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[Today's post is brought to you by a blank screen and a ranty voice. Looks like someone was pissy enough to turn off his avatar.]

So, anyone remember Zombie Mall from three years ago? Turns out they just got a KFC. Which makes no sense, but whatever. And I found out because I was going through my locations on my worldhop so I could get a nice big bucket of chicken for my caveman friend because I totally have a caveman friend and I'm still not entirely sure if that Kiwi is teaching him right and also chicken is delicious and I was going to bring three of those home.

So, anyway, I hit the wrong location and ended up at Zombie Mall's new KFC instead of Amber Beach's KFC. Ignore for a moment that Amber Beach and Zombie Mall are on opposite ends of the alphabet. Naturally, when I realized where I was, I started to try to worldhop right out again, but a zombie poodle got in, so I hid in a nice, high place away where it couldn't get in.

I just spent the entire weekend and half the week stuck in an airvent at Zombie Mall. And I do mean stuck--my worldhop fell out of my back pocket when I got up there, and when I tried to reach it, I managed to get my arm wedged in-between the wall and my ass.

Now, I know what you're going to say, "But Jin, you're an avatar--you can just switch off like you did right now." Well, here's news for you: Zombie Mall don't care. Finally managed to hop out of there, but I'm sore, angry, and I don't have chicken.
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still on the 6th because it's Makoto's birthday

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I didn't know the places the community sent us still existed after we left. Do you think they all do?
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The one with the big bucket on the play structure?
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This place should give us more of those instead of doing nothing fun.
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Let's get all the cool people to go someplace.
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If Commander Boring decides not to be a stick in the mud, which is most of the time.
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He's not gonna yell?
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[The look on Stanley's face says it all.]

N-not THAT place!
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...would you like some fruit?
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Oh, okay.

[Eats an apple]
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You could use one of those little papers that stick to things?