20 October 2012 @ 03:12 pm
( video. )  
[ it starts.

and there is the flicker static. the jerk of sound. abruptly cut-in. cut-out. (and there are the huddled bodies of men in pressed suits. a sharp-looking woman. a man, perhaps familiar, in glasses. and in the background – a disgruntled looking man. pale hair stuck up (and yoite – to his side. face expressionless. eyes hidden beneath the brim of his hat.) another familiar face. dark hair and light eyes. tall. and – (miharu is there. miharu stands at his side. and even without sound, the path of all eyes is enough to indicate the tension in this room. the tension in the lines of bodies. the ferocious way the woman talks, the sharp clicking of her heels on the cement of this parking garage. underground. easily imagined. and perhaps, too, this is also familiar.)

and though it seems to settle, slightly – there is very little pause. there is very little time for the roll of some deeper realization among them all before yoite lifts a hand. points, silent. and – there is a sharp break. somehow. the camera shorts. the camera crackles. and – ]

cut for length. possible triggers for: gore, death, explicit violence, and mind invasion )
28 April 2012 @ 07:21 pm
( text )  
Noisy. |

[ ...

If you're searching for more, there's nothing that follows or precedes it. Nothing that gives any indication whatsoever that this individual wants to share more the community -- if they even want to share at all. There's no deep insights or surface observations. Just the one word.

Does it even have to do anything at all with this place? Who knows. For all you know, it could have been an intercepted text. Could have been anything.

Almost. ]