26 October 2013 @ 11:12 am
002 ♣ video | canon start  
[Ducks, on the screen is a girl that's been a little quiet since she first appeared some time ago. There's a much more serious expression on her face than the last time she was here, too; it's stretching into the evening where she is, if the huge windows behind her are any indication. The room's lavishly appointed, and it seems she's hard at work on something, considering the papers strewn everywhere. It's hard to tell from this angle, but it looks like... security camera footage? A cup of tea sits on a saucer next to her, having grown cold from neglect.]

Good evening... I apologize for the late hour, but I seem to be in need of some advice, and it seemed there were a number of worldly beings here. I... have a bit of a dilemma. Earlier today, I was at one of our facilities, the Clover Tower, for a visit - I wanted to ensure everything was running smoothly, and it is always good to peek in and ensure people enjoy the things you do. A corporation exists to serve its customers, after all... ah, but I am getting sidetracked. There was an incident today, during my visit. I am not entirely sure what happened, which is why I am reviewing security footage at the moment, but thankfully none of the visitors were injured.

That said... I have some information that is slightly troubling to consider. It seems one of my friends has gotten involved in today's events, and I am unsure what to do... she seems to be hiding it from me. I am sure I could call her and ask, but the chances are good that she will simply try to laugh and tell me nothing of note happened, which I know is patently false. It is not because she is trying to be secretive, however... I believe that she is probably trying to protect me from something. However, without knowing what she is trying to protect me from, there is little I can do... so I am at a crossroads.

Should I ask her to reveal what happened, using the camera footage from the Clover Tower as leverage? Or would it be better to wait until she is ready to tell me, and if she notices I am being sensitive to the issue, assure her I will give her as long as she needs?

...Ah. As an addition, if there is anyone present from my world here, please be aware that the Clover Tower will be closed tomorrow; we will be completing an investigation into the day's events, and until we are certain the building is safe to reopen, I am unwilling to possibly put visitors in danger. I apologize for the inconvenience. [She bows faintly, before nodding.]

I hope the evening finds you well, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your attention. [With a slight smile, she kills the feed.]
20 August 2013 @ 01:35 pm
001 ♣ video  
I must say, this is not something I was expecting to see...

[Ducks, there's a girl here that you haven't seen before... well, not in person, anyway. But she's looking straight at the camera like she knows what she's doing. It looks like she's in a boardroom... what's going on?]

My name is Yotsuba Alice... ah, Alice is my given name, in case some of you are from Western nations. It is very nice to meet you all. [She bows slightly in her executive chair.] Though, I must ask... what manner of place is this? I am gathering it connects people together, but... there are a number of different kinds of people. Too many to be normal, perhaps, and I find myself curious. I have been reviewing the recent entries, and... there are a number of questions I am unable to answer regarding the nature of this community.

Would anyone, perhaps, be able to answer my questions? I would appreciate it.

[Through the smile, there's a little bit of a feeling that it's not really a passing request.]