. The door creaks open and he sticks his head out with a grin]
Honey. I’m home. [he pauses]Well... not technically home. But... oh you know what I mean. [He grins sheepishly and laughs]

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((OOC: Eleven and River The Doctor's back!!))
22 April 2013 @ 04:47 pm
[video] 5:02 PM. The Doctor dies... or does he?  
[The feed seems very confused today, Ducks. It seems to be glitching, different bits and pieces of video filtering through. It all seems very cobbled together and disjointed, as if it can't seem to settle on one point in time to show. That's fairly understandable as all of time is happening all at once. No matter what day or location the feed tunes in on it's always 5:02 in the afternoon on April the 22nd. Nothing seems right, in fact it all just seems very very wrong and out of place.

Charles Dickenson being interviewed on television... pterodactyls flying through a London park... a pyramid in Egypt with an American flag painted on it...

Winston Churchill speaking to a bearded man in a toga...

Wait, that bearded man looks familiar. Could it be the Doctor? He looks bewildered for a moment before the feed changes again, showing him on a train, back in his suit and bow tie as he talks to a redhead wearing an eye patch. It changes again, showing the bearded Doctor chained in the Tower of London.

cut for length )

((OOC: Eleven, River, Rory and Amy. Replies will come from River and Rory since, well, the Doctor is a little indisposed...))
22 April 2013 @ 04:51 pm
text | canon move  
The Doctor is dying, please help.

((Oh look. It's a message the community decided to signal boost. The following message is now here, posted in River's account, and if you want it sent to your character's email, phone, or whatever they use to connect to the community, feel free to handwave that it went there. I just didn't want to spam everyone's ic inboxes or anything. But this marks that River is... more or less back.))
25 April 2012 @ 02:00 am
video | virus exchange | what is to come  
[River appears, no longer a child. In between her and the computer is a desk with papers scattered everywhere. On top of the papers, her TARDIS-blue book sits open as she makes a few notes. She glances up occasionally as she writes.]

As lovely as reliving my childhood was, I'm glad that virus is over with. I have a few papers to work on.

[River reaches out to turn off the feed, but the picture turns black with grey lines of static crossing the screen.]

What are you do--

[Her voice is cut off by crackling noises. A moment's silence. The sound of a sonic screwdriver whirring for a solid minute. Then the video comes on, circulating to find its correct focus. When it settles in full color, a younger-looking (Wait... younger? She’s just that much of a troll in this regeneration.) River is in a spacesuit, crouched at the edge of a giant circle in the middle of a room with two others in spacesuits. But they have their helmets on. The one standing behind River has two shadows.

However, this isn’t just any room. It’s a library with every wall filled top to bottom with book. And it’s not just any ordinary library. It’s The Library. Anyone who went to pull the Doctor off the servers and download his body might recognize this room, despite the dim, yellow lighting. She stops her scan and looks at the sonic for a moment. It looks vaguely like the Tenth Doctor's, but it's not exact.

You know, it’s funny. I keep wishing the Doctor was here.

The Doctor is here, isn’t he? [The speaker is the woman standing behind River. River stands up and turns to face her.] He is coming back, right?

[She’s silent for a moment. Fails to start saying something twice before finding the right words. She looks sad, yet with a little resignation. As if she’s felt this pain before.] You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it’s from years before you knew them? [Pause.] It’s like they’re not quite... finished. They’re... they’re not done yet. Well.... Yes, the Doctor’s here. He came when I called, just as he always does. But not my Doctor. [Pause and a deep breath. A sad smile appears. Guess what guys, it’s reminiscing time!] Now, my Doctor... I’ve seen whole armies turn and run away, and he’d just swagger off back to his TARDIS and open the doors with a snap [She snaps her fingers for emphasis.] of his fingers. [The smile on her face has grown considerably. Remembering back to days when he knew her. And then it slowly slips away.] The Doctor... in the TARDIS... next stop everywhere.

[A presence in an upper area of the room makes itself known with a loud:]


[River whips around, clearly startled. A skinny man known as the Tenth Doctor jogs down the stairs.]

Nobody can open a TARDIS by snapping their fingers. [Using a pillar for leverage, he jumps over the rail to the floor. Cue the video cutting out completely.]

((Doctor is in blue, Anita is in green. Scene is from Forest of the Dead, after the Doctor first meets River. If you’d rather watch the scene, it’s uploaded here and just watch to 1:20.))
20 April 2012 @ 07:56 pm
[Voice] Rewind virus for River Song  
[A phone rings several times before a man picks up.]

Hello? [crackle, as if someone's breathing on the other end] Hello, this is the president. [crackle] Hello, this is the President of the United States. [crackle] Who is this? [two crackles with a short pause in between, then the president lowers his voice] Is it you again?

Look behind you. [It's a young girl this time.]

How did you get this number? This is my private line. How did you get through?

They're everywhere. All the time. We see them every day. But you have to look behind you.

There is nothing behind me. How did you get this number?

The spaceman told me.

What spaceman?

It doesn't matter. I'm telling you about the monsters. Please, you must look behind you.

Young lady, there are no monsters in the Oval Office.

[There's a quick beat before Melody hangs up, leaving the dial tone to echo.]

((Red text is President Nixon. If you'd rather, the whole video clip is up here. She will not answer to River though, since she's Melody Pond at this point in her timeline. Not that she'll tell anyone her name in case the Silence are listening in (unless it's wrenched out). Uh, all responses are going to be in voice since she's using a phone, so responses to her should probably be voice too. /pushiest ever. sob./ Oh! If anyone wants a transdimensional phone call from her, leave me a message on plurk, AIM, or by pm.

ONE MORE THING. Do not friend this account, I only brought it out for this part of the virus. Okay? Okay.))
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07 February 2012 @ 11:00 pm
another video canon move | Let's Kill Hitler  
Cut oocly for length )

((Green=Eleven, Blue=Rory, Red=Amy; If you'd rather watch (most of) the scene, go over here. (Ignore the guys inside the robo-Nazi, please.) The part I wrote ends at 1:24. Sadly, I don't have a video clip for the other bit. 8( Replies will be taken hours later after she brings the Doctor back to life and is recuperating in the hospital. IMPORTANT NOTE: All replies will be from [personal profile] nospoilersforyou, Melody/River's account. I'm officially switching journals, but if anyone still has threads with Mels, don't worry. We can keep going with those.))
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25 January 2012 @ 11:41 pm
[Is that a phone ringing? Maybe.

Definitely. The voice heard on the line belongs to Mels.]

...Oh for the love of-- pick up! --Amy, Rory, listen... something came up. I was out looking for dinner and long story short, I've been arrested. My bail's... five hundred quid, I think? Might be a bit more this time. I didn't get very far with the delivery kid's junker. I'll tell you the rest later.

Same place as last time. I'll just be waiting here until you get this.

[A muffled "time's up" comes from the background before it ends with a hang-up click.]

((Replies will be dated to after she gets bailed out.))
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