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[Video- RL Charm's class]

[You can see the Charms class. Some students are already sitting at their desks, while Ryo and Arthur talk.]

"...a hippocampus for the Magical Creatures class."

"Yes, changing the well to make room for it won't be a problem if you transfigure it while I conjure the water."

"Perfect, thanks." Arthur look at the students and then back at Ryo. " You decided what sort of spell are you going to teach them already?"

"Not the Engorgement Charm, remember what happened the last time I tried to teach 15-year-olds that." Ryo blushes and Arthur snickers.

"Oh, I remember. Mr. Eames remembers too. Perhaps the Patronus Charm? They're old enough."

Ryo makes a thoughtful sound and concentrates. He makes some gestures with his wand and says the words. A silver duck appears in front of them. Some of the students stare in awe. "But it's a complicated spell, it requires a lot of practice."

"I never thought it was that hard." Arthur says, calmly, conjuring his own Patronus. This time it is a silver dog that looks like a Doberman. Ryo looks at it in confusion.

"I will never understand how yours is a dog and not a cat." Arthur shrugs.

[ooc:After this Ryo will teach the students how the Patronus Charm works. Feel free to go O:! at the view of the Patronus because not all of the students know about them, or action spam.]

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