04 June 2011 @ 10:18 pm
[long overdue canon move] 2.03 To The Last Man [accidental video]  
[A young man in his pajamas and a jacket sits leaning against the wall in an abandoned hospital, visibly upset. Toshiko kneels next to him and reaches out to place a hand on his shoulder, and he pulls away from her sharply. She glances down, before moving just a little closer, though she doesn't try to touch him again. In something not quite a whisper, she begins to talk to the man, very obviously trying to keep a brave face on things.]

Listen. [She pauses a moment.] You're a hero. [Another pause.] Do you know that?

[The young man - Tommy, his name is - turns his head to look at her, only barely holding back tears. Toshiko takes a shaky breath, and continues.]

Because you stop the time shift and save everyone. You save us all.

[Tommy shakes his head, and protests.]

I can't do it.

We need you.

I don't want to be a hero. I want to stay here. With you.

[Tosh doesn't reply right away, nodding instead. She doesn't want Tommy to go either, but he has to, because if he doesn't, that time shift will slowly but surely rip apart the fabric of the universe. As the two of them sit there a moment in silence, the shift - part of it - begins. A blindingly white light fills the room, and as it dims, another voice can be heard.]


[Two Torchwood agents from the past stand on the opposite side of the room, able to see and interact with Tosh and Tommy thanks to the time shift. Tosh turns to Tommy, her tone a little more urgent now.]

Tell them.

Tell us what?

Tell them what to do. [There's no response from Tommy.] You're the only one who can stop this. If you don't-- If you don't... It's the end of everything!

[Still no response from Tommy, and Tosh is getting more desperate.]


[Tommy looks at her, and she nods at him, pressing a small metallic device into his hands - a rift key that will stop and seal the time shift when Tommy returns to his own time. Finally, Tommy stands, approaching the other Torchwood agents.]

Take me. I'm in there, in the ward, in 1918. You have to take me, so I can be here, now.

[The other Torchwood agents hesitate, and Tommy insists-]

Just take me!

[There's another sudden glow of blinding white light, and then the agents are gone, leaving Tosh and Tommy alone once again in the abandoned room.]

I'll be gone soon.

[Tosh nods, and places her hands over Tommy's on the rift key.]

Remember. The rift key. Use it.

[She kisses Tommy then, trying to hold back tears of her own. Pulling away, she smiles shakily at him, smoothing down the front of his jacket.]

You've got to get back into bed. Like you've never been away. Then use the key. Tommy? Remember. [A pause, and Tosh glances away a moment before turning back to him.] It's nearly time.

[Tommy moves away, and the next part of the time shift begins. Tosh watches him go, crying, not bothering to try holding back the tears now. One more burst of the blinding white light and Tommy is back in his own time, leaving Tosh alone, and the video feed cuts out.]

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08 March 2011 @ 08:31 pm
[text; anon; untraceable]  
I think I'm going to die soon.

I don't know when, and I don't know how.

I'm not sure I want to know. I don't know why I'm posting this. Because it terrifies me, and I don't think I can talk to anyone about it.

I don't know what to do.

[[All replies text, anon, and untraceable. Strikes typed, then deleted.]]
13 February 2011 @ 10:00 am
[When Tosh sits down at her station in the Hub, prepared to get back to work on the translation program she's been writing, she finds that the computer has been apparently been hacked - which is impossible, because she's Toshiko Sato and no one hacks her computers. Her first reaction - apart from being disgruntled that her translation program is nowhere in evidence - is to attempt to trace the hacker, a mission made near-impossible by the nature of the community. Her second reaction is to attempt hacking the hacker, which also fails. She spends quite a bit of time methodically attempting to either shut the community out or discover where it's come from. Occasionally she pauses to take notes. Eventually, because no other plan of attack seems to be working, she addresses the community itself.]

Identify yourself and your point of origin.

And give me back my translation program.

[[strikes typed then deleted.]]