31 July 2013 @ 10:46 am
[Edgar looks thoughtful as his face shows up on screen. He's sitting at a desk, the camera angle showing it's probably an intentional video.] Power can be a funny thing. Depending on the place it can be physical, it can be knowledge, sometimes it can even be magical.

[Then he smiles. His voice is light, as if it's not a heavy topic.] I wonder, with so many worlds, what kind of power is out there. Some of you even have it, as I've been lucky enough to see. Out of curiosity, tell me about some of them.
30 July 2013 @ 06:45 pm
Drinking hurts  
[He looks more than tired, with the bags showing under his eyes and his shoulders slumped as if they were holding the weight of the world on his shoulders. In fact, it was much less deep. Vash the Stampede was hung over.]

Even the alcohol is working against me now! [The whine was enough to hurt his own head as he flopped out of view of the camera.] A priest should think more of others. [It's a mumble, it's whine.]

[But he pops back up.]

What was the commandment about not drinking? [Another groan.] JUST MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY!