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[audio] [memory lane virus]

[The audio clicks on with a crunch. Great. Butt-dialed the community.]

Hearing that said so bluntly was kind of a shock...

[It doesn’t pick up much noise, when it’s not picking up some teenager talking to himself. It sounds like someone thinking a lot, but not really saying much, and whatever they’re thinking’s kinda heavy. The kind of thoughts that make people sag their shoulders. There’s some flopping and stretching, too.]

It’s not like I’m doing this because I want to!!

[A door opens from somewhere far off-- or, you know, the other side of the roof. It seems to go unheard, though. The voice, on the other hand, doesn’t.]

I think you should just ignore them. Some people don’t have anything better to do than gossip pointlessly.

[There’s a long beat here. If this were a shoujo manga, there’d be bubbles and flowers and everything in it.]


[So eloquent.]

You’re not from my class, are you? I’d remember your face, if you were.

It’s Hanamura-kun, right? That’s what I heard them calling you.

Oh, did you come to our class cafe, too? Can I help you with--

[Luckily for everyone here, Yosuke’s terrible ‘Is a Girl about to ask me out?’ poker face cannot be capture via audio.]

It isn’t anything like that, actually.

You’re interesting to me.

[There’s a long beat of nothing. Even if you were listening very carefully, it would be difficult to even hear Yosuke’s heartbeat over the sound of time standing still like a cliche.]


Hang on, I’m coming! [Shouted to someone far off. Then, more closely.] See you later!

[And then she’s gone. Eventually, when Chie and Amagi-san come to collect him, the cell phone gets turned off. But not before this:

Hanamura-kun? What happened? Why’s your face all red?

It’s nothing...I’m fine.]

[OOC: All dialogue comes pretty much directly quoted from chapters 2 + 3 of Yosuke’s official manga, scanlated here and here. Orange is Yosuke, Red is Yukiko, Purple is Saki-senpai, Black is NPC.]

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