alldevouringabomination: Surprise! (OH GOD WHAT)
Kirby ([personal profile] alldevouringabomination) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2013-08-17 05:30 am

[Video; Bodyswap Virus]

[Here's a rather familiar sight to those of the duck who have been here a long time; the room of one Yayoi Kise.

Said room is a little more messy than it should be.

Huh. That's a little weird. But what would really set off alarm bells is this:]

[She is not talking at all. She just holds up a picture to the camera.

What happened here? Why is Yayoi mute, not looking happy, or is showing something apparently unrelated?]

(OOC: Bodyswap with Yayoi! I will be responding with this account but linking icons for the virus.)

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