30 July 2013 @ 05:12 pm
accidental video  
So wait... wait wait...!

[link tries to speak, his speech slurred and he slowly shakes his head. in his hand there was a bottle of... milk? but wait, that can't be, the label on it is all different and even the color is slightly off. whatever was happening, link and malon were both stationed inside of one of the towers at the ranch. there were two cows off to the side, chewing straw in the corner, and on the other side there were several large crates of... well.... special milk?


the two of them were sitting on a crate, and it seems they had started to drink it and... well, neither of them even knew that they're a little intoxicated.]

...what was your dream again?

[it's the girl's turn to pipe up, and her speech just as slurred.]

My dream...! My dream is to get away from this farm and have a prince whisk me away, so I could run away with him and live a happy life...! h-hic...i-is that such a wrong dream, fairy boy, huh!? Wouldn't you want something like that?!

[the boy just. stared at her for a moment.]

You don't like the farm?

[She shook her head a bit, herself pointing a finger at Link.]

Hah! It gets boring when you're cooped up on this farm for so long...! I just want to get out and see the world! That's what I'm hoping for with my prince charming!

[She's already taking another drink of her milk, before slamming it down on the crate, causing the contents to rattle inside.]

Oooh, it's so sad! I thought I found my prince charming, but...! Turns out I was a little wrong...hic...you ever had that dream of running away yourself, fairy boy?

[Her face is definitely red from how intoxicated she is at the moment, and it was obvious she was slurring every word... and link just takes a moment to think about that before answering.]

Um... well, yeah I wanted to leave the forest... r..really badly... [he looks down at his bottle of special milk.] ...but... you see... ko...kokiri were told they never could. But now I'm out and I'm seeing the world!

[he turns to her right away, his eyes wide with excitement.]

And other worlds too! And don't wo...worry Malon! Your prince will come soon!

[Malon blinks at him curiously, not really knowing he wanted to be free from wherever he was as well. More so that she looks back down at her special milk bottle, before drinking the remaining contents.]

...hmph. You just don't understand what a girl means, do you?

[She grumbles a bit to herself, but eventually feels herself relax into a smile once she turns back to Link, poking him in the side.]

You should take me away from here sometime, too...a...after all...it'd be exciting with me and you...!

[A devious smile thus appears, as she hops off the crate and stumbles away getting two more bottles for the two to drink as the feed suddenly cuts off.]
04 July 2013 @ 11:41 am
[ video ]  
[A girl is standing in the middle of a grass field, looking away from whatever seems to be taking a video of this. Her eyes are closed, her hands folded across her chest as she sings a melody that seems to echo across the entire field she's standing in. After a good minute or so of singing, she stops for a moment, feeling something strange about her whole situation. After a moment of looking around or so, she looks at the source of whatever seems to be filming her at the moment.

...she stares peculiarly at the book she had put down a while ago, staring at what seems to be...is that a duck? A confused look strikes across her face as she begins to poke at it, before noticing...]

...huh? What is this? And why is it in my book of all things? I don't remember reading about a creature like this before...

[She seems highly confused for a moment, opening and closing the book, still wondering what it's doing in the first place...]

((ooc; ignore the background music and pretend it's only Malon singing oops))