14 December 2012 @ 06:14 pm
05 ☯ video  
[ The camera turns on in the middle of Reimu talking, floating around in a dark, space-like void with the moon directly in the background.

With her are two women. ]

--not good enough. We came here to get the moon back before the morning.

run as fast as you can )
18 October 2012 @ 07:21 pm
04 ☯ audio  
[when Reimu's voice comes on, it's oddly shaky, lacking any of her normal coldness or flippancy.]

When you die, if you can die-- [because she knows there's enough immortal smartasses on this network] --what would you prefer they do with your body?

[Hopefully no one answers 'bury it under a giant demonic tree that likes to kill people'. If she has to deal with a second stupidly tragic ghost, she will scream. The whole Let's Steal Spring shebang has left her anxious enough.]
02 September 2012 @ 12:55 am
03 ☯ video  
[The video initially just shows Reimu sweeping the interior of the Hakurei Shrine. And, well, what do you expect? Eventually she starts singing a little number. Her voice actually is pretty good.]

Do you wanna fight me?
With your one good leg
And do you think you can beat me?
Why don't you wait until you get out of bed?

Now, you're throwing frantic punches at the rate of snow
If you break and have some you can let it flow
You’re eighty pounds of wreckage in a mason jar
You’re a bit combustible, don’t break

cut for more hideous crap )
28 June 2012 @ 04:18 pm
02 ☯ video  
[The video opens up the image of Reimu sitting on the open steps of her shrine, a paper fan in her hand, and a small jug of water beside her. Seems relatively normal, right?


Because almost everywhere, around Reimu, but especially heavy higher up, is a thick red mist. It flits in and out--sometimes it's only as if someone dumped fruit punch powder in the air, sometimes it's like seeing her through a filter, sometimes you can't see anything but red at all.

Of course, I don't get a break, that would be silly. [She puts a hand up through the mist, but of course can touch nothing--it's just mist.] I wonder where this stuff came from. It's so troublesome. It's evening now, but during the day, you can't even see the sun. I'm afraid the villagers will get all panicked. Some of the crops might die if it gets the chance to reach past these mountains.

I tried blowing it away with a wind spell, but it's not really my specialty...I think I might have to kill it from the source.

Well, finding the cause of all this is a shrine maiden's job (isn't it?). [She gets up, and positions the camera view to a spot behind her, where a shining blue lake can be seen, a very tiny-looking house around it. The mist seems to be thickest there.] Doesn't it look suspicious?

Ara, ara...I should probably head off before I hear screams.

[With that, Reimu shuts off the video feed. Or, you know, so she thinks. Because Reimu's "computer"? Yeah, they don't really have computers in Gensokyo, so lucky for her, hers takes the form of a large gemstone, of which she's taken to wearing around her neck like a pendant. And if anything is to be said about Reimu's style of fighting...it's flashy. Which means, conveniently, the feed gets turned back on for a portion of where she happens to be headed.]

18 April 2012 @ 07:40 pm
01 ☯ video  
 ...hello? [You have a finger poking at the screen.] Oh, is it working now? Admittedly I'm pretty awful with modern technology, so I might as well be talking to an empty room or broadcasting to Cthulhu's cage in the deep reaches of a cosmic gap...

Anyways...is there some sort of instruction manual for these? What are we actually supposed to use them for? Some kind of secret mission? For fun? [She scratches her head.] Maybe I should show Genji. He seemed pretty down when I told him not to come to Makai with me...

Or I guess I could ask a question, if anyone is actually seeing this. What do you know of youkai? Magic? Do you have it, wherever you are?